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For those of you reading the blog for a while now, you’ll likely recognize that beautiful smiling face above as Jenn, the DIY maven, and crazy-talented graphic designer that has been an integral part of Capitol Romance’s growth over these past few years. Under the Ribbons & Bluebirds name, Jenn has created amazing DIY tutorials for me and  designed all of my CapRo Workshop graphics. We had tiny humans around the same time, and so now we even get to spend time swapping Mompreneur stories.

For today, I’d like to pass the blog over to Jenn to re-introduce herself as she recently went through a major re-brand & website overhaul. I think you guys are going to love the new brand, the new website, and the new services & products Jenn is offering. Ladies & Gents, let me introduce to you, Jenn Heller Design Co!

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Image: Abby Grace Photography

Hi Romancers! I am so excited to have the chance to officially re-introduce myself as part of my rebrand, and tell you a little more about what I do. If you’ve been following Capitol Romance in the last few years, you may already know me as Jenn from Ribbons and Bluebirds from my DIY posts, but now I am happy to be back to launch  Jenn Heller Design Co!

I realized it was time for me to make a major change in my business over a year ago, when I didn’t approach the days with the same level of enthusiasm that I was used to.  After doing an illustration for a friend of my sister, I saw what I was missing!  I needed in inject a little more art into my graphic design work, and took  the opportunity to start fresh with a more personal brand when I realized I would be temporarily closing the business for maternity leave.

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Image: Abby Grace Photography

After taking some time off after my son was born last June, I relaunched full time this February and am now taking wedding and portrait clients for this year and 2017.

Before I went into graphic design I was an architect, and I have 5 years of formal training from university in traditional hand drafting and watercolour rendering.  It feels very natural to be infusing that art into my stationery designs, and am loving the changes so far!


Why the name change?

It felt like a chance to be more authentically myself – I never 100% got behind Ribbons and Bluebirds as a perfect representation of my work.  It seemed like an easy choice to become Jenn Heller Design Co, and leave things open-ended for what I’ll be designing in the future!

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So what is different about the company now?

In some ways, not that much is different – I’ve mainly added services! I wanted to shift the focus of my work to be more about the things I do that are unique, like my watercolor illustrations, custom maps, and architectural drawings!

I still offer full service custom wedding stationery and related products, like signage and day-of goods. In addition to wedding goods I now offer stand-alone illustration services and paintings, like watercolor pet portraits, venue paintings, or house portraits.

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Can we expect more DIYs from you?

Absolutely! I’ve been quiet on the DIY front for a while as I have been putting my efforts towards launching the new company and preventing my 10 month old from launching himself off various furniture pieces in my home.  Coming later this week is a new DIY Bree and I think you’ll love!

I’d love to make sure we’re working on the right balance of DIYs for you, since my ideas tend to come from what I need in my own life.  Let us know if you have an idea you’d love to see in a DIY and I’ll get working on it!

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How can I get in touch about services?

You can visit my website,, or send me an email to jennhellerdesignco [at] with questions!  I have a limited selection of goods in my Etsy shop but I continue to add them on a naptime-based schedule. Tragically not my own naptime.

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You can find Jenn:

Etsy Shop –
Instagram – www.instagram/jennhellerdesignco
Facebook –

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