It’s Friday. Somehow we made it. It’s been one of those kind of weeks. Maybe it’s just because it was my first full week back after vacation, or maybe it’s the impending chaos of May (and my birthday, UGH), but I never thought I’d make it to Friday. So now that it’s here, I am looking forward to time spent crafting, meeting clients, celebrating with friends, and enjoying a baseball game on Sunday! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend too. And just in case you aren’t sick of hearing it yet, don’t forget that our first DIY workshop is NEXT SUNDAY. So please buy tickets if you plan on coming so we can get a good head count in place for all those yummy treats our sponsors will be providing you!

Now, for today’s wedding inspiration post! Something a little different, this one includes 4 different tablescapes that are all completely flowerless! They each feature a different color scheme, wedding theme, and the items on the tablescapes were completely handmade by the designer. I think you might find some awesome, non-floral wedding centerpiece ideas in today’s post. Thanks to Stephanie Leigh Photography & Design for sending us this one via Two Bright Lights.

Creative & Alternative Nonfloral Wedding Tablescapes and Centerpieces



Photographer:  Stephanie Leigh Photography & Design | Event Designer: Bloomed to Last | Linens and Coverings: Everything Linen | Event Venue: Shenandoah Valley Golf Club | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

A note on this shoot from designer, Bloomed to Last:

As a designer I have always considered myself a little wacky, somewhat crazy, and an out of the box thinker. I’m not afraid to use unexpected materials to get a luxurious look. It was very natural for me to marry my love of off-beat with high style when creating these non-floral tablescapes. It was my goal to create each design that would be “different” than what one would expect. Don’t get me wrong I adore flowers however, you don’t see a lot of table designs this luxurious looking without the use of flowers. It was also my goal that each design would be able to appeal to a broad range of clients; wedding, corporate, special occasion, off-beat, luxe, traditional, same sex couples, and allergy sufferers.

:::Fall Modern:::

This fall modern table gives a chic twist on the classic fall. It showcases a rich color palette of copper, chocolate, & teal. Its loads of textures keep the design from becoming flat. The unexpected use of lamps adds a sense of sophistication and balances the natural elements; rocks and branches. The overall height of the branches gives it a grand feeling, but allows the conversation to flow freely. Simply stunning!

__Stephanie_Leigh_Photography__Design_ft18_low __Stephanie_Leigh_Photography__Design_ft09_low __Stephanie_Leigh_Photography__Design_ft17_low 2014-04-25_0002

Click inside for the rest of these nonfloral wedding  tablescape and decoration ideas!

:::Art Deco:::

This art deco tablescape brings together the classic looks of the art deco period mixed with fun elements of the 1920’s Great Gatsby feel. This color palette of black, white, and champagne gold just screams festive. The centerpiece design was my attempt to recreate the old art deco high risers we so often see in the movies. The square plates continue the feel, but I gave the place setting an unexpected twist with an unusual flatware position and a black flapper feather. The white leather chairs are the finishing touch to this grand design.

2014-04-25_0003 2014-04-25_0004


This Indian Wedding tablescape showcases an unexpected centerpiece choice. The purple, red, and gold color palette is classic and gives a royal feeling to the table. I opted for an elephant floral structure surrounded by intricate lantern to keep this look stately. The layered linens and unique chair placement on this table is truly eye catching.

__Stephanie_Leigh_Photography__Design_it09_low __Stephanie_Leigh_Photography__Design_it05_low __Stephanie_Leigh_Photography__Design_it16_low __Stephanie_Leigh_Photography__Design_it07_low


This winter table mixes natural beauty and romance with frozen wonderland magic. The soft color palette features silver and platinum, mixed with peach and white. The goal of this centerpiece was to create my version of a frozen fountain, covered in snow. Its 3 tiers and falling snow give it a grand presence. To add in the romance I opted for layers of clear cut candlesticks adorned with long tapers. Their soft glow bounce off the silver sequined chain link overlay for added drama. The covered chairs with sashes give a feeling the chairs are almost wearing a scarf, while the flatware is neatly tucked into a napkin blanket for warmth. Absolutely breathtaking!

2014-04-25_0001 __Stephanie_Leigh_Photography__Design_wt12_low __Stephanie_Leigh_Photography__Design_wt05_low __Stephanie_Leigh_Photography__Design_wt14_low __Stephanie_Leigh_Photography__Design_wt18_low

What do you think Romancers? Would you use any of these elements in your wedding day? Have a great weekend!

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  1. These are breath-taking!!! I love that they are just a bit different but not soooo out there that people would be scared to use them on their wedding day. LOVE IT!!

  2. Love this! I spent MONTHS looking for non-floral centerpieces and never found anything I liked. Finally, I decided to get creative. We’re using globes that we found for $10 at World Market. They don’t have stands, so we’re DIYing stands using PVC and spray paint. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

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