Non-Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas & Inspiration

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  • March 31, 2011

One trend that I would love to see more of is the non-diamond engagement ring! Some people¬†dream of that perfect diamond for a long time – and some people don’t.

I was one of those people that didn’t.

If you have seen my wedding pictures, than you know that I love hot pink. (And this is also obviously reflected on this blog). So I knew for a while that when it came time to send my boyfriend some friendly ring ideas (let’s face it, I am way too much of a control freak to be completely surprised), I would be sending him pictures of pink tourmaline stones and pink sapphires. I also had a big issue with the cost of a diamond – but I will stay off my soapbox on that one!

At any rate, I just love seeing other couples that choose the non-diamond approach and wanted to share some of the ones I have found for some funky alternative engagement ring inspiration! Enjoy.

My hot pink tourmaline ring, shot by Live It Out Photo from Rock N Roll Bride feature

Laura & Jeff’s Wedding Courtesy of Shelley Elena Photography

Some from Turtle Love Committee (you HAVE to check out their website!)

And of course from my FAVORITE Washington, DC Jewelry Store, I.Gorman


Have a non-diamond engagement ring?? Send us a shot of yours!!

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