About a month ago we launched our new series, Breaking Bridal trends, with Suzanne Eden from the Makeup Chic and Ky Washington of Richie Makeup. Last time we featured how to wear wedding-appropriate pony tail hairstyles and orange shaded lipstick for your wedding. Today we are sharing some vintage bridesmaid hair & makeup inspiration (1950s & 1960s) with yours truly playing model :) I had SO much fun getting all dolled up in 1950s and 1960s hair & makeup and think just about ANY bridesmaid could use today’s post to pull off the vintage look. Take it away Suz!

Breaking Bridal Trends: 1950s & 1960s Vintage Bridesmaid Hair & Makeup Inspiration

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Images: Creative Ideation | Makeup: The Makeup Chic | Hair: Ky Washington – Richie Makeup | Bouquet: Highway to Hill | Model: ME!! | Hair Accessories: Petal Pushers

Inspiration, Tips & Advice for styling yourself as a vintage inspired bridesmaid:

Our looks were inspired by popular shows like Mad Men and Magic City which take place in the 1950’s to late 1960’s and who better to represent the most desired decades of all time then our favorite off-beat wedding blogger, Bree.

Our makeup and hair team along with fabulous photographer Serena, from Creative-Ideation raided Bree’s closet full of past and present bridesmaid and wedding guest dresses to show Capitol Romance readers how the vintage look can be easily accessible for bridesmaids with just a few simple beauty touches.

The key to accessible vintage 1950’s and 1960’s makeup can come to life with three simple touches– lashes, liner, and lips.

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I am a huge fan of “end lashes” also known as “accent lashes”. They are easy for beginners to apply and give you a subtle hint of flare that every vintage bridesmaid wants without being excessive and upstaging the bride. The lashes I used are Ardell Lash Accents.

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1950’s Eye Liner

Use a soft Kohl eye liner pencil right over top the accent lashes and try to keep the eye liner line as close to your lash line as possible. Take a small eye liner brush or q-tip and apply a eyeshadow over the eye liner line that you created. 1950’s eyes should be soft with a touch of smokey, “bedroom eyes” is what they are referred to back then.

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1960’s Eye Liner

As for the 1960’s, the eye liner was more graphic and bold, but not many people want graphic and bold statement eye liner for a wedding. Keeping that in mind, you or your makeup artist can create a light smokey winged liner with an soft Kohl eye pencil and a touch of eyeshadow. Using a small eye liner brush or a q-tip, sweep powder eye shadow towards the outer corners of the eye and extend slightly past the outer corner.

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I love pink lips for a vintage inspired wedding because its fresh and with the right hue of pink for your skin tone, a pink lip color can completely brighten up your face!

1950’s Lips

For the 1950’s look, I used a lush and creamy bright pink on Bree. For a splurge, a similar pink to try is Tom Ford Flamingo Pink which was actually used on the set of Mad Men. For a steal try, Femme Couture in Flirty Flamingo.

vintage bridesmaid dress hair makeup (23) 1960’s Lips

The actual lipstick craze in the 1960’s was frosted and matte. I wanted Bridesmaid Bree’s 1960’s lipstick to be more accessible for a modern bridesmaid, but still have a vintage element. I used a bright pink matte lipstick and added a touch of concealer and a little setting powder to dull out the brightness and give her lips an illusion of frost.

A splurge to try is is MAC Candy Yum Yum and a steal to try is Femme Couture Bellini Fizz. You can use both lip colors separately or mix them for a softer look.

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An extra lipstick tip for a more matte look is to blot! Blotting on a paper towel helps to seal the lipstick on your lips.

Click inside for MORE vintage bridesmaid hair and makeup inspiration!

Hair by Ky Washington of Richie Makeup:

If you have long hair and want to beat the wedding day heat, but don’t want to wear your hair up– consider a tuck. The tuck was very popular in the 1950’s and is currently hot on the red carpet!

1950’s Hair

Curl your hair with hot rollers or a waving iron and gently brush your hair out with a soft brush. Roll the bottom of your hair around your finger and tuck/pin your hair in place with a bobby pin, piece by piece, for an instant glamorous bob. The beauty of the tuck is that there is no hair cut needed and you can go right back to long hair the next day.

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1960’s Hair

The key to 1960’s hair is volume, volume, and more volume. If you love the voluminous hair style of the 1960’s, but fear it may be too much to showcase down the aisle– always remember that in professional photos your hair will look a little flatter than it actually is in person. My advice would be– when in doubt, go for the volume!

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Hair Accessories

Nothing glams up your hair more than the right accessories. For Bridesmaid Bree’s 1950’s hair style, I used an Art Deco hair pin from my handmade collection of hair pieces, Petal Pushers. For the 1960’s hair, I softened up the voluminous locks with flowered hair pieces from my Petal Pushers hair piece line.

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Vintage Bridesmaid Accessories: Pins, Purses, & Gloves

Both, Suzanne and Bree had pins and brooches that they have acquired from their grandmother’s. Pins make great accessories on your bridesmaid dresses and on your bouquets.

When deciding on a purse to carry for your 1950/1960 inspired wedding, clutches are a great choice! If you want to use a shoulder bag or a purse with handles, a boxy shaped bag is always stylish.

Gloves are a great way to add a vintage flare to any wedding. Ask your grandparents or parents if they still have some of their gloves from way back when or stop by your local vintage haunt or thrift store. We found these little white gloves at Retropolitan fine antiques and vintage in Annapolis, MD.

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Here are a few more inspiration pictures just for fun!!

vintage bridesmaid dress hair makeup (24) vintage bridesmaid makeup hair inspiration (5) vintage bridesmaid dress hair makeup (9) vintage bridesmaid dress hair makeup (13)

And a few more behind the scenes … because, why not?!

vintage bridesmaid dress hair makeup (8) vintage bridesmaid dress hair makeup (4) vintage bridesmaid dress hair makeup (6)

Happy Friday everyone!!!! Have a FABULOUS weekend! Thanks again to Suz, Ky, Serena, & Sadie for making today’s Breaking Bridal Trends post possible!

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