… AND another giveaway! Hah! … No, but seriously – there is another giveaway occurring. Only this time it’s over on KD Productions’ blog, and it’s a wedding makeup package … and it’s awesome!

Wedding Day Makeup & Consultation Package from Sarah Patch Color

The ever-amazing Katie of KD Productions shares:

The first three brides to sign up with me will receive a free consultation (trial run) before your wedding day as well as free wedding day makeup done by a professional artist, Sarah Patch. Sarah did my own wedding day makeup and I never felt so beautiful in my life!

And now onto Ben & Christie’s beautiful Washington, D.C. wedding video, which Katie shot back in December at the Josephine Butler Parks Center.

 Not only did Ben and Christie get married, but I turned 26! Their wedding was also on my birthday. Ben and Christie were kind enough to write me a thank you note after their honeymoon wish me a happy birthday! They are two of the most humble and loving people you could ever meet. They were actually set up by family and friends and by the end of the year were married! There is no doubt that they are clearly a match made in heaven.

I especially loved their wedding because it was a Sunday morning wedding so there was brunch food. They were omelettes and crab cakes, not your usual wedding food pair. It was truly a fun experience.

Christie & Ben’s Washington, D.C. Wedding Video

Thanks so much for sharing Katie! We always love having KD Productions here on Capitol Romance! And don’t forget to check out the wedding makeup giveaway too!


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