The strapless wedding gown mystifies me.

I am unsure when it started becoming so popular; I would guess the late 80s or 90s right? When sleeves went from puffy [70s] to off the shoulder [80s] to completely off the shoulder, by not existing at all [90s]. I know the strapless wedding gown isn’t a tradition perse, but it seems to be a fashion trend in the wedding world that still trumps all other bridal dress designs & I just never know why.

How many women do you know that actually LOVE wearing strapless gowns? Is the the constant pulling up up of the dress? The way it smooshes your inner arms into folds? The comfort level of a support-less top?

Ok, I know those questions were snarky, and sarcastic ~ but I just don’t get why all those normal concerns seem to be thrown out the window, the minute a woman goes to purchase a wedding dress! [Caveat: If you wore/are planning to wear a strapless gown, I do not mean ANY offense whatsoever to you, I just want to offer some options for ladies like me that don’t get the strapless and want some tangible support in their wedding attire]. I also feel like strapless wedding dresses tend to mush together and end up all looking the same. And as I always strive to be personally [and as my blog motto states] creative, offbeat, and different in the wedding world, I figured non-strapless dresses would fall into this “alternative” bridal attire universe.

So, for this Friday I have some gorgeous, non-strapless, wedding dress inspiration for you!

love this vintage (& short!) wedding dress ~ lace still has a strapless feel to it, but provide support and something special

[via Only Gorgeous Weddings blog]

this romantic, v-neck wedding gown is STUNNING

[via Bride N Joy blog]

Punk Rock Bride [local DC wedding dress designer] has some AWESOME non-strapless wedding dress options

[ via Punk Rock Bride ~ 2012 Designs coming soon!]

Aria Dress [another DC area wedding dress shop!] has some beautiful options too. One of my favs:

[via Aria Dress]

Just a hint of sleeves on this full & gorgeous stunner from Alta Moto Bridal

[via Pink Peach Cakes ~ Ballet Inspired Shoot]

retro-inspired, but with a full bottom of ruffles

[via Pretty Little Weddings blog]

almost strapless – but with a beaded halter instead. this wedding dress is unique with a capitol U

[Washington, DC wedding via Nessa K Photography]

So what do you think Romancers? Did I get it right? Or am I way off? Are strapless wedding dresses here to stay?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I love seeing non-strapless dress options!

    I was in the same boat for my wedding and ended up purchasing a bridesmaids dress in ivory. A lot of floor length bridesmaids dresses come in white/ivory/cream, many with straps allowing you to….gasp!…wear an actual bra with them. They can be thousands of dollars less if you’re on a tight budget like I was.

  2. I was totally anti-strapless when I was looking for wedding dresses because I hate strapless. But I must say that when you have the time and convenience of expert alterations, almost all of the strapless concerns you mention get eliminated. Post-wedding, I’m totally back on the anti-strapless bandwagon, though.

  3. Oh, Bree! Thank goodness for a post like this. I am so in agreement with you…! I’m so glad to see more non-strapless dresses are making their way back into the bridal scene. Really, to me, though, the worst of strapless dresses in the wedding world is with bridesmaids! I mean, how many girls can pull this off? Collectively. And be comfortable? And DANCE in it? Ah! Bridesmaids dresses are a whole other topic :)

    1. Rebekah – I tried to find the name for the dress … but neither Pink Peach Cakes, nor Snippet & Ink had it – I would try and email them maybe to get the specifics ??

  4. I love this post! I HATE strapless gowns (at least on me). I look like I’m wearing a bath towel! And I had the WORST time finding a wedding dress with straps. I did finally find a Nicole Miller gown with off the shoulder straps. Phew!

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