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Carolyn & Jon’s Northern Virginia Great Falls Park & Blackfinn Engagement Pictures

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Images: Megan Chase Photography

OMG you guys I’ve hit that point. The point in September when I am just READY for Fall. The crisper temperatures this weekend, the start of Football and this Great Falls Park engagement session. But mother nature always does this – gets me excited as I dig out my scarves and boots and then BOOM back to the 90s. We’re escaping to Vermont this weekend for one last mini-vacation and I am hoping to find cooler temperatures up there!

For today we have a beautiful engagement session from Megan Chase and it features our very own bride-to-be blogger, Carolyn!!! Enjoy her gorgeous pictures & insight into their engagement session locations decisions. Happy first day after a long weekend Romancers ;)

blackfinn great falls park northern virginia engagement pictures (4)

For Jon & I’s engagement session I was torn between two different styles. The casual, more true to how we are on a daily basis and the fancier side of our lives (not as often). So I asked our amazing photographer Megan if it was possible to do 2 different sessions and she said yes!!! I was so excited!

The First session was done in Great Falls Park, which is such a picturesque outdoor setting. Jon loves nature and being outside and I love it in controlled settings. So we chose more casual outfits and woke up super early for a sunrise engagement session. The lighting was gorgeous and this was also the perfect setting to bring the little Pheebster along. We were a little nervous throughout the session because for the shots of just Jon and I she sat off to the side and we noticed that the amount of vultures that were appearing around us started to grow. Thankfully they left her alone. I was freezing by the end of the session, but so happy! I knew the photos were going to be amazing!

blackfinn great falls park northern virginia engagement pictures (2)

For the second session I thought it would be a blast if we staged it in Blackfinn, which is a bar across the street from where Jon lived at the time. We like to hop on over and grab a drink once in a while just to change things up (aka in between our Netflix binges). They were so welcoming and accommodating for this shoot and it turned out exactly as I had imagined! I got my hair done by Anna Fazio that day, she is so amazing for waking up so early to accommodate me! It contributed to the more put together and sophisticated look I was going for. I love this shoot because it also incorporates our usual drink choices.

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So between the two sessions the photos captured our variety of personal interest all through photos! So if you and your honey can’t decide which is the perfect setting for your engagement shoot or if you both have different likes; try choosing two different spots to showcase everything you both are about!

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Hair in the bar shoot was done by Anna Fazio.  Huge thanks to Blackfinn in Merrifield for letting us use their space!!

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Chet & Elisabeth’s Riverside Engagement Pictures in Charlottesville Virginia

Charlottesville, VA - 11/03/15 Elisabeth and Chet engagement photo session at Downtown Mall and Darden Towe Park. Credit: Amanda Maglione

Images: Amanda Maglione Photography via Two Bright Lights

Who had a great weekend? I hope you did! We left bright and early Friday morning for NJ and had an excellent weekend with family. Evie met the Easter Bunny (and actually smiled!) and got her first pair of shoes thanks to her grandparents. Saturday we had Easter Eve brunch in the morning with all of my family (egg hunts, donuts, the works!). That afternoon we traveled to Andy’s sister’s to celebrate our nephew’s first birthday. I can’t believe we will be doing the same with Evie in just over a month. Then yesterday we relaxed (what is that?!) a bit, grabbing brunch with friends and walking around Brookland. Can’t say I am thrilled it’s Monday, but at least this darling engagement session is helping. Two beautiful people, in love, having fun in a river for their engagement pictures. Let’s get this week started, shall we?

