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Kate & Scott’s Laid Back Engagement Pictures in Virginia

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I am WIPED OUT. This weekend was awesome – but it totally kicked my ass. On Friday I met with Sarah to talk about some collaborative workshops that we are planning to host with The Ulysess Room – I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am about this. So much more to come on those. Then we hit up Union Kitchen’s 1-year anniversary party and checked out the AWESOME new restaurant at Union Market, Bidwell. And then Saturday we made the drive up to Baltimore to hang out with some rad wedding vendors & couples at The Mix Event. We got to see some of our favorite vendors and meet some new ones too. We also got to rock out to the amazingness that is Burnt Sienna – seriously guys, if you need a band for your wedding, hire them … and then let me come to your reception too ;) Then the weekend closed with a lovely 8 mile run and a walk to a park on Capitol Hill to get to enjoy the beautiful weather. All in all a great (but busy!) weekend.

And it’s not like any rest is in site, as we have our first Fuel DC event on Wednesday (are you coming?!) and my bestest friends from Pittsburgh are coming Thursday night to visit for the weekend!! So while not much rest is in my future, I am thoroughly looking forward to this week and weekend. Now if only this stupid cold will go away….

So for today’s post I am sharing a beautiful laid-back engagement session from IYQ Photography. Not a lot of details in this one, just two beautiful people, totally in love & full of smiles. I mean, what else could you want for a Monday? Let’s get it going ….

Kate & Scott’s Laid Back Engagement Pictures in Virginia

laid back virginia engagement pictures

Photographer: IYQ Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

I always love when couples are un-posed and candid in their engagement pictures. It feels so much more natural and is much more engaging to look at (and blog!). Kimie also shared that Kate & Scott found her through my blog – so I just had to share that extra little detail :) Happy Monday Romancers.

laid back virginia engagement pictures laid back virginia engagement pictures laid back virginia engagement pictures laid back virginia engagement pictures virginia engagement ring picture laid back virginia engagement pictures laid back virginia engagement pictures laid back virginia engagement pictures laid back virginia engagement pictures laid back virginia engagement pictures

Thanks again to IYQ Photography for sharing this adorable Virginia engagement session with us!

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Laura & TJ’s Casual, Fall Park Engagement Session in Virginia


Back this afternoon with a lovely Virginia engagement session from Chris Ferenzi Photography. I feel like Fall came and went entirely too fast this year, and I barely got to enjoy the fall foliage. Luckily for me (well and you!), Chris’ engagement feature is full of gorgeous fall foliage. It also features an adorable couple, Laura & TJ who shared an awesome his and hers love story write-up – including how their relationship, and consequently their proposal, was based on their love of bikes. Oh I also ADORE Laura’s yellow dress in these pictures. What a great color and a perfect compliment to the natural beauty of the park they had their engagement session in. Enjoy!

TJ & Laura’s Casual, Fall Park Engagement Pictures in Virginia

casual fall park Virginia engagement pictures

Photography: Chris Ferenzi Photography

How they met (from Laura’s perspective):

We were pseudo-set up but a mutual friend of ours who knew of our mutual love for bikes. This friend claims that she had been telling me about TJ for months and that I eventually came to my senses and decided to go out with him, but I only remember her telling me the once. Our first 10 or so “dates” were bike rides in Philadelphia, with the occasional stop for good food and beer.

On one of our first we went to an annual professional bike race that goes all throughout the City of Philadelphia. There was a little boy sitting in front of us where we were watching who kept trying to play with us with a toy that he had. He would not give up and it was honestly quite annoying to me. TJ, on the other hand, was so interested in playing with him the whole time and never got frustrated by him once. I knew immediately what a kind and patient person he was, and was in love pretty much from day one.

casual fall park Virginia engagement pictures casual fall park Virginia engagement pictures casual fall park Virginia engagement pictures casual fall park Virginia engagement pictures

Click inside for the rest of TJ & Laura’s beautiful Fall engagement session and proposal story!

