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Zack and Andre’s Red Truck Bakery Engagement Pictures in Warrenton, Virginia

same sex virginia engagement pictures warrentonBradley_Brandilynn_Aines_Photography_BrandilynnAinesPhotography91_lowImages: Brandilynn Aines Photography

“Love has no boundaries. Only people do.” This quote was included in the write-up that this beautiful couple sent me about their love story and engagement and I just couldn’t help myself but include it in today’s post. It’s a beautiful quote! This weekend was so awesome as Andy & I hosted two of our bestest friends from college and then an entire HOUSE of friends & family on Saturday to have one last big hurray before the baby arrives. The weather was gorgeous & really I couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend our weekend! We even got down to the Cherry Blossoms on Friday & checked out Maketto, just like we planned. While I ate more than I intended (who doesn’t??) it really was an awesome weekend, capped off by an amazing DIY workshop yesterday with Alison Harper & Co.

I hope you all got to enjoy the gorgeous weather as well! Today we have Zack & Andre’s adorable Virginia engagement pictures, taken down in Warrenton at Red Truck Bakery. I love their casual clothes & laid-back love perfectly captured by Bradilynn Aines Photography. You guys are going to love their love story too – a real testament to that quote that started today’s post. Hope you all have a GREAT week. It’s a busy one for us, but I am looking forward to it.

same sex virginia engagement pictures warrentonBradley_Brandilynn_Aines_Photography_BrandilynnAinesPhotography111_low

How they met:

Zack and I met back in November 2013. It actually all started right on Facebook. I poked him. After that we started chatting on Facebook for hours. In that process numbers were exchanged. He called me after we got off of messenger. We then talked on the phone for hours. Talking about EVERYTHING. So a couple days later I noticed a post that he had posted on Facebook. Talking about a movie that him and talked about on the phone. So I commented back and asked him if he wanted to go together and see it. He agreed. So two days later we go see “The Best Man Holiday”. As the movie ended we was walking out and he stopped. He went back to help these elderly women out of their seats. After that I knew he was the one.

He was so sweet to me. He treated like I’ve never been treated before. The only problem was Zack was straight and made it completely clear he was not into guys. After the first time we hung out we was always on the phone and starting to hang out even more. It was like we was already in a relationship. So a couple months roll by and things started to change. Zack started catching feelings and after months of convincing him to give me a chance.

same sex virginia engagement pictures warrentonBradley_Brandilynn_Aines_Photography_BrandilynnAinesPhotography118_low same sex virginia engagement pictures warrentonBradley_Brandilynn_Aines_Photography_BrandilynnAinesPhotography77_low

The proposal:

In May 2014 Zack proposed to me and we got engaged. He got down on one knee with a tear in his eye and asked me to marry him. I said “yes”. We are like little kids in love and we have been going on strong since. We’ve decided to get married next Spring with a small beach wedding.

same sex virginia engagement pictures warrentonBradley_Brandilynn_Aines_Photography_BrandilynnAinesPhotography7_low same sex virginia engagement pictures warrentonBradley_Brandilynn_Aines_Photography_BrandilynnAinesPhotography30_low same sex virginia engagement pictures warrentonBradley_Brandilynn_Aines_Photography_BrandilynnAinesPhotography23_low

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Amanda & Neal’s Bull Run Winery & H Mart Engagement Pictures in Virginia

beautiful Virginia engagement pictures bull run winery H Mart supermarket (5)

[Images: Love by Serena]

This weather SUCKS. I tried really hard not to get my hopes up for a snow day (but I did anyway) and now I am obviously disappointed to not be on my couch in PJs. So all you peeps in NJ/NYC/Boston – enjoy your snow, we’ll be sitting here in DC enjoying COLD. RAIN. For today’s post we do have a beautiful engagement session from Love by Serena. So at least there’s that ;) Amanda & Neal had one part of their engagement pictures at The Winery at Bull Run and then the second part at H Mart (an Asian grocery store!). The bride to be is part Asian and they shop at H Mart, so they found it to be a perfectly fun & appropriate place to have their engagement pictures (love this!).

beautiful Virginia engagement pictures bull run winery H Mart supermarket (3) beautiful Virginia engagement pictures bull run winery H Mart supermarket (6)

How they met:

Comet Ping Pong hosted a records swap & music event, which Amanda and Neal both attended.  In the sea of people, Neal stood out to Amanda because of his height and the bright, yellow Miles Davis t-shirt he was wearing at the time.  They both found each other in the crowd and began talking.  After speaking at length about music and records, they exchanged contact information. Not long after, he asked her on a date to his favorite pho restaurant at Eden Center in Falls Church, VA.

beautiful Virginia engagement pictures bull run winery H Mart supermarket (2) beautiful Virginia engagement pictures bull run winery H Mart supermarket (4)

Click inside for the adorable proposal story and awesome pictures from H Mart!

