Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck: “I Swear” by The Loved Ones

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  • February 13, 2012

This one is for the punk rockers out there. The Loved Ones are an awesome punk rock band out of Phildelphia, and they write some seriously awesome music. While this song selection probably might not work for everyone’s wedding, I do like to keep things different here and try and share songs from all over the music spectrum


I’ll love you ’til the end
What I live and what I learn
What we build and what we burn
I’ll love you ’til the end

Maybe acceptable for your wedding video, or if you are a punk-rock loving couple, then I think this would be perfect for a first dance song or maybe even a part of your non-traditional wedding ceremony!

Remember, we love sharing YOUR songs! If you used a modern, non-sucky song for your wedding reception or ceremony, please share it with us!

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