5 ways to boost your biz with social media

At the end of October I got the chance to speak to a group of wedding vendors as part of the AWP DC monthly speaker series. I decided to share my Top 5 Tips for Boosting Your Business Using Social Media. Social Media has been the #1 way I have grown my business/blog since starting it in 2011. Without Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (among other platforms) there is just no way my readership would have grown and I would have never been able to grow my network in a way to have my business be where it is today.

Now that being said, my tips were just that – MY tips. They were things I have found to be helpful in helping my business & brand grow. These might not all work for you, as social media marketing and digital strategies aren’t a one size fits all method. But most of the vendors after found the tips to be at the very least, engaging and insightful, and so I thought I would share them here on the blog as well.

So we are starting with my introduction to kick it off. I started with sharing this AWESOME (and slightly terrifying) video:

Some of those facts are pretty terrifying right? The phones over toothbrushes, the desire to lose sense of smell rather than technology. MAN. Insanity.

But really the point of showing this video first was to capture the necessity of social media marketing. I ALWAYS hear vendors say “I just don’t have time for social media”. And that is true, social media marketing does take time – but it’s essentially the only FREE way to market your brand, and when done strategically, it WORKS, so it can be worth it.

Social media has helped me grow my blog from one that was read by maybe 10 people when I started, to an average of 4K pageviews a day in just 4.5 years. So before you poo poo social media as something you don’t have time for, I’m hoping my Top 5 Tips will help!

Stay tuned :)

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