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If you are like me, than you woke up this morning to the horrific news of yet another mass shooting in America. Andy told me before I could see on Twitter first, and I was equal parts shocked and distraught. I cried, hugged Andy for 5 minutes, and then sat on the couch holding/hugging Evie for a solid 10. Andy got ready and took Evie to the nannyshare, while I couldn’t get off the couch for another hour. All the same feelings are being felt: sadness, grief, anger, frustration, anger, helplessness, more anger. The same hot takes & quotes already making the rounds on all social media platforms, yet one stood out to me this morning: “The Vegas shooter will have a history of violence against women. Just watch.”

Perhaps it’s all the Feminism reading I’ve been doing lately, but my eyes have now been fully open to the way in which our society treats women. Abhorrently is how we treat women. We blame them, we don’t trust them, we undermine them, we speak over them, and worst of all, we hurt them.

Violence against women is a reality and will be a reality for the majority of women in America. 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence in their lifetime, and nearly 3 women are killed every day from intimate partners, and black women are 35% more likely to be at the receiving end of domestic violence than white women. There is A LOT to unpack with regards to domestic violence and violence against women, but with the news this morning from Las Vegas, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share (in case you didn’t know already) that there is an undeniable link between domestic abusers, or men that are violent against women and men that ultimately commit mass shootings.

So while Congress heartlessly repeats their “thoughts and prayers” line and continues to do nothing to enact real policy that could actually help us see the number of mass shootings and gun deaths decrease, I’ll put the spotlight on something we can do: spread love & support victims of domestic violence during Domestic Violence Awareness month.

I found this great DC nonprofit via Twitter: DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence that are out at metro stations this morning trying to spread love and awareness to garner support. If you are feeling like I am, so utterly distraught and helpless (especially without representatives to even call to ask for stronger gun laws), perhaps share your time, talents, or money with this great cause and great organization.

OR if you are in an abusive or dangerous situation, please know you can contact DC’s Victim Hotline 24 hours a day: 1-844-4HELPDC (1-844-443-5732).  The DC Victim Hotline is available 24/7 by telephone, text, or online chat.

Via DCCADV: “Through a partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants and the National Center for Victims of Crime, the hotline provides comprehensive information, resources and referrals in the District of Columbia. The new DC Victim Hotline represents an unprecedented collaboration of service providers in DC who are working to seamlessly connect victims of crime to free, resources and to help them navigate the physical, financial, legal, and emotional repercussions of crime. To contact the hotline, dial or text 1-844-4HELPDC (1-844-443-5732) or access the online chat at “

Perhaps if we can tackle the very real & present problem of domestic violence, we can also inadvertently decrease the amount of mass shootings in America. It’s worth trying.

In case you are looking for another resource for domestic violence support, please check out The Recovery Village, as well.

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