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This weekend Andy & I made the most of the gorgeous weather on Sunday, park hopping with Evie all morning and afternoon. At our first stop a woman rolled up with twins … by herself. She had two young boys (less than 1) with her, one of which, cried literally the entire time we were there. But she didn’t flinch, she didn’t yell, she didn’t get flustered, she didn’t look upset, and she didn’t even look frustrated. She just kept trying everything to make the two little boys happy, and to keep the one from crying.

Wow. What perspective that was for me. I STRUGGLE when Andy goes out of town for work and I am alone with just one kid – must less two, the same young age. I was never really a person of patience, and though having a kid has given me some, I know it’s still not one of my strong suits. I get stressed out quite faster than I should when I am alone with Evie and she is being all of the Toddler that she currently is. On the whole Evie is such a happy kid too. She listens pretty well, gets along with other kids, and shares pretty great – Andy & I always joke that we are so ill-prepared if a future kid isn’t as kind & ‘easy’ as Evie is. Which honestly makes me feel even guiltier after I am short or shed tears over my frustrations with parenting Evie.

Look at this woman, handling two children, one of which is having an incessant cryfest, with such grace & patience. Perspective.

Then yesterday I read this article about the awesome number of women that are running for office in Virginia, 6 months after the Women’s March. A specific quote from the article stuck out to me: “”Right after, I felt I needed to do more,” said Hala Ayala, a single mother of two and cyber security specialist running for a delegate seat.” A single mom of two, feels that SHE needs to do more.

Bam. Again – perspective.If this woman, who in my opinion, already does so much as a working, single-parent of two kids, feels SHE needs to do more to help our country, than man do I have plenty more work I need to do.

Perspective is powerful. Perspective is necessary. Perspective is important. It almost forces us to take a step back and perform critical self-reflection and self-improvement. Maybe next time I am alone with Evie and she starts to meltdown, I can stay kind, calm & collected as that woman from the park, who I know is dealing with SO much more. Maybe next time I see an opportunity to make an impact or take part in something that will better my community or neighborhood, I will rise to the occasion like the woman running for office (on top of being a single mom). I will make a promise to myself to try (though I might not always succeed) to use the power of perspective to continue to grow and evolve into a better, giving, more selfless individual.


  1. YASSSS!!! So true, thank you for the reminder that I need a little perspective, there are some badass boss ladies out there dealing with more than I am and knocking it out of the park. Thank you for the perspective Bree!!

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