***Public Service Announcement***

I am exhausted. Straight-up sleeping with my eyes open as I type this. Now I know what wedding vendors feel like after they work a wedding. 

Regardless, Borrowed Event was FANTASTIC yesterday – and there is going to be LOTS [seriously, I mean lots] of upcoming guest posts, insight, giveaways, and deals from the Borrowed Event vendors I met.

But for now I wanted to take today off to recuperate. See how everyone liked the new branding and the new header for the blog! We have a bunch more tweaks to the site that will be rolling out as they become ready ~ but the new logo was our big one that the lovely Traci J Brooks designed and that BetaImages made into a header for us! I cannot thank both of them enough! The biggest thanks though goes to my bestest friend Steve, who coded the whole thing for me, and really, is the only reason why I am able to run a blog. He is my IT guru, my technology sensai, my blogging superhero. And I REALLY couldn’t run Capitol Romance without him!

Traci [who got engaged this past weekend too!!!!] is going to be guest posting about our Borrowed Booth [and maybe even some deets/pics of the speech I gave on DIY Weddings ~ eek!], but for now, I will leave you with some terrible DROID pics that I took yesterday :)

My awesome Capitol Romance graffiti canvas made it’s debut yesterday. I cannot wait to hang this badboy up in my office. Also, my husband Andy was there to help me with an INSANE amount of stuff. He really is the world’s best husband :)

A terribly blurry shot at my “inspiration ladder” I had a bunch of prints from my favorite features & the signs from our Bridal Inspiration Shoot!

And another blurry pic of my “DIY Cart”. Tutorials & pictures for all!

 Happy Monday everyone ~ I hope everyone loves the new header/logo as much as I do. And I cannot wait to share a ton more from Borrowed!!



  1. BREE! That header looks freaking AWESOME. So you, so alternative, and so friggin creative. I love it. I can’t wait to see more photos! And congratulations to Traci- get it, girl!

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