Charlottesville, VA - 11/03/15 Elisabeth and Chet engagement photo session at Downtown Mall and Darden Towe Park. Credit: Amanda Maglione

How they met:

On March 8, 2015, I was going out for drinks with a girl friend and we decided to try a new spot in Charlottesville called Yearbook Taco. We had heard about their Sundayspecial, BOGO margaritas, and who wouldn’t oblige to that?! After a while, these two guys walked in and sat diagonal from us at the bar. I locked eyes with Chet and immediately fell for him. I turned to my friend Mollie and said, “Oh my gosh, that is the hottest guy I’ve ever seen in my life…” Chet and I spent about thirty minutes exchanging shy glances from across the bar, and, little did we know, both trying to muster up the courage to say something. He beat me to the punch, and came over to talk to us. He looked at me and said, “Hi, my name is Chet. I never do stuff like this, but I wanted to tell you that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and, if I left here without talking to you, I would regret it for the rest of my life.” Obviously, I was speechless. How do you even respond to that?! I probably turned bright red, because all I could manage was a handshake, and said, “my name is Elisabeth…”

Charlottesville, VA - 11/03/15 Elisabeth and Chet engagement photo session at Downtown Mall and Darden Towe Park. Credit: Amanda Maglione

Charlottesville, VA - 11/03/15 Elisabeth and Chet engagement photo session at Downtown Mall and Darden Towe Park. Credit: Amanda Maglione

We fumbled through some small talk, both of us just confused by this connection we felt, and exchanged numbers before Mollie and I left. My phone was dead, and I waited for what felt the longest four hours of my life for that first text. The rest is history!

Charlottesville, VA - 11/03/15 Elisabeth and Chet engagement photo session at Downtown Mall and Darden Towe Park. Credit: Amanda Maglione

The engagement story:

Chet took me to Washington D.C. for the fourth of July weekend of 2016. We got a hotel room with a great view just a couple blocks off the National Mall, and had a weekend full of fun plans! In retrospect, my parents were extra sweet about making sure I had everything I needed for that trip, because Chet had asked both of them for their blessings prior to our trip! I LOVE museums and galleries, so he had planned for us to go to all of my favorites. Little did I know, that wasn’t all he had planned! After a long, hot day at the National Zoo, we went back to our room to shower and change clothes for dinner. Chet asked me to go find the ice machine on our hall, so I left the room and wandered the halls until I found it (always more difficult than it should be). When I returned to our room, I opened the door to find Chet on one knee, little velvet box in hand, with tears in his eyes.

Charlottesville, VA - 11/03/15 Elisabeth and Chet engagement photo session at Downtown Mall and Darden Towe Park. Credit: Amanda Maglione

I immediately fell to the floor and started crying tears of pure joy. He started laughing and said, “um, I kind of need you to stand up for this part.” We laughed together, and I managed to pull myself to my feet. Chet proposed to me with his grandmother’s diamond solitaire, and had a custom guard with a stone on either side to surround it. He wanted to preserve her original ring and be able to add his own touch for me. It’s perfect. Of course, I said yes, and we celebrated all night! We went to an amazing dinner at the Blue Duck Tavern in DC, and came back to a lovely gift basket and champagne from our hotel! It was a wonderfully intimate proposal, which is definitely my style. We had only known each other 4 months, but if there’s anything we knew, it was that we were ready for forever together.

Charlottesville, VA - 11/03/15 Elisabeth and Chet engagement photo session at Downtown Mall and Darden Towe Park. Credit: Amanda Maglione

Chris & Stef’s Winter, Snowy Engagement Pictures in Virginia

snow winter engagement pictures virginia (5)

Images: Nicki Metcalf

Can you tell I am excited to finally have a little winter in the weather? Kicking of the 2016 blogging season with this SNOWY (please, can we get SOME snow soon?!) Virginia engagement session. I hope you guys had a great Holiday break and OMG HOW IS IT 2016!? There is so much to do but I love the start of a fresh new year – it’s like this wide open canvas in front of me, just waiting to be scribbled all over. I can’t wait to see where this year takes me and Capitol Romance.

