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Though you might have seen our huge news on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Or maybe you noticed the images & links within our blog banner, this is the first OFFICIAL announcement of the Capitol Romance Wedding Planner here on the blog. We wanted to see how the first run of sales went AND we wanted to get some nice, professional pictures of the planner to properly market it. And so here we are!

The first run of 11 planners sold out within 2 weeks and I was so excited! It’s always nice to have something you worked REALLLLY long and hard on, be so well received! So we’re back, with another small batch of planners (still in hot pink for this run!) and to celebrate the official launch, we’ve got all the details, a gorgeous peak at the insides, AND we’re giving one away to one lucky reader (Scroll to bottom to enter)!

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The Capitol Romance Wedding Planner was an idea that came to my mind during my attendance at The Blogcademy. I thought, man from blogging about weddings for 5 years, and now starting my 4th year of wedding coordination, I sure know a heck of a lot about how to plan and execute a practical wedding. I LOVE helping to keep my clients sane, organized, and void of stress and I’d love to be able to share all of this with more than just my clients – but how the heck do I do that?


Boom. Take what I’ve learned, what I tell my clients, and some of the tools & resources I’ve already created, and have a kick-ass, local DC design company, design it into a beautiful, 3-ring binder (with tabs, pockets, and more). Enter Typecase Industries. One email and these ladies were set and it was an instant spark of excitement, imagination, and planning. MONTHS (I’m telling you MONTHS) of emails, meetings, drafts, edits, excitement, more edits, trials, errors, and finally, last December the planner was in my hands. And it was magical.


So what’s this planner all about, you might ask? Well let me tell you:

  • A recycled (eco-friendly!) binder kicks things off, to keep the planner light but sturdy
  • The cover options are ah-mazing, designed by Rexmake, and soon to be available in different colors
  • Tabs for the different sections helps to keep all the wedding planning documents you will amass, organized and easy to find
  • Pages to doodle, dream, take notes, and capture all of your planning ideas
  • Questions to ask each of the vendors you meet with, specific to their vendor area
  • An entire page (seen above) devoted to my favorite & top tips, tricks, and secrets, for helping to plan your wedding
  • Budget & Calendar templates to help you track costs, deposits, and final payments in both a budget list and Calendar view
  • Our custom Capitol Romance Wedding Planning Timeline & Checklist – that one of my clients said, “is definitely the best/most useful timeline we’ve seen.”
  • AND SO MUCH MORE (you’ll just have to buy one to find out!)

MaggieGaudaen-BreeRyback-MJW_2209 MaggieGaudaen-BreeRyback-MJW_2331

So to celebrate the official launch of the planner here on the blog today, I thought it might be fun to offer one up for free to one lucky reader! Use the rafflecopter widget, leave us a blog comment on why you’d like to win one, and share on Facebook & Twitter for extra chances at winning (easy, peasey).

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And if you just can’t wait until the giveaway ends next Friday, February 26th, go get your copy now while our 2nd batch lasts! Available to ship anywhere in the US of A!



  1. Love this! When you posted about the first run, I thought about getting one even though I wasn’t engaged, but figured it was a limited run, you’re local, and hey, just in case, right? Since then, my boyfriend and I have become engaged, so I’m glad there are more now! We’re just in the early, early stages of planning, so a planner seems like it’d be the perfect thing to get on the right track before we end up all over the place :)

  2. My boyfriend and I are planning on getting married soon and I need all the help that I can get! I LOVE your blog, so I know I will love your planner.

  3. Hot Pink! Awesome covers! Wedding planning! My favorite wedding blog!
    Why would I NOT want to win!?!?
    I’m getting married in October and I’m in desperate need of some organizing and direction. This planner would be THE BEST THING EVER if I won!

  4. LOVE your planner, and the blog – we’re coming up on 6 months to go and I would be THRILLED to have this gorgeous planner to add to my organizational tools. Yay for Capitol Romance!

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