Sheena & Lissa’s Virginia Park Engagement in Libby Hill Park


Keeping the awesome coming with an adorable, giggle-filled Richmond, Virginia engagement session from What a Lovely Photo this afternoon. And talk about a LOVE STORY from this couple! It’s funny, sometimes couples write two sentences, and then other times I get novels (I love both equally). But just a warning that this one will be a bit word-heavy, as Sheena wrote a really beautiful reflection of her and Lissa’s love story!

Sheena & Lissa’s Libby Hill Park Engagement in Richmond, Virginia

same sex richmond virginia libby hill park engagement pictures

Photography: What a Lovely Photo | Location: Libby Hill Park | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

From the photographer:

Bad jokes and awkward Segway tourist kept us laughing the whole time. Y’all…get ready to tear up a little, have a big smile on your face, and say “awwww” more times than you can count. Sheena surprised Lissa with a trip to Iceland recently and popped the question during their stay in Reykjavik.  I love seeing other people head over heels in love, and I can’t think of a better example than these two sweethearts.

same sex richmond virginia libby hill park engagement pictures

And now their love story, from bride-to-be, Sheena:

I first saw Lissa on my first day at a little hole in the wall sports bar where I was slinging drinks at for a short stint.  I gawked at her the entire time, quickly turning away every time I thought she was about to look in my direction.  I don’t think she noticed me at all even though she swears she did to this day.  It really didn’t matter at the time, we were both unavailable.

Eight months later, she caught me staring at her from across a busy bar.  I was there with two friends having a drink.  Immediately when I saw her come in, I couldn’t turn away.  I knew that if I didn’t say something to her my ogling was going to seem creepy.  So I turned to my buddies, telling them about my plan to go talk to this stunning woman.  “Oh Lissa!!!  I grew up with her!!! “, my friend hollered.  They both knew her!

same sex richmond virginia libby hill park engagement pictures

I pleaded with them not to go into stealth wing-man mode and I headed to the bar to buy us a drink, mostly for the simple fact that I needed a little liquid courage.  As soon as I walked away, my friend b-lined it to her.  I turned around, drinks in tow.  She was standing right there.  Of course, there was the uncontrollable perma-grin introduction.  We took the shots and as soon as her glass hit the bar she said, “So, you think Im hot?”  Stumped and annoyed at my friend’s lack of creativity, I just said “Absolutely!”  Her perfume was intoxicating.  And so, I leaned into every single thing she said, for the next three hours.  Unfortunately, I learned that she was at the tail end of a rocky long-term relationship.  I completely understood, having gone through the same thing about six months prior.  I gave her my phone number and told her that if she is ever available that she should give me a call and that was that.

same sex richmond virginia libby hill park engagement pictures

Six months later, serendipity at its finest, I saw Lissa again.  I was going to meet some friends and was yapping it up at a table.  I had turned around to grab my drink on the other side of me and it was as if she just came out of nowhere, just talking to the same person I was just talking to!  I froze.  I knew that if I talked I would have stuttered horribly through some ‘Hey, how are you?s’.  So in attempts of not sounding like a blubbering idiot, I gently pinched her elbow and smiled hello.  Once she recognized me, I had a completely different look, up flailed her arms, spin around tornado move into I’m sure some kind of crazy yoga bend and up to an elated and surprised hello.  We sat down face to face, knees interlocked and talked intently about everything under the sun for the next few hours.  She asked me to dinner at the end of the night.

same sex richmond virginia libby hill park engagement pictures

Click inside for the rest of Sheena & Lissa’s beautiful Libby Hill Park engagement session AND the rest of their beautiful love story

Winne & Ryane’s Old Town Alexandria Virginia Engagement Session

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On Friday I took my two good friends that were visiting from Austin, around the city in what felt like one, day-long perpetual Hot Yoga session. WOW was it humid!! We were biking, walking, and sight-seeing for pleasure, I cannot imagine was work might have been like for any of my vendor friends that had to work an outdoor wedding this weekend! Yikes!