This little blog will celebrate it’s FIFTH year in business at the end of this month. I really cannot believe I’ve been blogging for 5 years. It’s grown in ways I NEVER imagined when I started it and I am just so excited to see where it goes next. Thank you to my readers (old and new) that maybe just found Capitol Romance or have been reading since the beginning. You guys make this blog & business possible. Let’s do this 2016.

snow winter engagement pictures virginia (8) snow winter engagement pictures virginia (1)

How they met:

I was leading a bible study that she was a part of, and we got to know each other a little bit. She claims that what lead her to like me was when I made Guacamole for our Bible study and apparently I am really good at it.  I first started to notice her one night when it snowed, and we did a little redneck sledding, which means we tied a tow rope behind my Jeep and pulled people through the snow.  I decided I was going to try just being pulled on my body and she was the only other one to volunteer even over all the guys and I was like yep that is the one.

snow winter engagement pictures virginia (7) snow winter engagement pictures virginia (6)


Molly & David’s High School Sweethearts Engagement Pictures in Virginia

high school sweethearts engagement pictures virginia (2)

Images: Crystal Reyns Photography via Two Bright Lights

Oooooo dog I am HURTING this morning Romancers. Midnight bedtimes are really tough when your little one still gets up at 6:45 ;) But MAN what a way to go out of my 2015 wedding season. Amber & Marshall crushed it and I just cannot WAIT to see the pictures from their truly personalized DC wedding. Check my Instagram if you want any sneak peaks of their wedding awesome (flamingoes! the time warp! animal ear headbands!).

But for today we have a lovely Virginia engagement session and love story – the tale of high school sweethearts that took most of highschool to finally get together. For their engagement pictures, they went back to their high school (SO CUTE) which was actually going to be torn down soon after. What a great way to honor where they met and where their love story began! This one is a bit of a long read, but totally worth it. Plus who wants to do work on a Monday anyway? Enjoy Romancers.

high school sweethearts engagement pictures virginia (12)

How we met:

In 10th grade, I had Honors English class, and so did many of my friends. Across the room from me sat David Henderson – I had never heard him talk, he was really shy, and all I knew was that we had taken the same Geometry class freshman year. One day my friend and I were talking about how he (and other boys in the class) were cute, and I looked at him when it struck me that this was the David Henderson from first grade! I was mainly surprised because 1. I remembered him being blond, and 2. I remembered him being loud. Neither of which he was in 10th grade English. In our first grade play, I was the lead role, Ibis, a whale, and David was a tourist, and he wore his dad’s Hawaiian shirt and played the role very enthusiastically. We never interacted in 10th grade English, and I assumed he didn’t know who I was.

high school sweethearts engagement pictures virginia (1)

It was pre-homecoming week in high school, our junior year. On October 9th 2008, that same friend came up to my locker in the hall and asked if I knew David. I said yeah, because we had English with him in 10th grade, and then I got all excited because her face lit up and I asked: “Oh my gosh! Is he going to ask you to homecoming?!” She said, “No, stupid, he wants to ask you!” I was surprised and thought he might have asked about the wrong person because we had never spoken and I didn’t think he knew who I was. So I asked her if she was sure, and she said yes. I had Spanish class with him that day, and I kept looking at him and wondering if he had actually meant me, since we had never interacted. I knew he played lacrosse and I knew and was friends with some of his friends. That day in Spanish I thought he was really cute and I decided he was out of my league and that if he did ask me to homecoming, people would wonder why he would want to go with me, so maybe I should say no.

