I think I’ve told you all that I am going to be  a bridesmaid next summer (if not … I am going to be a bridesmaid next summer). I am excited about this for a number of reasons, but one of them is definitely that it has given me a whole new source of ideas to blog about!

[via Kelly Braman Photography]

I have always had my opinion of bridesmaids dresses and where the idea came from that you should make all your girlfriends, of differing shapes, sizes, haircolor, and fashion sense, fit into ONE dress. I’d love to know who started that tradition and I am beyond happy to see that it is one tradition that has been steadily fading from the wedding scene for quite some time now.

My friend Amanda (whose wedding I am going to be in!!) has decided she wants mismatched bridesmaids dresses for her 7 maids with bright, bursts of different colors. She isn’t sure yet whether that will be one dress in different colors, or all different dresses and colors, OR just accents of different colors … but regardless, it has given me the opportunity to find some awesome inspiration for different, brightly colored, mismatched bridesmaid dresses.


Let’s start with just the shoes first

[Joanna & Justin’s Real Capitol Wedding]

Now let’s add some mismatched brightly colored shoes & bouquets

[via One Reputation]

Another version of mismatched, brightly colored bridesmaids ~ with just the accents

[via Wedding Channel]

Getting there … same dress in different, bright colors

[via Wedding Bee]

Read more inside to see some more mismatched bridesmaids dresses!

This bridesmaid shot is amazing. Just look at all those colors, different dresses, & all those b’maids!

[via Bridal Musings blog]

Another entire bridesmaid group in non-matching, brightly colored dresses. LOVE

[via Aria Dress]*

*BTW – if you are looking for affordable, modern, re-wearable bridesmaids dresses, I would 100% recommend Aria! Check out the entire site!!*

I love when Brides/maids go casual. (ps – there will be more coming from this awesome wedding)

[shot by Meghan Lynn Photography for {a}strid photography]

And finally, my favorite – mismatched bridesmaids with fantastically bright tights!

[via 100 Layer Cake blog … and this entire “beautiful mess” wedding is a must see]

As always, send us your non-matching & mismatched bridesmaids! We would love to share more real pictures of this AWESOME wedding nontradition!



  1. I saw that last wedding on 100 layer cake- it was so creative!! I wish i’d been more involved in wedding blogs when I’d picked out my own maid’s dresses- I look back at photos and wish we’d had more variety.

  2. I totally wanted to have non-matching, but the same color family dresses when we got married. That was one thing my hubs wasn’t buying though. Oh well, guess he couldn’t see the vision cause these are AWESOME!

    1. i lovvvvvve the mismatched but in the same color family. the best i got was different dresses but all in black ~ and even that was like pulling teeth for my mom to get on board for! oh well :)

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