Regardless of the heat & humidity, we had a blast. Maybe even a little too much fun as I feel my eyes feeling heavy & my back slightly aching at just 8pm on a Sunday ;) Maybe those are just the signs that I really am getting closer to 30.

I digress. We are kicking things off this week with a really beautiful engagement session in Old Town Alexandria, from Sheaulee Ng Photography. Winne & Ryane began they love story on an ice skating trip at the sculpture garden (something I still have yet to do!) and decided to enter the next chapter of their lives together with a proposal at Times Square on New Years! A bit later Ryane actually proposed AGAIN at their home in Alexandria, VA :) How many lucky people get to say they got proposed to not once, but twice?!

So enjoy this beautiful Old Town Alexandria engagement session this morning and check back later today for the winner of our Cupcakes & Cocktails Ticket Giveaway AND the announcement of a NEW giveaway! Monday – let’s do this!

Winne & Ryane’s Old Town Alexandria, Virginia Engagement Pictures

quirky formal old town alexandria virginia engagement pictures

Photographer: Sheauleen Ng Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Their love story, from Rayne:

It all started with a look as I finally caught her eye. As I looked back, I saw these beautiful eyes with a lovely smile and a gentle spirit. That one look led to a date ice skating at the sculpture garden where we held hands for the first time followed by more dates and eventually the first kiss. As a new couple, we became inseparable as we got to know each other better.

quirky formal old town alexandria virginia engagement pictures

They decided to have their engagement session in Old Town Alexandria,. VA because:

…we have spent many days and nights walking, eating and enjoying the sights and sounds of Old Town Alexandria.

quirky formal old town alexandria virginia engagement pictures

quirky formal old town alexandria virginia engagement pictures

quirky formal old town alexandria virginia engagement pictures


Click inside for the rest of Winne & Rayne’s adorable Virginia engagement session! Including the proposal stories & a shot at her beautiful engagement ring!

Tim & Vanessa’s Nerderiffic, Offbeat Virginia Engagement Session


I’m not going to lie to you – this Monday feels especially tough. I didn’t get much sleep this weekend, and this constant thunderstorm weather is just totally messing with me. I don’t think I’ve ever craved a July 4th/mini-vacation like I am this week.

That being said – life goes on right? And for me that means, work, blogging & wedding planning – and hey, I can’t REALLY complain about those last too ;) Also – today’s “nerderiffic” Virginia engagement session really makes me happy. It includes a DIY, knitted viking hat & beard, and a Mario Bros inspired wedding website AND proposal! A special thanks to Saperstone Studios  & Two Bright Lights for the submission.

Tim & Vanessa’s Offbeat Virginia Engagement & Mario Bros Inspire Proposal

offbeat nerdy virginia engagement

How they met:

Vanessa and Tim connected over OKcupid when she realized his online profile contained a puzzle within the text about himself. Intrigued, she messaged him and several e mails later, set up their first date.

offbeat nerdy virginia engagement

On their engagement session:

After the ‘pretty’ images were done and out of the way, we went back to their place for something more ‘them’. Vanessa had DIY’d a viking hat/beard for Tim while they were dating but thought it would be fun for her to wear the horns instead. More horse playing ensued to capture a series of fun, ‘them’ images.

offbeat nerdy virginia engagement

offbeat nerdy virginia engagement

offbeat nerdy virginia engagement

Click inside for the BEST, nerderiffic proposal ever – video included!!!!

Capitol Romance: Tim & Megan’s Theatrical, George Mason Theatre Engagement Session


george mason virginia engagement pictures theatre offbeat

And we’re back this afternoon with an AWESOME theatre-inspired Virginia engagement session from the wonderful Stephen Gosling Photography!

Time & Megan met at George Mason University, so it was a no-brainer to have their engagement session shot there. They also met over a shared love of the theatre, Tim built scenery for Mason performances, and Megan was the header painter! So they also decided to have a bunch of their engagement pictures set in the George Mason theatre – including some dancing on stage and some fun masks! Their delightful engagement shoot also featured pop-up books and a TON of laughter!

