I first got to try the amazingness that is Runningbyrd Tea at Union Kitchen‘s 1-year anniversary party. Never had I ever tasted tea SO delicious. Seriously – I am not even close to exaggerating, this stuff is AMAZING! Ben is a brewmaster and the tea is so refreshing – it’d be a perfect addition to your outdoor wedding reception or your next BBQ/outdoor event! Throw a little whiskey or bourbon in one of these babies and you’ve got your new favorite summer cocktail.

DIY Wedding Workshop Sponsor Spotlight: Runningbyrd Tea Co

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About the company:

Runningbyrd Tea Company makes full-flavored seasonal teas. Sold in either pint-sized mason jars or 3 gallon party containers, Runningbyrd teas are perfect for enjoying at a picnic, when preparing food from your recent trip to the local market, as a mixer, or as a paired non-alcoholic option in place of wine or craft beer.

Runningbyrd Tea is not just about flavor or refreshment. Runningbyrd Tea is about the experience of drinking a cool glass of tea on a hot day. It is about the memories we associate with iced tea. Runningbyrd Tea is about sitting on your front porch listening to the stories of friends and family. It is about sharing a glass of tea with your grandfather, poured from a carafe he always kept full. It is about creating your own stories, steeping your life with the flavor of your travels and experiences. Because of this focus, each Runningbyrd creation comes with a story, in the grand tradition of the storytelling South, so that no matter who you are with when drinking your tea, you have a companion.

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Check out all their amazing flavors:

Spicy Thai: While visiting tea plantations in Thailand, I met an elderly man who spent his entire working life tasting teas, judging and critiquing their flavor. I created Spicy Thai for him, melding the flavors of my trip with an idea that he might taste something different after all these years, gifting him a new experience that still felt like an old friend.

Chocolate Peppermint: Legend has it that John Henry, after bursting his heart defeating the steam powered hammer, asked for two cool drinks of water. I imagine Chocolate Peppermint as those two cool drinks; two flavors, blending to provide a refreshing calm. It is a tea to give pause, to separate your long hard day from the relaxing evening to come.

Summer Rain: On hot nights, nothing compares to sitting on the front porch swing feeling a thunderstorm roll in, its wind ruffling your feathers, its fire making you cool. It’s  a long summer, so open a bottle of this spiced tea to swing the breezes your way. If slowly savored, lightning will crash on your palate.

Apple Pie: Independence Day in my Georgia home meant deciding whether to make the run to Carolina for fireworks. Everyone has a different tradition for the 4th, but across the south, sweet tea and apple pie come standard. Runningbyrd Tea combines those flavors for an Independence Day Special, Apple Pie Tea. Fireworks not included.

Berry Season

Most of the country has a season in which local berries are abundant. In Seattle, blackberries are available all summer. At times in Georgia, mulberries rain down. Folks in the Twin Cities pick free raspberries. Runningbyrd Tea is bringing berry season to a bottle in DC, saving you the flights and sticky fingers.

Apple Cider Tea

Apples mean fall is here, the weather grows cooler, and it might be time to move inside from the porch.

We gather fresh apples in myriad ways. I used to wait for my little brothers to waltz back down Rural Route 2 pushing a stroller filled with Jonagold, but my godsons race through crunchy leaves to beat each other to the best Braeburn. If time or circumstance keeps you from picking your own apples this season, pluck a bottle of Apple Cider Tea from the shelf instead.

Apple cider tea is a perfect mix of mulling spices, apple and tea. Let it keep you company in your orchard this autumn.

Winter Sun: On a dreary winter day it can seem like months since you’ve seen the sun. Fortunately, Runningbyrd Tea Co has figured out how to bottle this precious resource. Let Winter Sun tea light up your life with its warming blend of orange and spiced teas

Candy Cane: Every year, my brother and I found a giant candy cane log in our stockings. We’d work on them for a month, keeping them untidily wrapped in the fridge, making sure not to grab the wrong stick. Candy Cane tea, a wintry mix of cinnamon and mint, stores more nicely on the shelf and can be shared more readily with friends.    Or not…

Shenandoah Smoke: Shenandoah Smoke is hand crafted from the finest smoked teas, blended with hazelnut and spices for an almost coffee-like flavor. No storytelling is needed for this substantial tea; it’s just hard-hitting flavor for the lumberjack in us all.

Montgomery Mint: The Montgomery house in Georgia is a place where travelers, family and friends meet on the front porch, sharing stories between sips. Our childhood there began with a swing from the walnut tree out back, grew into a climb up the magnolia in front and ended with a glass of tea, poured from a carafe always kept full. Without that tea and those fine people, RBTea would not exist. We pay homage with a smooth, welcoming mint tea. Find a friend and some shade; brew your story.

Lemongrass White Peach: Over the past year, the RBTea Co has welcomed the opportunity to share our stories with DC

and listen to your stories. It has been a great experience. We have heard from many customers who just can’t have sugar and others who want to enjoy tea at night but need less caffeine.And so we have created Lemongrass White Peach,a no sugar, lower caffeine blend that fits the best parts of our story to the needs of yours. DC, enjoy your story.

Thirsty yet?! This stuff is so good, you have to try it, to believe it! So pumped to get to have awesome Runningbyrd Tea on hand at our first workshop!

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