Before I leave you all for the week, I had to share this GORGEOUS purple & teal, rustic elopement styled shoot from Truly TY Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights]. I’ve been recently obsessed with this color combo, and the way they transpire into the florals and simple tablscape design in this shoot is just stunning and insanely inspiring. Enjoy!

A Purple & Teal, Rustic Elopement Styled Shoot

Vendor List:

Floral Designer:  Aleen Floral Design
Makeup Artist/Hair StylistTiana Marie

Tianna from Truly TY Photography shares:

I love creativity and creation. I love moving outside the norm. I love doing and shooting something different. I love being about to create a plan like my stage manager self would if I was involved in a play production. Set the stage, find the props, cast the company, put on the production.

I originally went in on this wonderful Rustic Stylized Shoot again with the awesome Stephanie Judd Photography. She and I pouring our creativity and dual strengths to develop this fun elopement idea. We wanted something different. We wanted it small and intimate. We wanted it outdoors and we wanted lots of color. We wanted to capture the true emotion and and giddyness that comes with a perfect untouched and just simple wedding. An elopement. Just two people in love pledging that love to each other. So here it is Friends. The Rustic Elopement.

Click inside for the rest of the beautiful images from this styled rustic elopement, including pricing information for those interested in using the vendors/items you see in this shoot for YOUR wedding!

A special thanks again to Truly TY Photography for submitting her beautiful images via Two Bright Lights!

Interested in what the above styled shoot costs to possibly include in your wedding? Check out the details from the vendors here:

Details: For all the fun little stuff like the placemats and the heart and the wine glasses and table adornments, and jewelry we spent about $250 collectively. Most of the stuff we found at different thrift stores and Michaels. We definitely wanted there to be lots of color and a lot of personal touches.

Florals: The total for the Florist was about $310 which includes the bouquet, the table arrangement, and the boutonniere. For a full wedding in this similar style, by this florist: “A floral Budget is typically 12-15% of a total wedding budget. I can’t peg an exact amount because florals are SO dependent on the types of flowers chosen. The table arrangements can range from $75-$250. For 125 people you’ve got to know how many people per table as well as the type of flowers chosen. Bridesmaid bouquets range from $50-$100, again depending.” She said the flowers use for our shoot were more expensive and exotic flowers. Doing a general estimate of 10 people per table, a full budget including table arrangements and bouquets is about $3000 for 125 person wedding. She also said there are travel, setup and delivery fees.”

The Bride’s Rustic Dress: The dress is actually from a thrift store and I think cost about $20.

The Groom’s Attire: The fun rustic ensemble our “Groom” was sporting are just pieces from other outfits he had in his closet that we compiled together.

Virginia Beach Venue: The location was the Adam Thoroughgood House which is a historic house in Virginia Beach open to the public.



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