A special thanks again to Stephen Gosling Photography for sharing!

george mason virginia engagement pictures theatre offbeat

About Tim

Both creative and dexterous, Tim has found the perfect complement to his many talents. In his high school and college years, he developed and honed his talents in drafting, drawing, carpentry, welding, and more. Today, Tim not only uses his carpentry and scenic design talents, but he also is a fantastic teacher and mentor for undergraduates. He is the Assistant Technical Director at George Mason University. Every day, he builds scenery for the many performances at Mason including plays, operas, and musicals.

george mason virginia engagement pictures theatre offbeat

About Megan

After graduating from George Mason University, Megan found employment with another George, George Washington University. She works as the Stewardship Coordinator in the Office of Development and Alumni Relations. Megan ensures that GW donors are recognized for their giving and know the impact of their gift. She is also a part-time graduate student in the Museum Studies program. Focusing on museum administration, Megan would like to work in a DC metro museum in public programming or development.

george mason virginia engagement pictures theatre offbeat

george mason virginia engagement pictures theatre offbeat

How they met:

The very first time that Tim met Megan was in the George Mason University scene shop. He was the assistant scenic designer, and she was the head painter on the same show. Covered in paint from head to toe, in old shabby clothes, and her hair in dissaray, Megan was quite a sight! Yet, Tim came over to say hello to the cute girl. That was only the beginning.

The next semester, they were working again on a show; he was the scenic designer, and she was the make-up and hair designer. Working late nights, Tim would offer to walk Megan home each evening. He would ask her questions during the entire walk just to get to know her. They worked together again just a month later, again both designers on the show. He taught her to play chess, took her for walks, and continued to escort her home.

george mason virginia engagement pictures theatre offbeat

george mason virginia engagement pictures theatre offbeat

Click inside for the rest of their George Mason University Engagement session, including the proposal story and a look at Megan’s super awesome green, Irish engagement ring!

Capitol Romance: Brittany & Anthony’s Backyard, Casual Engagement Session


Monday is rough. Especially when it’s raining (a double sucker punch, if you will). But Brittany & Anthony’s backyard Virginia engagement session from Holly Cromer Photography, is sure to make you smile and forget ALL about that crappy rainy Monday weather (and commute!).

I love so much about this engagement session – the couple is so laid back and effortlessly cool. I love that they had their engagement at their home, inside and in their backyard, with their dogs joining it. Everything about this session just seems to be so “them” – and I don’t even know them!!

Oh and just wait until you read all the beautiful details of their love story. A special thanks again to Holly Cromer for submitting!

Brittany & Anthony’s Backyard, Casual Virginia Engagement Session

offbeat casual backyard virginia engagement session

How they met (from Brittany):

Like many young couples, Anthony and I met in college; at a party no less. There were, of course, plenty of other people to meet and mingle with. But for some reason we just kept running into each other throughout the house and engaging in conversations about music, future world travel, and drinking games. In hindsight, that magnetic reaction we felt that brought us together throughout the night was love.

offbeat casual backyard virginia engagement session

It was our junior year and we had a class together with a maniacally intellectual professor who at times was a personal hero, and at other times was a personal pain-in-the-butt. So I sometimes found my attention wandering. Before I had actually met Anthony I had noticed a tattoo of a silhouette of a cow under a green leafy tree on his arm, contrasting boldly with a hot pink shirt he’d been wearing. Class after class I would stare at it, the most beautiful tattoo I’d ever seen.

