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I get emails from new vendors from time to time – ones just starting their business in DC or ones that just recently moved to DC from another area and are trying to get into the DC wedding scene. I love getting these emails, but one that came in a few weeks ago literally had me smiling at my laptop screen. Every single word of Christina’s email had me thinking so much YASS. We were both so equally excited to find each other, and now I am really excited to share her with you. Because I have a feeling she won’t stay a secret for long.

Custom wedding dresses & accessories, meant to be worn again post wedding, focusing on reusing & recycling, and with budgets in mind – all of these things SCREAM Capitol Romance and all of these things are the cornerstone of Knieriem Designs. So let’s learn more about the owner, her amazing custom wedding dress & accessories design business, and how she got started!


Knieriem Designs officially started in 2013, unofficially it began around age 5 or so, when I began begging my grandmother for sewing lessons and raiding her scrap fabric collection. I’ll be the first to admit that some of those early creations were more avant-garde than I tend to go now, but they were fun! I turned that passion into a career after attending design school and studying abroad in Paris.

From those early days I started to create things that were my own. I liked the feeling of having something that no one else had and loved being able to customize my clothing to be exactly what I wanted.


At Knieriem Designs, I love to create gowns and accessories with personality. The joy of making custom clothing is that it can be anything you want it to be, and for a wedding that is the perfect touch. Weddings are about celebrating the couple and the lives they are creating together, and there is no reason that clothing can’t be a part of that. The most fun I have with clients usually starts with someone saying “I don’t know if it’s possible but I’d like…”. I don’t believe in sticking to any “rules” when it comes to weddings except this one: do what feels right for you and your partner, the rest will follow.


In addition to wedding gowns, I also design custom looks for bridesmaids, flower girls or any other guest who might be looking for that perfect something to wear. My clients get to be involved in the entire design process, from the first sketch to the finished gown. I apply my expertise to their vision to create something that is beyond what they imagined. I like to work with clients 8 months to one year out for a wedding dress, but I do make occasional exceptions. In fact, one of my first brides was an elopement that was completed in just over 24 hours!”


Guysssssssssssssss are you as excited as I am yet!?!?! Well I can happily tell you this isn’t the last of Knieriem Designs you will see here. Christina and I have SO MUCH brainstorming going on behind the scenes on other ways we can collaborate to bring the awesome to DC couples, just you wait and see.

And in the meantime, find Knieriem Designs on ALL of the internets & social media spaces:

instagram: @knidesigns
twitter: @knidesigns
pinterest: @knieriemdesigns
direct email: christina@knidesigns.com

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*this is a sponsored post. this vendor paid to have this content shared on our blog, however, it was verified that this event was confirmed to meet our requirements and mission*

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