DIY in weddings is all the rage now a days. I absolutely LOVE it! During my own DIY searching, I came across a company called Wedding Ring Workshop – a place where you can go and actually make your own wedding rings.

Yes, you read that correctly – make your own rings!

Talk about the ultimate DIY project, actually making your own or your partner’s ring! Wedding Ring Workshop has locations all over the US and a few in the UK as well!  The workshop closest to Washington, DC is located in Washington, Virgina (for more information go here).

The Wedding Ring Experience was first created in London as the result of a challenge thrown down by our founder, Simon Lewis, in the locker room of his Rugby football team after a game! Knowing of his fine reputation and artistic skill as a jeweler, one of his team-mates asked Simon if he would make the wedding bands for him and his bride. Jokingly, Simon replied “Why don’t you make them yourself? I’ll show you how.” The rest, as they say – is history.

The website for DC’s Wedding Ring Workshop has everything you wanted to know about the process and more! I highly suggest you hop on over to their site to learn more about the experience, read stories from couples that did it, or check out some FAQs.

Let us know if you use Wedding Ring Workshop for your wedding rings – we would love to share your story (and some shots of your DIY rings) on Capitol Romance!!




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