Meg & Trey’s Virginia Farm Engagement Pictures

virginia farm engagement pictures (1)

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I am slightly exhausted this morning. Rest wasn’t exactly on my to-do list this weekend as I had my last wedding of 2014 on Saturday and then a DIY Workshop yesterday. The warmth of Trey & Meg’s gorgeous Virginia farm wedding is helping slightly though – as THEY look pretty darn relaxed and happy in their engagement pictures. Thanks to Allison Kuhn Creative for sharing her images for this one.

virginia farm engagement pictures (4) virginia farm engagement pictures (3)

How thee met:

Trey and I met in 2008 on St. Patrick’s day in St. Louis. I had flown there from Virginia to visit a few friends and he was stationed at an Air Force Base there. My friends and I were hanging out in an Irish bar that afternoon and when he walked in, we immediately noticed him- he looked just like one of our old high school friends. I guess his friends noticed our stares, because they brought him over to our table. Trey and I hit it off pretty quickly…. and so started a long distance Missouri to Virginia relationship.

2014-10-27_0001 virginia farm engagement pictures (9)

Click inside for the rest of Meg & Trey’s beautiful Virginia farm engagement pictures!

Abby & Logan’s Sunrise Engagement Pictures on the Potomac (with Ukeleles!)

Emailing with a fellow wedding vendor tonight and he said: “Vacation > Everything Else”. Now ain’t THAT the truth?! So while I meant to have more posts scheduled last week while I was gone, it just didn’t happen and instead, I enjoyed some SERIOUSLY needed R&R down in Myrtle Beach last week. A week at the beach, reading fantasy novels and trying not to get sunburnt was exactly what I needed. My pre-vacation twitching eye would agree.

But now I am slowly getting back into the swing of things – cleaning up my inbox, kicking ass at yesterday’s DIY Workshop, and now blogging a GORGEOUS sunrise engagement session from An Endless Pursuit. While I loved every second of vacation, I can’t lie, I did miss you all a bit :) Let’s do this!

Abby & Logan’s Sunrise Engagement Pictures on the Potomac

 alternative hipster virginia engagement pictures (1)

Images: An Endless Pursuit

The proposal story from Logan’s perspective:

I proposed to Abby by getting my best friends together to help me serenade her. With Jon on drums, John on bass, Austin on guitar and me on ukulele, we played an original love song for her on the stage of a church in Richmond, VA. I surreptitiously invited Abby and I’s parents and best friend to join in the festivities. She was brought into the church blindfolded and led onstage by me. When the song was over, I got on one knee, proposed and then turned her around to see all of our loved ones in the front row of the pews cheering us on.

alternative hipster virginia engagement pictures (7) alternative hipster virginia engagement pictures (5) alternative hipster virginia engagement pictures (3) alternative hipster virginia engagement pictures (4)

Click inside for the rest of Logan & Abby’s sunrise engagement pictures AND the rest of the proposal story!

Grace & Kyle’s Laid-Back, Plaid Filled Engagement Pictures in Williamsburg, VA

Today’s Virginia engagement pictures have me wanting Fall PRETTY badly. I am going to the beach in a few weeks (vacation! woo hoo!) but around this time every year, I get a it fed up with the humidity and heat and long for the cool, crisp weather of Fall. I mean plaid is just the best thing ever – and Grace & Kyle both rock a few iterations of some great plaid engagement outfits. Thanks to A Lovely Photo for sharing!

Grace & Kyle’s Laid Back, Plaid Filled Engagement Pictures in Williamsburg, VA

hipster virginia engagement pictures fall (5)

Vendors & Outfits (if you are interested!)

Photographer: A Lovely Photo | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

  Outfits: Grace: Dress- Madewell Belt, Boots- J. Crew Scarf- Anthropologie Kyle: Pants, Shirt, Socks: J. Crew Cardigan: Urban Outfitters Shoes: Steve Madden

hipster virginia engagement pictures fall (9)

They are both William & Mary graduates, and wanted their engagement session taken on campus and the historic downtown area. This was the perfect fall afternoon to run around town and have fun . Grace and Kyle are getting married next August with a ceremony at the Wrenn Chapel, and a reception following at the Williamsburg Winery.

hipster virginia engagement pictures fall (3)

From the bride, their story:

First, we were married. Second, we were roommates. Now, we’re soulmates. We met at the College of William and Mary playing ultimate frisbee. Kyle was on the men’s team, Grace was on the women’s team, and we were good friends for a few years. As a joke one Valentine’s Day, Kyle “proposed” and Grace said yes! After that, the longstanding joke was that we were husband and wife anytime we were together. Then, the summer after Kyle graduated, Grace needed a place to live, so we spent the summer as roommates in Williamsburg. That summer, we became best friends.

hipster virginia engagement pictures fall (11) hipster virginia engagement pictures fall (2)

Click inside for the rest of Grace & Kyle’s adorable Fall engagement pictures & love story!

