It’s Monday. I had my last wedding of 2016 (and it kicked my BUTT) and dragged Evie & Andy out at the crack of dawn yesterday for a family photoshoot (the things they do for me). I’m stuck in training for the day job in CHAN-FREAKING-TILLY all week. Oh and the Racist Cheeto is still our President-Elect … but let’s focus on the POSITIVE, shall we?

Today we are launching our 12 Days of Deals on the CapRoShop. A new deal, each day, for the next 12 days. We’re super behind on our Xmas shopping and thinking maybe you are too – so let us help your stress level out with some super deals (and super ideas) for your loved ones this Holiday Season!


Here’s the full list of Days & Deals:

Dec. 5: $5 off Men’s CapRoLove shirts (any color)

Dec. 6: $3 off 2 Brides Print (any size)

Dec. 7: $3 off 2 Grooms Pillow

Dec. 8: $3 off Bride & Groom Print (any size)

Dec. 9: $3 off Onesie (any color)

Dec. 10: 2 Brides Print Giveaway

Dec. 11: $5 off Oh Sh*t Tote bag

Dec. 12: $3 off CapRoLove Pillow

Dec. 13: $2 off Bride & Groom Mug

Dec. 14: $3 off 2 Brides Pillow

Dec. 15: $5 off CapRoLove Tote bag

Dec. 16: 10% off entire order


Use code: CapRo12Deals at checkout! See you on the shop.

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