OH HEY THAT’S US!!! In case you guys missed all my social media posts (and our handy new sidebar ad for the event), there is an AWESOME new wedding show happening in Baltimore at the end of February and we are so excited to be a part of it!

It’s called The Mix Event, and it’s an eclectic wedding show, for couples in love. Why is it different than the typical, boring and 1-note wedding shows you typically see around the DC area? Well … let them tell you:

The Mix Event was born from the idea that no two couples are alike, and neither are any two weddings. The coming together of two people mixes cultures, families, ideas, and loves, and just like the mixing of blue and yellow makes green, a marriage creates something new and beautiful.

We invite you to a wedding show unlike any other – not too big, not too small, but just right. The Mix Event happens on a Saturday night, so make it a date night out with your sweetie! We’ll have a live band, a cash bar with our signature cocktail/mocktail, and plenty of the areas’ absolute best vendors to meet & greet.

Live band? Bar? A room full of non-stuffy, creative wedding vendors? What more could you want in a show? Need more…then check out the AWESOME promo video that was put together for the event by ClickSpark:

The Mix Event – Self expression from Clickspark on Vimeo.

There are some seriously awesome vendors signed up – and Andy & I will be there too, rep-ing Capitol Romance :) So come hang out with us, grab a drink, dance to Burnt Sienna, and maybe find some of your wedding vendors! You can buy tickets here OR you can enter to win 2 tickets through us by the raffle copter widget below!

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  1. Oooh, I’ve been eyeing this event for a while now! The fact that it is going to be an actually fun event in a unique, awesome space with cocktails (and mocktails!) and live music and total lack of cheesiness is awesome…because, you know, isn’t that kind of what we want weddings themselves to actually be like?

  2. As a couple looking to have a wedding that’s as unique as we are, I’d love to spend time with vendors who are more “out of the box” than the typical ones you see so often. This looks like a great opportunity to do this!

  3. I wish I heard of this sooner!! I’m both a bride-to-be AND a wedding vendor and I know we would’ve jumped all over this show given the opportunity- guess I’ll have to go wearing my bride hat instead of my vendor hat!!

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