Erin & Tyler’s Virginia Love Session Pictures at an Airport Hanger

Virginia love session pictures made better by an aviation festival! Two adorable people in love, set against an airport hanger out in a field? Plus the lady is rocking some serious orange lipstick and a polka dot dress. Love this one! Thanks to IYQ Photography for sharing!

Erin & Tyler’s Virginia Engagement Pictures at an Airport Hanger

airport hanger engagement pictures virginia (5)


Photography: IYQ Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

From Kimie:

We were so fortunate to shoot at a local aviation festival. We got there first thing in the morning and had the entire place to ourselves. We picked a few different planes as our props and the rest is history.

airport hanger engagement pictures virginia (8)

Tyler and I met for our first date and I, true to form, almost immediately went to my awkward-can’t stop talking because I have to fill the silence of the first date with whatever I can think of-mode, trying to make it less awkward. For whatever reason, he found this adorable and thought, “well, if we ever go out and someone asks me a question, I can just defer to my assistant here, and there will be no shortage of answers on her end.” I never laughed so hard that this geeky side, as he refers to it, would have been found so endearing and, dare I say, even charming. Whatever it was, and however it worked, I’m so glad it did. Even though it may have been hard to get a word in edgewise, he was such a doll for trying. To be honest, it gave me time to catch my breath. Since then, the nerves have obviously subsided, and we’ve come to this place of absolute comfort, a great balance of strengths and weaknesses. We just compliment each other, in the very best ways, and couldn’t be happier and so incredibly in love.

airport hanger engagement pictures virginia (4) airport hanger engagement pictures virginia (7)

Click inside for the rest of Erin & Tyler’s adorable airplane love session pictures!

Kate & Scott’s Laid Back Engagement Pictures in Virginia

I am WIPED OUT. This weekend was awesome – but it totally kicked my ass. On Friday I met with Sarah to talk about some collaborative workshops that we are planning to host with The Ulysess Room – I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am about this. So much more to come on those. Then we hit up Union Kitchen’s 1-year anniversary party and checked out the AWESOME new restaurant at Union Market, Bidwell. And then Saturday we made the drive up to Baltimore to hang out with some rad wedding vendors & couples at The Mix Event. We got to see some of our favorite vendors and meet some new ones too. We also got to rock out to the amazingness that is Burnt Sienna – seriously guys, if you need a band for your wedding, hire them … and then let me come to your reception too ;) Then the weekend closed with a lovely 8 mile run and a walk to a park on Capitol Hill to get to enjoy the beautiful weather. All in all a great (but busy!) weekend.

And it’s not like any rest is in site, as we have our first Fuel DC event on Wednesday (are you coming?!) and my bestest friends from Pittsburgh are coming Thursday night to visit for the weekend!! So while not much rest is in my future, I am thoroughly looking forward to this week and weekend. Now if only this stupid cold will go away….

So for today’s post I am sharing a beautiful laid-back engagement session from IYQ Photography. Not a lot of details in this one, just two beautiful people, totally in love & full of smiles. I mean, what else could you want for a Monday? Let’s get it going ….

Kate & Scott’s Laid Back Engagement Pictures in Virginia

laid back virginia engagement pictures

Photographer: IYQ Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

I always love when couples are un-posed and candid in their engagement pictures. It feels so much more natural and is much more engaging to look at (and blog!). Kimie also shared that Kate & Scott found her through my blog – so I just had to share that extra little detail :) Happy Monday Romancers.

laid back virginia engagement pictures laid back virginia engagement pictures laid back virginia engagement pictures laid back virginia engagement pictures virginia engagement ring picture laid back virginia engagement pictures laid back virginia engagement pictures laid back virginia engagement pictures laid back virginia engagement pictures laid back virginia engagement pictures

Thanks again to IYQ Photography for sharing this adorable Virginia engagement session with us!

Laura & TJ’s Casual, Fall Park Engagement Session in Virginia

Back this afternoon with a lovely Virginia engagement session from Chris Ferenzi Photography. I feel like Fall came and went entirely too fast this year, and I barely got to enjoy the fall foliage. Luckily for me (well and you!), Chris’ engagement feature is full of gorgeous fall foliage. It also features an adorable couple, Laura & TJ who shared an awesome his and hers love story write-up – including how their relationship, and consequently their proposal, was based on their love of bikes. Oh I also ADORE Laura’s yellow dress in these pictures. What a great color and a perfect compliment to the natural beauty of the park they had their engagement session in. Enjoy!

