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When I started Capitol Romance (just over 4 years ago!) I had all sorts of recurring posts that I aimed to blog each week. The structure of a weekly/daily topic helped me to create content when I was too unknown to be getting any sort of submissions/content sent my way. As CapRo grew, so did incoming content, and I mostly stopped with the weekly recurring posts (RIP Capitol Venues). Though I do post a random “Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck” post here and there (man, how did I used to do those weekly?!), it’s mostly all things real weddings with some advice posts sprinkled in.

But for today, I am going back to my roots with a “Capitol Find” type post. A reader who actually was a recent bride AND is also a local theater director, reached out to me because she is directing a play in DC as part of the oh-so-awesome Capitol Fringe Festival, called The Wedding Party. You guys know I love all things local, and have a total soft spot for theater (with my own sister being SO involved in Philly’s theater scene) so I couldn’t help but share this promo on a play about a bridal party on the morning of a wedding. I hope to make it to one of the showings and thought you guys might enjoy it too! Here’s all the info on the play:

THE WEDDING PARTY | A comedy by Megan Dominy & Mimsi Janis | Directed by Abigail Isaac Fine

Starring Madeline Burrows, Megan Dominy, Kristen Garaffo, Mimsi Janis, and Jonathan Lee Taylor.

Trisha’s getting married! The dress is divine, the catering is farm-to-table, the mason jars are aglow—it’s a Pinterest addict’s wet dream. But when one of the bridesmaids receives a surprise message from the groom, and Trisha disappears, the bridal party is left wondering whether there will be a wedding at all.

Filled with irreverent wit and a dash of disaster, The Wedding Party is a world premiere by Megan Dominy and Mimsi Janis about friendship, courage, and the carnage created by a trip down the aisle.


  • Saturday July 11 at 4pm
  • Thursday July 16 at 6:15pm
  • Sunday July 19 at 2:45pm
  • Thursday July 23 at 7:35pm
  • Saturday July 25 at 8:20pm

VENUE: W&S Jenks and Son | 910 Bladensburg Rd NE | Washington, DC 20002

(This venue has plenty of street parking nearby, and air conditioning!! Plus you can shop in a really nice hardware store before the show, and it’s a 5-minute walk to many restaurants/bars on H Street).

Tickets are on sale NOW through Fringe. And there’s already some great reviews of the show: DC Metro Theater Arts and DC Theatre Scene.

Let us know if you go!

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