I must admit that I am cheating a bit today, as I am pulling from my own DIY wedding for today’s DIY Wednesday post. However, the idea hit me more when I saw this lovely photo on Pinterest:

[via Live Love DIY]

Yes, this is a Christmas decoration, but, you might remember that Christmas ornament balls can also make for great DIY wedding decorations, favors, and more! But, for this particular display, I thought it would be a gorgeous DIY ceremony altar option! I know everyone is crazy about ribbons hanging in the background of the ceremony.

But instead it could be the beautiful Christmas ornament balls you see above, courtesy of Fresh Poppy Design blog. Yes? No? Well, in case you don’t see it like I do, I thought I would share some more DIY inspiration from Christmas Ornament Balls! Happy DIY Wednesday!

DIY Christmas Ornament Pomanders

[from my own DC wedding]

Christmas Ornament & Tulle Bouquets

[from my own wedding]

Christmas Ornament Display ~ this could totally be your “seating cards” and could double as your favors!

[via A Diamond in the Stuff blog]

A Christmas Ornament Tree made from Christmas Balls ~ Funky centerpieces anyone?

[via Better Homes & Gardens]

Christmas Ornament Ball “Cupcakes”

[via Better Homes & Gardens ]

Gorgeous wedding  centerpiece inspiration with Christmas ornament balls

[via BHG.com]

Let me know if you crafty kids have any other ideas for using Christmas ornament balls for your wedding ~ they are super cheap, re-usable and make great favors, so perfect for a DIY wedding!


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