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I am so excited to share this new business venture from the crazy fabulous Jasmine of Jasmine Smith & Co Events. I get emails ALL THE TIME from people that want to jump into the wedding planning/coordination space and just want me to share some tips & tricks with them or any advice I have. My advice? Attend a workshop like this one to fully understand the business of working weddings in the wedding industry.

Wedding planning and/or coordination is a WHOLE heck of a lot harder than I think people understand. There’s finding your brand, the type of planner you even want to be, what sort of services you should offer, and how to execute this all successfully so that you can deliver on what you are selling. Enter: The Business Studio and their inaugural Business of Weddings Workshop.

the business studio2

The Business Studio is a community for planners looking to better understand the business side of working in the wedding industry and registration is now open for “The Business of Weddings” – a workshop hosted by @thebusinessstudio.

Who is this workshop for? This workshop has been created for new and experienced planners looking to better understand the business side of working in the wedding industry.

What will this workshop include? During this 2 hour workshop you’ll learn: Why you should understand business and how it impacts your service, How to create a business model that fits your personality, How to find and define your niche, How to create a wedding business brand and, Tips on how to impress EVERYONE involved on wedding day. Plus, attendees get a catered lunch + a FREE 30 minute accountability call.

Where and when is the workshop? The workshop is on 10.30.16 at the Loft at 600F. Space is limited — so register today to ensure your spot! And while you wait for this amazing event to take place, follow along with Jasmine & The Business Studio on Instagram!

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