Welcome to our second ever post of Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck. Curious on what the heck this post is about? See our first publication of this ongoing column here.

Even if you aren’t an Indie Music lover, it’s hard not to find Ben Kweller’s soothing voice, catchy tunes, and poetic lyrics, somewhat addictive.  This song would be great for a couple that was high school sweethearts (the lyrics say:

“Since fifteen

I have ran


You Can Run”

This one would make for an ADORABLE first dance song. Especially for couples that are not exactly fluent in the rhythmic arts. Other perfect lyrics include:

“It doesn’t matter that they say we’ll never make it
It’s so strong that nothing can ever break it
You and I can tackle anything of any size
All anyone can ever want is a co-pilot”

Hope you enjoy the song and let us know if you end up using it for your wedding!

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