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We seem to be unintentionally all about the flowers this week. Admittedly flowers were something that were initially lost on me when I planned my wedding. I didn’t understand the cost or the allure and so I didn’t have any but after working weddings now for 2 years, I can honestly say my outlook on flowers has changed drastically. I love seeing all the different types of flowers my clients use (and let’s face it, I LOVE bringing home the leftovers) plus the smell or fresh flowers just doesn’t hurt either ;). They definitely add something special to a wedding day decoration setup. And with Petal Share around to save your post wedding day flowers, there is no need to be concerned with the waste.

Now we’d like to introduce Bloompop Weddings ~ making your wedding day flower selection not only easier but more affordable too! Check out how it works AND enjoy a special coupon for Capitol Romance readers only, below!

Artisan Wedding Flowers at Affordable Prices ~ Bloompop Weddings

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So why use Bloompop Weddings for your wedding flowers? Well for one, IT’S EASY!!

[icon size=”tiny” image=”icon-heart”] Online booking, ability to quickly customize quantities depending on your unique wedding party needs (yup that means even 2 bouquets or 2 boutonnieres as well!), and beautiful visuals that describe and match your wedding theme. Also, there’s no proposals either, you buy what you want and get what you see!

For two, it’s AFFORDABLE!

[icon size=”tiny” image=”icon-heart”] There are no hidden fees and delivery is a flat fee.

Finally (for three!) it’s local. And you know how we feel about local!

[icon size=”tiny” image=”icon-heart”] Bloompop Weddings teams with local artisan florists (Uncloudy Studio & Sweet Root Village!) to provide packages that are already designed and ready to go.

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How it works:

Browse wedding collections from Bloompop’s Weddings launch partners on bloompop.com/weddings. Select a collection that matches the style and palette for your wedding. Adjust quantities to suit your unique wedding party. Select your date, then book your wedding flowers! You’ll be put in touch with your Weddings florist to coordinate day-of delivery logistics of your gorgeous artisan flowers.

YUP IT’S THAT EASY! But let’s sweeten the deal even more …

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Bloompop Weddings has graciously offered to give Capitol Romance readers a deal for $50 off any package you book the rest of this month. Just use “CAPROMANCE” at checkout.

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So check out Bloompop Weddings and let us know what you think!

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*this is a sponsored post. this vendor paid to have this content shared on our blog, however, it was verified that this information was confirmed to meet our requirements and mission*


  1. Where was this when I got married last October? I just priced out what my cost would have been and it was 1/4 of the lowest quote I got. I wound up not having real flowers since I couldn’t justify the $4K+ cost for something that lasts a few hours. I’m totally going to recommend this to future brides.

  2. Thanks for the lovely post, Bree! We’re so honored to be working with such incredibly talented and creative local florists on this project. Our launch partners for Bloompop Weddings, Uncloudy Studios and Sweet Root Village, have been such great partners in working with us to figure out this new way of buying wedding flowers. Next up – we’re very excited for Studio DBI and Wedding Muse to be joining us this month as well! Cheers, Shavanna

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