I shared a sneak peak on my Facebook wall yesterday of today’s offbeat wedding inspiration post. But the shot really didn’t do this amazing, 100% DIY wedding justice. The couple opted for a laid-back, backyard wedding – but they did not hold back on amazing, handmade details. The bright orange and hot-pink color scheme has me reeling, especially with the inclusion of the colors in the bride’s handmade dress.

A special thanks to Gambol Photography for submitting this AWE-inducing offbeat wedding to me, and to Two Bright Lights for making it possible!

Happy Inspiration Friday everyone. Let’s get it on.

Rachel & Wesley’s Offbeat DIY Backyard Wedding in Hot Pink & Orange

From Gambol Photography:

Rachel & Wesley’s wedding was to die for. The best part? 100% handmade, DIY goodness.

The happy couple opted for a backyard, family-oriented affair with sweet, intimate details that expressed their truly unique relationship and personalities. The whole family pitched in to create, craft and collect items to decorate and light up the ceremony and reception space.

love the mismatched, hot pink & orange patterned bridesmaids dresses

and these summery, hot pink and orange bouquets are GORGEOUS

The groom’s dad owns a beautiful home right on the ocean in Elizabeth City, NC, so that served beautifully as the ceremony and reception venue for the big day.

Rachel & Wesley themselves are so photogenic naturally, but their genuine love and adoration for each other just begs emotion and warm fuzzies from everyone they come in contact with.

It’s so obvious how smitten they are about one another, and that kind of crazy love is so refreshing and precious to witness!

So true – just LOOK at this look that Rachel is throwing Wesley. You can literally see the love in her eyes.

the “we just got married” bride fist pump – always a favorite shot of mine :)

Click inside for the rest (and believe me, you will) of these awesome, offbeat DIY backyard wedding pictures – including the most awesome alternative guest book idea EVER.

Family members built signs, cooked up some AMAZING meals, baked the delish wedding cake, kept the party going with fun music and yes, even the bride’s wedding dress was handmade! How’s THAT for DIY?

hahah omg I LOVE this picture

and I reallllllly love Rachel’s “love” index finger tattoo. Tattooed brides <3

Rachel’s brother brewed several different varieties of speciality beer just for the occasion!

how freakin’ awesome is this modern, orange & hot pink wedding cake?!?!

the CAKE itself was orange and hot pink too — and made by family!!

Throughout their entire celebration, the couple had games of all kinds and entertaining events to keep things lively. Their “guestbook” was actually a giant Jenga set that a family member had built! It was so much fun watching the guests cautiously try to slip a wood block out to write their congratulations to the happy couple on it, and hilariously tragic when an unfortunate soul happened to send the whole thing tumbling down!

How’s THAT for an alternative guestbook idea! A lawn jenga guest book. Freakin’ love this!

To the new Mr. & Mrs. Thomas: thank you for letting Justin and I capture the happiest day of your life. We are SO thrilled for you and had the best time with your sweet selves and your awesome friends and family!

I cannot thank Gambol Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights] enough for submitting this insanely inspiring backyard wedding to us! I had an absolute joy looking and, reflecting on and then sharing each picture in this post.

Wesley & Rachel – your love and your wedding is an inspiration to us all!

Happy Friday Romancers!




  1. What a gorgeous couple! And so glad that even on a DIY backyard wedding they understood the joy of having professional photography! :D Makes my heart smile!

  2. This is the best ever! colors, theme, the bride is gorgeous (and that hair AHHH!!!! love) her tat is banging, her dress… OMG! Dude, i just cant get over this awesomeness.

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  4. From the Bride, Rachel:

    Hello lovelies!

    I am so appreciative of these kind comments!

    Wesley and I are so thankful so have had such an amazing photographer to capture our day. Megan Mook is wonderful and I definitely recommend her and her husband to take pictures on your wedding day. We are continuously being complemented on the quality and style of our wedding photos. :-)

    Also, I’m so excited that our wedding could be such an inspiration to all the beautiful brides out there! My Pinterest tells me that this page alone has been pinned and re-pinned over 43,000 times– wow! I pretty much planned everything on my own, so this is such a huge compliment. Of course, I couldn’t have pulled it off without my amazing, wonderful family and friends.

    An enormous thanks goes to Capitol Romance for featuring our wedding!

    Much Love to everyone,

  5. Fun couple means fun wedding! The colors here give the idea of fun as well! Everything is spot on & my favorite is the cake! I can’t tell by the picture if the cake is covered in fondant or buttercream frosting. I am thinking the fun stripping is rolled out fondant rather than actual ribbon. Any cake experts out there?

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