Another hump day, means another DIY feature from our editorial partner, Divinity with LoveBuggs Weddings. Today Divinity is sharing some awesome bargain hunting tips for thrifting and upcycling furniture for your wedding. Couples use vintage and thrifted furniture to adorn their ceremony space, use instead of tables in the reception place, OR just have around the house (sans wedding related all together!). We love a good thrifted piece of furniture (my house is full of them) as much as the next bargain hunter, so I really enjoy Divinity’s guest post today! Take it away girl…

Bargain Hunting Tips: Thrifted Furniture for Brides & Grooms

One thing my friends know about me is that I am a thriftoholic! I love a good sale and can’t resist a great bargain.   I will let you in on one of my biggest wedding day secret.  Mostly all of the items that I used for my wedding I purchased from Craigslist or the thrift store.   If you are a budget friendly bride and have not made a trip to the thrift store yet, you have no idea what you are missing out on.

You know those amazing mixed matched plates that are totally in?  Well I found tons of dinner and dessert plates, on multiple visits to the store of course, for a steal! In addition to the plates I found vintage glassware and decanters.

vintage plates

If you see something that you like but the color isn’t right, PAINT IT!  This is a great way to add personality to your wedding by adding a monogram or a cool design! Natty By Design has a great tutorial on painting old furniture with milk paint.

thrifted furniture weddings thrifted furniture weddings upcycled

Craigslist and the thrift store carry tons of very unique and vintage pieces.  You never know what hidden gems you might find.  So make sure to visit any of your local thrift stores or travel to other areas for some great deals!  Would love to hear what great items you find!

thrifted thrift store furniture dc weddings



What’s your favorite thrift store find?! Andy & I scored an AWESOME tanker desk & metal barrister bookcase, both from Craigslist. But I think my favorite might be the steel vintage vanity desk I scored (that coincidentally was being sold on CL by Andy’s co-worker – small world!). Happy Hump Day!

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