We have a new guest blogger joining Capitol Romance. Her name is Emma and she is one half of a kick-ass DIY DC Duo.

I met Emma via Wedding Bee. I had posted in the forum during my usual quests to find awesome, unconventional, and DIY brides in the DC Area and shortly after received an email from Emma.

Along with her hubs-to-be Claude, Emma is doing a TON of DIY stuff for her wedding and they are doing it rather quickly as their wedding is set for this April … with the cherry blossoms … outside … at the Jefferson memorial … !!! I cannot wait to see how it all comes together for them!

In the meantime, because of the awesome number of things the duo are doing their own way, I have asked Emma to do a weekly guest post on Capitol Romance to share with us all the cool stuff they are making and all the planning they have accomplished so far! From here on out, Emma will be known as the DIY DC Bride and her regular posting series will be called “The Tales of a DIY DC Duo”. I simply adore how on board Claude is with everyone, as I constantly love to get on my soap box and exclaim … “Grooms are getting married too!”.

Look out later this afternoon for Emma’s first post introducing the duo, their plans, and chatting a bit about their engagement!

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