TJ & Laura’s Casual, Fall Park Engagement Pictures in Virginia

casual fall park Virginia engagement pictures

Photography: Chris Ferenzi Photography

How they met (from Laura’s perspective):

We were pseudo-set up but a mutual friend of ours who knew of our mutual love for bikes. This friend claims that she had been telling me about TJ for months and that I eventually came to my senses and decided to go out with him, but I only remember her telling me the once. Our first 10 or so “dates” were bike rides in Philadelphia, with the occasional stop for good food and beer.

On one of our first we went to an annual professional bike race that goes all throughout the City of Philadelphia. There was a little boy sitting in front of us where we were watching who kept trying to play with us with a toy that he had. He would not give up and it was honestly quite annoying to me. TJ, on the other hand, was so interested in playing with him the whole time and never got frustrated by him once. I knew immediately what a kind and patient person he was, and was in love pretty much from day one.

casual fall park Virginia engagement pictures casual fall park Virginia engagement pictures casual fall park Virginia engagement pictures casual fall park Virginia engagement pictures

Click inside for the rest of TJ & Laura’s beautiful Fall engagement session and proposal story!

Sheena & Lissa’s Virginia Park Engagement in Libby Hill Park

Keeping the awesome coming with an adorable, giggle-filled Richmond, Virginia engagement session from What a Lovely Photo this afternoon. And talk about a LOVE STORY from this couple! It’s funny, sometimes couples write two sentences, and then other times I get novels (I love both equally). But just a warning that this one will be a bit word-heavy, as Sheena wrote a really beautiful reflection of her and Lissa’s love story!

Sheena & Lissa’s Libby Hill Park Engagement in Richmond, Virginia

same sex richmond virginia libby hill park engagement pictures

Photography: What a Lovely Photo | Location: Libby Hill Park | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

From the photographer:

Bad jokes and awkward Segway tourist kept us laughing the whole time. Y’all…get ready to tear up a little, have a big smile on your face, and say “awwww” more times than you can count. Sheena surprised Lissa with a trip to Iceland recently and popped the question during their stay in Reykjavik.  I love seeing other people head over heels in love, and I can’t think of a better example than these two sweethearts.

same sex richmond virginia libby hill park engagement pictures

And now their love story, from bride-to-be, Sheena:

I first saw Lissa on my first day at a little hole in the wall sports bar where I was slinging drinks at for a short stint.  I gawked at her the entire time, quickly turning away every time I thought she was about to look in my direction.  I don’t think she noticed me at all even though she swears she did to this day.  It really didn’t matter at the time, we were both unavailable.

Eight months later, she caught me staring at her from across a busy bar.  I was there with two friends having a drink.  Immediately when I saw her come in, I couldn’t turn away.  I knew that if I didn’t say something to her my ogling was going to seem creepy.  So I turned to my buddies, telling them about my plan to go talk to this stunning woman.  “Oh Lissa!!!  I grew up with her!!! “, my friend hollered.  They both knew her!

same sex richmond virginia libby hill park engagement pictures

I pleaded with them not to go into stealth wing-man mode and I headed to the bar to buy us a drink, mostly for the simple fact that I needed a little liquid courage.  As soon as I walked away, my friend b-lined it to her.  I turned around, drinks in tow.  She was standing right there.  Of course, there was the uncontrollable perma-grin introduction.  We took the shots and as soon as her glass hit the bar she said, “So, you think Im hot?”  Stumped and annoyed at my friend’s lack of creativity, I just said “Absolutely!”  Her perfume was intoxicating.  And so, I leaned into every single thing she said, for the next three hours.  Unfortunately, I learned that she was at the tail end of a rocky long-term relationship.  I completely understood, having gone through the same thing about six months prior.  I gave her my phone number and told her that if she is ever available that she should give me a call and that was that.

same sex richmond virginia libby hill park engagement pictures

Six months later, serendipity at its finest, I saw Lissa again.  I was going to meet some friends and was yapping it up at a table.  I had turned around to grab my drink on the other side of me and it was as if she just came out of nowhere, just talking to the same person I was just talking to!  I froze.  I knew that if I talked I would have stuttered horribly through some ‘Hey, how are you?s’.  So in attempts of not sounding like a blubbering idiot, I gently pinched her elbow and smiled hello.  Once she recognized me, I had a completely different look, up flailed her arms, spin around tornado move into I’m sure some kind of crazy yoga bend and up to an elated and surprised hello.  We sat down face to face, knees interlocked and talked intently about everything under the sun for the next few hours.  She asked me to dinner at the end of the night.

same sex richmond virginia libby hill park engagement pictures

Click inside for the rest of Sheena & Lissa’s beautiful Libby Hill Park engagement session AND the rest of their beautiful love story

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