Anthony and I spent a long time admiring each other, going to the same parties but hesitant to talk to one another. It’s the only relationship where I’ve fallen in love before even getting to know the person.”

offbeat casual backyard virginia engagement session

How they met (from Anthony):

“As cliché as it sounds, meeting Brittany started by seeing her across a crowded room. This was no classy bar with candles and piano music, however, this was the epitome of college house parties; drowning in noise, profanity, and general uncleanliness. Through the bodies and sounds I found myself fixating on this small, thickly-banged vixen. I recognized her from a shared class but we’d never actually interacted before.

offbeat casual backyard virginia engagement session

By the kindness of the stars in the skies she saw fit to exchange fluttering eyes with me, and I eventually took the opportunity to try talking with her. Miraculously she proved to be funny, intelligent, involved, and willing to keep talking to me despite my firm belief that she was entirely out of my league. Not wanting to seem too over-eager I eventually came up with an excuse to go elsewhere and we parted ways – but a house party can be a small place, especially at a small school in a small town. As the night continued we managed to bump into one another again and again, at times exchanging glances, smiles, sometimes entire conversations.

offbeat casual backyard virginia engagement session

I finally found a way to hold her company in a comfortably nonaggressive way under the guise of teaching her a drinking game about a river. We ended up playing through the entire desk, possibly more than once, talking about everything under and above the sun. By the end of the night we were no longer strangers to one another – we parted ways with a hope and understanding that our next class together might prove exponentially more thrilling.

For days and weeks after, my mind raced through the first moments of seeing her across the room, the electricity sparking from her eyes into my mind; all I could think was “what I wouldn’t give for the chance to spend more time with her”. I still think that.”

^Can we all just say, “awwwwwwwwwwwww” together?!!?

offbeat casual backyard virginia engagement session

Click inside for the rest of Brittany & Anthony’s laid back, casual engagement feature and the proposal story!

Capitol Romance: Becca & Matt’s Busch Gardens Engagement Session in Virgina


Happy Monday Romancers!!

As I mentioned on social media, I am on a bit of a hangover this morning [though not of the alcohol kind]. My Sunday started with an awesome styled shoot [more on that coming soon] and then we had friends over for the Superbowl, so we were up late cleaning up. Couple that with an exciting Saturday night [again, no alcohol!!] – there was a fire at my friend’s apartment complex and we were evacuated!

PHEW. So, yeah, a BIT sleepy here, but pushing through thanks to some excellent emails in my inbox and this adorable Virginia engagement session from Katie Nesbitt Photography. Katie thought Becca & Matt’s super fun Busch Gardens engagement session would be a good fit, and she was exactly right. This couple has so much love & laughter in their relationship, and how could we not love that it was all set against an amusement park?!

Becca & Matt’s Busch Gardens Engagement Session in Virginia

About the couple:

Matt and I met our freshman year at Virginia Tech. We had seen each other around before, but the stars didn’t align until one night in April at Relay for Life, an all-night charity fundraiser event hosted at VT.

We ended up crossing paths through a group of mutual friends, and we hit it off really well. I remember being struck by how easy he was to talk to and how much fun I had with him. I felt so comfortable and so free to just be myself, right from the start. We talked for hours that night and even snuck into the Tech football stadium to watch the sunrise after the event was over! I regretted that we hadn’t gotten to know each other sooner.

Click inside for the rest of this fun Virginia engagement session by Katie Nesbitt Photography

Ashley & Justin’s Dreamy Railroad Tracks Engagement in Virginia


A dreamy Washington DC area engagement session for you this afternoon, on railroad tracks in Virginia from the lovely Rebecca Watkins Photography[submitted via Two Bright Lights].

Meet Ashely & Justin

First, as per usual, a bit about the lovely couple.

The very first time we ever met was in high school, and the time just wasn’t right. When we met again was at my current job- Springfield Animal Hospital. We met because Justin came home from school that summer and was going to work for his dad, who owned the animal hospital…

We absolutely love to dance and will dance at anytime. We also make up musical beats and dance to them. We are just quirky.

Justin has been in the Marine Corps OCS training and will actually be graduating from it just before the wedding. They only get to see each other on the weekends when he gets off. Right after the wedding they’ll be moving down to Florida, but they’ll be enjoying a fairytale honeymoon Italy.

I love quirky couples :) they make for the most fun and relaxed sessions. Enjoy!

love Ashley’s vintage-inspired ring

the color of the painted green brick is my fav

Click inside of for the rest of this Virginia engagement session from Rebecca Watkins Photography!

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