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First: an observation:

For some couples, the music throughout your ceremony and reception that you pick for the main parts of the day (Ceremony Entrance Music, Candle Lighting Ceremony Music, First Dance, Father-Daughter Dance, etc) are extremely important. Some couples might be fine with the traditional Pachelbel’s Cannon and Unforgettable, and that’s great, but I also think that a lot of couples might use that music because they think “that is just what you are supposed to do”.  Take it from a girl that walked (shimmied) down the aisle to Hall & Oats’ “You’re Makin’ My Dreams Come True”, had a Flash Mob First Dance to Weezer’s “If You’re Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To”), and danced with her father to Bodeans’ “Closer to Free”, your ceremony and reception music does not have to suck. Your music can be YOURS, a reflection of you and the type of ceremony/reception you want to have.  Music is a really big part of Andy’s and my life; so naturally, we wanted it to take center stage at our wedding too!

Second: a regular post:

Finding the perfect music for the different parts of the day was not always easy. Some songs we knew right away, others took lots of iPod shuffling and iTunes browsing.  For those that don’t have all the time to find unconventional songs for their wedding, The Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck post will be a regular spot to help! We will feature songs that we like and will take requests as well!

Third: our very first suggestion:

The other day I was listening to Jimmy Eat World’s newest album, Invented.  The song “Heart is Hard to Find” is awesome. It is mellow enough to be suitable for a ceremony, perhaps to walk down the aisle to, and the lyrics are about finding heart, and the instrumental section of the song is beautiful.  (*Warning*: the song does contain a choice word, an edited version would most likely need to be used) Enjoy some Jimmy and let us know what you think!

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