We are super pumped to announce a new giveaway on the blog: we’re helping Cozy Cashmere celebrate their new wedding design business venture, offering wedding design services and products (calligraphy, invitations, wedding branding, graphic design, custom chalkboard lettering, and even custom woodwork)! Owner, Sara, has been in the wedding industry for a while as a photographer, but has recently decided to take her creative talents in a new direction, by launching Cozy Cashmere. To help celebrate her new brand and offerings, Sara is giving away a HUGE prize (a $250 value!!) to one lucky winner! One part DIY-calligraphy and one-part custom return address stamp, there’s a TON of stuff to love in this giveaway ~ so check out all the details below!

DIY Calligraphy Gift Set & Custom Designed Return Address Stamp Giveawaycustom calligraphy DIY set return address stamp giveaway

So who’s the best target for this giveaway you might ask? Well, exactly our audience: newly engaged couples who are on a budget, but want the luxury of calligraphy for envelope addressing, escort cards, and other wedding details by learning to do-it-themselves.

The giveaway includes:

  1. 2 of Sara’s favorite nibs (1 Nikko G: $1.55 retail & 1 Brause Steno Nib aka: the Blue Pumpkin: $1.56 retail) Test two of her favorite nibs and see which you like better.
  2. A pot of Manuscript Bottled Black Ink: A smooth-flowing ink that’s great for beginners ($6.75 value)
  3. A straight nib-holder with a cork grip ($5.60 value)
  4. Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy by Eleanor Winters (includes practice sheets to make copies on inkjet paper which is perfect for practicing – $12 value)
  5. Custom calligraphy return address rubber stamp designed by Cozy Cashmere ($65 value)

Sara is also including a $150 gift certificate for the winner to be used on any of her wedding branding packages. Packages start at $650 and include the following:

  • Wedding Logo with custom calligraphy (can be used for gobo lighting, DIY programs, wedding website, etc)
  • Custom Invitation and RSVP Card design with calligraphy for names

Bringing the total value of this giveaway to just under $250!!


[Eric Llanes Phtography]

Sara is a true jack of all trades in the wedding industry and in addition to launching Cozy Cashmere, she is going to start offering Skillshare classes in Northern Virginia sometime soon! So be on the lookout for that Romancers! Check out Sara doing her thing:


[Eric Llanes Photography]

Ok so are you ready to get entered in this amazing giveaway?! Well, you know the drill: use the Rafflecopter widget below! Leave a blog post comment, follow Cozy Cashmere & Capitol Romance on Twitter, or follow us on Instagram to be entered (and get some extra chances to win!).

Giveaway ends: Friday, February 14th 2014

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  1. My good friend Shannon is getting marries, and is trying to keep to her budget while having an awesome wedding. I would love to gift this to her and her fiance as an early wedding present!

  2. My fiancee & I are paying for the wedding ourselves, and this would help us cut down on envelope/printing costs. Plus – Cozy Cashmere’s calligraphy is absolutely stunning. *fingers crossed*

  3. Wow, this is stunning! My fiance and I live here in DC but all of our family are located elsewhere. We want to DIY as much of our wedding as possible (including invitations) but it will be tough as we’ll have to do it ourselves! It’d be nice to have this taken care of!

  4. Wow! Thanks everyone for all of your sweet comments! I would love for ALL of you win this giveaway!!! <3 <3 <3 Thanks again, Bree, for getting the word out! Good luck everyone!


  5. The wedding is a ways away, but I was considering buying the envelopes for the invites now to work on the names. I’ve been practicing a little, but my calligraphy needs some help.

  6. I have always loved calligraphy, but pro-calligraphy isn’t in the budget. This would give me the opportunity to learn and practice in order to make the outside of our invitations as pretty as the inside.

  7. What a great giveaway! I would love to win the calligraphy set for my wedding. It would be absolutely gorgeous for all the wedding stationary and decor. *fingers crossed! :)

  8. I have the handwriting of a 3rd grader who is late to recess and it would be amazing to have a professional take over the writing for my wedding!

  9. Recently married and sending a lot of thank you cards. The calligraphy set would be a perfect way to send beautiful cards!

  10. I would love to win becauseee I have horrible handwriting! I tried to replicate this style, and I can’t. Please help relieve my stress! haha.

  11. This giveaway is simply amazing. I just designed and handmade my wedding invitations and addressing the envelopes is my next big step. Everyone knows how important this step is and it would be perfect to is this to make my invitations perfect!

  12. Love to win it for my friend. I am moving and won’t be around to help her address the wedding invites… so this might help. :)

  13. Beautiful! I love this. I recently moved and lost my calligraphy set in the process ( :( ) but loved using them to do our save-the-date envelopes!

  14. I love calligraphy and was really into it when I was younger so I planned to DIY on my wedding invitations. Winning this would be amazing! I’ve followed on twitter (@dcdoublek) and instagram (kkosko55)! fingers crossed…

  15. I’m excited for the chance to win this giveaway because my fiance and I are putting together a DIY wedding on November 29th, 2014!! However, I have horrible writing! This could help BIG time :) We have 250 guests to address..

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