Bri & David’s Offbeat Coral & Mint Wedding at Zion Springs Bed & Breakfast in Virginia

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  • August 22, 2013

Today’s real Virginia wedding feature comes to us from Traci J. Brooks Studios (you might remember Traci from her own, super rad Virginia wedding). It includes a ton of DIY wedding projects & decorations and a beautiful color palette of coral & mint, all set at a bed & breakfast! Bri & David planned and executed a wedding that was completely them!

They played offbeat games at their wedding (the Italian knee game & shoe game) and crafted a photobooth so their guests could have a fun & laid back time. Check it all out below!

Bri & David’s Coral & Mint, Virginia Bed & Breakfast Wedding at Zion Springs

offbeat virginia wedding coral mint DIY bed & breakfast


Venue: Zion Springs Bed and Breakfast | Photography: Traci J. Brooks Studios | Videographer: Ted Brooks | Floral Designer: Mel’s Bells Wedding Flowers | Make Up Artist: Carissa Willmington | Catering: Urban BBQ | DJ: Joel Tigges | MC: Travis Havens | Wedding Coordination: Toni Schwarting

On their coral & mint wedding color palette:

We were originally going to go with the colors orange and blue, but as we got closer we felt that orange and blue was too bold. We wanted something softer but still colorful. Brittany decided on the colors when she saw two Essie nail polish colors Tart Deco and Turquoise & Caicos. The colors then changed to coral and mint!

coral mint wedding

coral bridesmaids dresses

On their overall vibe & “feel” of their wedding:

For the overall feeling for the wedding, Brittany wanted vintage tones mixed with DIY crafts and decor. We strove to save money by making our own centerpieces, picking flowers from a local flower farm and making props such as the photo booth wall and the ribbon curtain.

One of our goals was to make our wedding fun and relaxed.

mint tie groomsmen


coral mint green bouquet

Click inside for the rest of Brittany & David’s DIY, Virginia wedding at the Zion’s Bed & Breakfast.

typewriter unique ring shot


hipster mint grey groomsmen

On their outdoor ceremony:

Ever since Brittany was a little girl she wanted to get married outside. Originally she wanted to get married at Longwood Gardens but they do not allow any religious ceremonies to take place there. We found Zion Springs Bed and Breakfast and fell in love with the venue and the owners. We could not have wished for a better place to enter into a covenant relationship with each other.

DIY wedding altar

From the photographer, on their ceremony:

The ceremony had so much emphasis on family. Since Brittany and David’s sister (and MOH) Anna were college roommates, the family involvement was huge! Not only was David’s other sister, Sarah, a bridesmaid and their brother Vinnie, the ring bearer, but Anna’s husband was also a groomsman and Brittany’s sister was also a bridesmaid. They also had the cutest flower girl ever, Bri’s niece, Anika!

outdoor wedding ceremony virginia

One of my favorite parts of the day was hearing their personalized vows. David had his written in a journal that he had begun writing in for his wife before he even knew Brittany. It was so sweet to hear the fun details and inside jokes they shared in their vows!

outdoor wedding ceremony virginia

outdoor wedding ceremony virginia

I love this tidbit about the groom’s beard!!

A fun part of their story is that from the time of engagement till the wedding, David had been growing out his beard to lumberjack status. A few of his groomsmen and his father even joined in, foregoing shaving for months.

After the ceremony, they set up a shaving stand and while the rest of the guests and bridal party headed to cocktail hour, David and his groomsmen shaved their beards!

offbeat virginia wedding coral mint DIY bed & breakfast

offbeat virginia wedding coral mint DIY bed & breakfast

offbeat virginia wedding coral mint DIY bed & breakfast

offbeat virginia wedding coral mint DIY bed & breakfast

So much of the wedding was DIY, which is why this is one of my favorite weddings to date! They made a gorgeous ribbon wall, which stood at the beginning of the ceremony aisle. They made a photo booth wall, complete with props, to use at the reception.

mint and coral wedding decorations

They also hand-made every centerpiece with thick hemp and empty cream soda bottles. Finally, a majority of their flowers were from a local flower farm that they handpicked the day before the wedding.

mint and coral wedding decorations

mint and coral wedding decorations


On their offbeat reception games:

They played this really funny game, just referred to as the “Italian Knee Game.” They took four couples and blindfolded the wives, and then had the husbands roll their pants up past their knees and stand on chairs. One wife would go down the line, feeling each man’s legs, and would try to guess her husband by the shape of his kneecaps. To the guests’ amusement, when Sarah (David’s sister) went down the line, she picked him as her groom!

offbeat wedding games italian knee game

offbeat wedding games italian knee game

During the reception, they also played a game where the guests would call out questions like, “who gets control of the remote” and “who’s the messiest.” Sitting back-to-back, David and Bri each had one of Bri’s shoes and one of David’s, and they would have to raise the person’s shoe to answer the question.

wedding shoe game reception

wedding shoe game reception

offbeat virginia wedding coral mint DIY bed & breakfast


And now a portrait WITHOUT the beard:

offbeat virginia wedding coral mint DIY bed & breakfast

Congratulations Brittany & David! Thank you for sharing your beautiful, DIY Coral & Mint wedding with us! A special thanks again to Traci J Brooks Studios for submitting this awesome Virginia wedding.


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