The next night, October 10, was a Friday, and at a football game I did my casual laps around the field with my friend, except she kept making us walk past David and his group of friends who stood by the fence. Every time we came around she pushed us closer to them, and we ended up passing them with more frequency. I wouldn’t look at the boys though. Then, during one walk-by all of a sudden David was at my side and saying “Hi, Molly,” and I looked to my other side for my friend but she was walking quickly away from us into the crowd ahead. I said hi, he said he was wondering if I would like to go to homecoming with him. I said “Sure!” and he asked if he could get my phone number. I gave it to him, he put it in his phone, and then he said “Okay, see you later!” and turned around and walked off. I thought that was weird. We still laugh about that – he says he was so nervous that he didn’t know what else to do so he just left. He’s like: “You probably thought you were making a huge mistake after that!”

high school sweethearts engagement pictures virginia (11)

He called me for the first time on the weekend, and I had written out a list of things to talk about on the phone in case I ran out of things to say, and after we said hello I said, “So I don’t know very much about you, tell me about yourself.” And we started talking, and I didn’t end up using my list for the rest of the conversation, or any of our conversations after that, even though I continued to make lists just in case. I later found out that ever since 10th grade English, David had wanted to get to know me and for about a year his friends told him that we would be great together, but he didn’t make a move for so long because he thought I was out of his league. He said he put it in the back of his head and went along with high school until that 11th grade homecoming season when once again his friends told him that we would be a great match, and finally he decided to talk to me. He took me to homecoming and that night, when he dropped me off at my friend’s house, he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes.

high school sweethearts engagement pictures virginia (3)


Janay & Don’s Virginia Vineyard Engagement Pictures at King Family

virginia vineyard engagement pictures (3)

Images: 3 Cats Photo

What a WEEKEND Romancers!! We brought Evie to her first Pride and had SO much fun at the 2nd round of #PopUpRomance (rercap coming next week). Despite the ridiculous heat (seriously), Andy & I went for our first post-baby run and holy COW are my legs sore. All in all, it was a great weekend and I’m trying to tackle getting organized for 2016 wedding inquiries and gearing up for Jenn & Will’s wedding this weekend.

For today we have Janay & Don’s gorgeous Virginia engagement pictures at the King Family Vineyard. Enjoy!

virginia vineyard engagement pictures (1)

How they met:

I am from a very friendly welcoming town. Everyone speaks to one another for the most part and it is a great open hearted community. I was having a great day at my job and a gentlemen came by with his head held down and a fast paced walk. As usual when a person walks by we greet them with a simple pleasantry – “Good Morning” or  “Have a nice day!”

All I remember is him lifting his head and the brim of his baseball cap revealing a very attractive man however, his response back was very subdued and a quick “Hey”. I thought well he doesn’t seem nice and he is totally not from around here.

virginia vineyard engagement pictures (6)

A few days later we ran into each other and struck up a conversation that later led to a date. It wasn’t until we were truly dating that he told me he could see in my eyes that I liked him and stepped out on a limb to find me again.

Even to this day, he can tell what I am thinking or how I feel by simple looking into my eyes. It’s almost not fair because he has a cheat sheet to my heart.

virginia vineyard engagement pictures (4)

The Proposal

We’ve always been an open couple and even agreed that maybe in a few years from now we would be ready to get hitched. Boy was I in for a surprise! It was a snowy day and we had a laundry list of chores to do. I stayed behind while he headed out to get work done on his truck. I was hoping to score new retro Jordan’s for my shoe fanatic boyfriend for Christmas online and it was taking forever. To both of our surprise I was able to actually get them!

When getting ready to head out he was still having work done on his truck and I needed to have my car serviced as well. He pleaded for me to go to the dealer versus coming to his mechanic at the time. All I needed was a simple oil change! I finally caved and went to the dealer. Flustered already as to why he would have me go 15 minutes away he asked me to run a few side errands for him as well. Reluctantly I went…

virginia vineyard engagement pictures (5)

When I finally got back to the house so we could have lunch and to meet back up I sure gave him an earful while walking into the house. I turned the corner to walk into the kitchen and there he was down on one knee. He had the most sincere and loving expression on his face. It caught me so off guard that I was rendered speechless! (That never happens!)

He later told me that when he woke up that morning he knew that was the day he wanted to propose and he didn’t want to wait another day or few years.

virginia vineyard engagement pictures (8)

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