Garland seems to be making a HUGE splash in the world of wedding decor. One possible reason might be that it is a pretty simple decoration to make yourself and can help with budget-conscious brides and weddings.

Garland can be made from flowers or from paper ~ but for today’s DIY Wednesday post, I wanted to share yet another take on garlandFeather Garland!

Feathers are another thing that seem to be super, duper popular right now – even my mother-in-law has one woven into her hair (hah! I’m not lying!) so why not combine these two awesome trends and have feather garland adorn your wedding reception.

[via HGTV Blog – Design Happens]

[via Green Wedding Shoes]

While the garland above is actually from Etsy seller Kaye Blegvad I think you could easily make your own feather garland by collecting feathers and stringing them on a wire or rope. I mean seriously ~ how cool does this look!!?

Would LOVE to see this baby in action! Send us your Feather Garland if you make this for your own wedding!



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