Mike & Jolie’s P Street & MLK Memorial Washington, DC Engagement Session

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  • April 23, 2012

This afternoon’s Washington, DC engagement session comes to us courtesy of Porter Watkins Photography. Porter shared this adorable session that features both the well-known tidal basin and MLK Memorial, and some really awesome shots from in around P Street. I love when couples decide to find the cooler, funkier parts of DC and skip the Monuments to head to more unique backdrops. Porter put it best, ” …the thing about the heart of DC, you can pretty much pick any street and guarantee totally unique backdrops for an engagement.”. True story.

Porter shares more about the inspiration for the session:

Mike and Jolie are getting married this July and it was really important to them to do an engagement that meant something to them. They loved the idea of mixing urban and natural settings, and the MLK memorial has special importance to them, so they knew the Tidal basin would be perfect. But for the urban location, they needed a little guidance. Jolie told me she wanted something different, something colorful. And as someone who lives to explore DC, I knew that P Street would be PERFECT. There’s murals everywhere and tons of fun alleyways and features that a lot of people don’t always catch.

Mike & Jolie’s P Street & MLK Memorial Washington, DC Engagement Session

About Mike & Jolie:

Mike and I met “through friends” as we often tell people. We actually did really meet through friends, but in all honesty my best friend was interested in dating Mike and I had already dated his best friend in years past. Needless to say, we met in a pretty “offbeat” way, considering neither of these 2 friends is around much anymore. Despite the unique way in which our relationship started, we have been together for 7 years, 6 of which we have spent living together in Maryland. I moved to the area right after I graduated from graduate school to become a teacher and Mike moved back to the area after attending school and playing football at Towson University.

Click inside for the rest of Mike & Jolie’s beautiful Washington, DC engagement session – including some details from their upcoming wedding AND a surprise guest that Mike bumped into at the MLK Memorial!

A sneak peak at their wedding in July!

Neither one of us thought we would really enjoy the wedding planning process, but we both are very excited. Our wedding will take place in July at the Viers Mill Baptist Church with a reception to follow at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rockville, MD. We are super excited for this dramatic entrance we have planned as we walk into the ballroom. Once we arrive we will dance to the song “All My Life” by K-Ci and JoJo since we loved growing up in the 90’s. The next day Mike and I will head to Ocean City, MD for a few days, but our real honeymoon will take place during the summer of 2013 when we travel abroad.

90s music at a wedding? LOVE!

Look who Mike ran into at the MLK Memorial!!!!! Forest Whitaker!

Congratulations Mike & Jolie! Best of luck with the last few months of planning before your wedding! A special thanks to Porter Watkins Photography for sharing his gorgeous images with us!

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