Introducing: 6 Bridal Different Bridal Styles with Bridal Beauty Associates, Photographed by Abby Grace Photography

A few weeks ago Suzanne Minksey, owner of Bridal Beauty Associates, approached me about collaborating on a styled shoot that would feature non-traditional hair and makeup styles.  You may remember Suzanne and her amazingly talented group of hair & makeup artists from the Fall Wedding Makeup Inspiration guest post she did a while back.

Instantly my mind when “a wandering” and I thought – wouldn’t it be fun to pick 6 different themes or looks, and focus the hair, makeup, styling & accessories around that theme!?

And boom – our styled shoot was born.

Next came the photographer [my infamous partner in crime], Abby Grace Photography, followed by an email to one of my FAVORITE alternative Washington, DC wedding venues, The Longview Gallery. Suzanne said she would provide some awesome accessories for our “looks” and I couldn’t resist adding some paper products too. So I hit up Hitchcock Creative – and what she came up with … well … I won’t ruin the surprise, but it’s AWESOME.

So what does this have to do with next week’s posting schedule? Well, let me tell you…

Next week I am going to feature 1 or 2 of our looks per day. The schedule will look like this:

Monday – Victorian
Tuesday – Steam Punk & Grecian
Wednesday – DIY Bouquet Tutorial & Rustic
Thursday – Vintage & Vendor Review
Friday – Offbeat

Next week’s bridal stylings are going to give all future brides out there some SERIOUS inspiration for their wedding day look. Whether they want to rock a rustic frock, or go all out in offbeat style – we will have a look for you.

Ok … one more sneak peak for now – but next week … get ready to have your bridal inspiration meter run off the charts! Because Suzanne, Abby, Sarah, & I … well … we brought the goods – and our models, well our models ROCKED … so be prepared for some serious bridal inspiration.


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