Well we’ve made it to another Friday. The week is over and I am ready for some retail therapy, a consultation with my May brides, and going to see American Hustle with Andy. There will also (mostly likely) be housework in here somewhere. A weekend where we are home? There is always housework :)

So for today I leave you a casual beach wedding from Bryce Lafoon Photography, submitted via Two Bright Lights. It features bridesmaids in neutrals, some fun beach wedding details, and some really pretty floral inspiration. Happy Friday Romancers!

Details, Decoration & Inspiration from a Casual North Carolina Beach Wedding



Photographer:  Bryce Lafoon Photography | Caterer: Art Catering | Rentals: Sweetwater Bamboo Beach Wedding Events | Officiant:Reverend Lee Ann Politas | Event Designer: The Three divas | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb679_low Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb551_low Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb519_low Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb517_low Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb185_low Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb153_low

Click inside for the rest of the images of this beautiful, laid-back beach wedding!

Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb256_low Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb180_low Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb168_low Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb788_low Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb239_low Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb263_low Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb792_low Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb11_low Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb30_low Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb682_low Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb289_low Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb96_low Noe_Terlesky_Bryce_Lafoon_Photography_Oceanbbbbb103_low

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  1. Do you have more info on where this nc beach house is located? I would absolutely love to have my wedding here!

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