Last week we guest blogged on the awesome DC fashion blog, Real Girl Runway. We shared our suggestions and inspiration pictures for Brides in Flats! (In case you missed it, hop on over to Deb’s awesome blog here)

Deb’s blog is a fantastic avenue for anyone looking for sensible, yet trendy fashion ideas and resources! I love her mantra, “Fashion is accessible to everyone“. Be sure to check her blog out, become a fan on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter!!

Today, Real Girl Runway is sharing with us some awesome inspiration for alternative Bridesmaid Dresses ~ meaning, dresses your bridesmaids ACTUALLY will wear again. Take it away Deb!

A Dress You Really Can Wear Again…

My name is Deb Vaughan and I write a little blog called Real Girl Runway.  I’m so pleased to be guest posting here on Capitol Romance today.  Thanks to Bree for hosting me.

I am a bride to be and in many ways, I’m not the norm.  I will only be having one attendant, my sister.  Fortunately for me she has impeccable taste and I’m sure there will be little to no stress about what she’ll wear.  Like I said, I’m not the norm.

Having watched friends get married and serve as bridesmaids, I know that choosing those dresses can be one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning.  Style, color, and cost, bring nightmares, anger and financial woes.  Why is it that so many brides choose the most unflattering dresses possible or don’t stop to consider the budgets of their attendants?  I’m sure the phrase, “You can definitely wear it again.” has been uttered too many times to count.  Unfortunately, I’m also sure that the number of dresses that have actually been worn again is much less.

My philosophy has always been quality at a reasonable price and mixing is queen.  With a little research you can find great dresses in affordable prices.  Dresses exist that your bridesmaids would be thrilled to wear again and mix with other things in their closet.

One Dress Many Ways

I’m a big fan of bridesmaids wearing similar colors but different styles or patterns.  The Multi-Way dresses from Victoria’s Secret are convertible.  They can be worn many ways and come in multiple colors.  My personal favorite is the Flirty Multi-Way Dress but there are many other options.  Each attendant could pick the best style for her.  Best of all prices range from $69 to $98.

Victoria’s Secret Multi-Way Dress

Unfortunately, Victoria’s Secret does not sell plus sizes but Dessy sells similar dresses in long and short, ranging in sizes 0 – 28.  Prices start at $140 and they come in 23 colors.  The true beauty in these dresses is that they can be worn over and over without repeating a style.

Dessy Group Twist Dress

Customized Bridesmaid Dresses

If you’re a fan of vintage, Etsy is your ticket.  Miss Brache sells custom made dresses on her store in sizes 0 – 20!  Diane-Marie creates multiple styles in vintage silhouettes and there are even dresses that are reversible.  You could pick a custom combination of colors or colors and patterns.  They even make petticoats.  Dresses start at $88 and vary based on style and fabric.  Reversible dresses are $245 but your girls are getting two dresses.  Because they are made to order the fit will be custom to the body types of your bridesmaids.

Party Dress by MissBrache on Etsy!

Hey Jenni Dress by MissBrache on Etsy

Eco Friendly Options

Are you having a green wedding? Etsy also has some green options for you.  These dresses  by Ureshii are made of bamboo.  They are made to your attendants’ exact measurements, come in 22 colors and the cuts are universally flattering.

Lucky Number 7 Dress by Ureshii

Click inside for more!

Daffodil Dress by Ureshii

Everyday Dressed Up

If your wedding isn’t formal, the easiest choice could be a pretty day dress that you spice up with shoes and accessories.  These companies sell dresses in sizes xtra small – 3x.  I love these options:

Cross Front Dress from Lands End ~ only $49 – $55!

Isaac Mizrah Live Sleeveless Shift Dress ~ $42

Longer Dress Options

If you’re set on long dresses, the options by Victoria’s Secret and Dessy come in long options.  The custom designers on can tell you if longer versions are an option in their dresses.  With a little searching, you can find bridesmaid dresses that are flattering and economical.


Thanks SO much to Real Girl Runway for sharing!!

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