A newerish (do you like what I did there?) trend I have seen over the past year, is the hiring of a wedding photographer for the proposal. I LOVE this. Being able to have one of the most emotional/exciting/happy parts of your life on film is just priceless to me.

Proposals also tend to have some of the best pictures come from them because of all the raw emotion involved. You just cannot plan, fake, or stage a person’s reaction to being proposed to!

So I was super excited to get this Washington, DC proposal in my Two Bright Lights inbox a few weeks ago. Marcella Treybig Photography was on hand to capture the beautiful proposal of Doug [in his finest Navy dress uniform] to Jenny, at the Navy Memorial in downtown, DC.

From Marcella:

This past Thanksgiving holiday Doug proposed to Jenny. He had the whole even planned out, on how he was going to propose. He told Jenny he was obligated to a work dinner, so he got all dressed up in his Navy dress blues uniform and rented a town car to take them to dinner. He then instructed the car driver to drop them off at the Navy memorial in Washington DC, he and Jenny got out and just kinda walked around. She had no idea he was about to propose or that I was there to photograph the proposal!


 He walked towards me and asked me, ‘a stranger’, if I would please take a photograph of them as he held out her snap shot camera. I accepted and stepped back… he handed her a card. While she started to read the card I switched camera’s and started photographing the proposal… he took off his hat as he started down on one knee removing the engagement ring from it’s hiding spot (under his hat).From there her expression says it all!

i love love love Jenny’s face in this next shot – she is SO surprised!

Click inside to see the rest of Doug’s surprise proposal to Jenny at the Navy Memorial in Washington, DC!

And I just had to include the kind “thank you” from Doug to Marcella:

THANK YOU so much for everything! I will not be able to find the words to express how perfect you were for our moment. I knew by your work that you were a phenomenal photographer and I had a feeling that you were the person we needed, but I couldn’t have imagined how wonderful you would be for us. You and Alex were awesome and played it off perfectly … Jenny had no idea. I think I had told you this, but I really do think that Jenny was most surprised by the fact that I actually had you there ” -Doug

and now check out that STUNNER of a ring!



Congratulations Doug & Jenny! I loved sharing your Navy Memorial proposal :) A special thanks to Marcella Treybig Photography & Two Bright Lights for making the submission possible!



  1. !!! They have decided to use these photos at their wedding in place of traditional engagement portraits. Love that idea!… and how tightly he’s holding her hand in the last photo. It’s <3

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