We have a brand new sponsor on our side bar and we are THRILLED to tell you more about them! They are Pop Wed Co and, in their own words, they’re: a team of elopement-planning-awesome! A photographer & a civil celebrant planning the most fun elopement weddings for couples from all over the world, that want to get married in Washington, DC.

dc elopements

Now you KNOW we love elopements here on Capitol Romance, so obviously we think Pop Wed Co is such a rad idea! Plus they made a stop motion video, using dinosaurs, to explain the company, which is just all kinds of awesome. Check it out:

With the Pop Wed Co package, Maggie & Steven offer one-hour elopement weddings, including a legal ceremony and a wedding portrait session, plus all sorts of extra goodies! How It Works.

Want more awesome? Check out some of Maggie‘s previous elopements:

dc elopement pictures offbeat dc elopement pictures offbeat dc elopement pictures

So if you or someone you know might want to elope in DC – be sure to let them know about Pop Wed Co!

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