This vintage, consignment shop wedding will make. your. week.

When I found James’ (of James Reyes Photography)  blog and this subsequent wedding on it, I ran to my gmail account to email him and beg him to let me share his pictures. Luckily, James is one cool dude, and he graciously allowed me to share the pictures here on Capitol Romance, without much begging required.

This wedding is gorgeous, stunning, and amazing for many reasons. The first is the overall rustic-vintage feel to it. The second is that Rebecca decorated the house herself from scouring consignment shops, craigslist, and her grandparents’ things. The third is how intimate the wedding is. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better.

Rebecca wore her great-grandmother’s pearls and built the Chupah that her and Jeff were married under, herself! (Ultimate DIY Bride Award). The couple also used a tallit (Jewish prayer shawl) around their shoulders during the ceremony. The same shawl was used during the wedding of the grandparents from each side.

If you aren’t wowed already, then just wait until you see the inside of the house, the vintage decor, and how insanely gorgeous Rebecca looked. A true vintage bride!

Click inside for the rest of Rebecca & Jeff’s vintage, consignment shop inspired & decorated wedding!





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