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That’s right! Mollie Tobias Photography & Capitol Romance are teaming up to give one lucky, creative, offbeat couple a free 4-hour, styled photoshoot!  We are looking for a couple that wants to tell their story in a creative way (maybe how you met, or through your favorite movie, or recreating your first date? the possibilities are endless.

We are hoping to schedule the shoot in January ~ so please ensure that you would be able to have a shoot then, before entering!

The couple will win a 4-hour styled photography session and will receive a disc of negatives as their prize!

Entering is easy ~ just leave a comment (using our Rafflecopter giveaway) below, sharing your offbeat, creative idea to share your story and the best story idea will win!

Contest closes: 31 October!—> See above!

We can’t wait to hear what you have for us :)

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  1. The short story? Chance encounter far from both our homes in the middle of Texas leads to cross country road-trip romance, whirlwind engagement, international love affair, immigration adventures and (so far) three fantastic years of marriage.

    We’d love a chance at this amazing opportunity!

  2. I began attending advance movie screenings the year before I met Tim. At that time, I did not have a regular movie buddy and I often found myself going alone. While being a “single rider” has its advantages when finding good seats in a crowded theater, I longed for a companion who shared my love of movies. Then, through a friend of a friend, I met Tim and, for the past two years, he has been that companion and much much more. He is truly my best friend and the love of my life. When I am with him, I feel like I am in a movie, not just watching one.

    Last year, we committed to having a weekly date night. When a week is particularly hectic or stressful, we know that our “Tuesday night movie night” is right around the corner. The time we spend together is so much more than just watching a movie– it is holding hands or cuddling in the theater, it is sharing a laugh (or a cry), it is knowing that the person you love most in the world is only an armrest away.

    Movies have been so important to us and we could love a photo shoot recreating a few of our favorite movie posters like Love Jones and Superman (my nickname for Tim).

  3. My husband and I have always loved history and it has shown itself in my different areas of our relationship. We especially love colonial history and the founding fathers. We were engaged in Old Town Alexandria (early home of George Washington), spent our 1st year dating annniversary in Colonial Williamsburg, and our 1 year wedding anniversary in Charlottesville (so we could see Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello). When it came time to pick out a name for our blog (that we used to document our wedding), I decided to go with Mr. & Ms. Adams, as an ode to our favorite founding couple John and Abigail Adams. We even used one of Abigail’s love letters as a reading during our wedding ceremony.

    So my idea for a photoshoot would be to do a modern take on the famous founding couple, John and Abigail.

  4. I met George accidentally on St.Patrick’s Day in 2007. I was newly single and NOT looking for a relationship at all. I decided to spend St.Patrick’s Day bar hopping with my brother and his girlfriend in Federal Hill. I arrived at my brother’s, dressed in green from head to toe (including a shamrock bobble headband) , walked through the front door and my world stood still. There before my little smiling Irish eyes, stood the most handsome guy I’d ever seen. He was tall, dark and Italian. That was it, I was smitten. Needless to say, we’ve been together ever since and I couldn’t imagine a day with out him. I found my missing piece, my best friend and we have the best anniversary date that any Irish girl could ever wish for.

    My thought for a themed session would be St.Patrick’s Day. I’ll leave the creativity up yo you!

  5. Todd & I met over 10 years ago in the Army and became instantly inseperable. We knew then, that there was something rare and special between us, but the Army had other plans. Shortly after meeting eachother, I was shipped off to Korea and he was sent to Texas. We figured that was probably going to be the last time we saw eachother and sadly agreed to try to maintain our friendship via email and myspace. (does anyone even still use that?! haha)
    It wasn’t until 7 years later that we happened to be in the D.C. area at the same time and we both jumped at the chance to get together. He invited me over for a home cooked dinner and some drinks. By the end of the night, he looked over at me, smiled and said, “”I am so glad to have you back in my life. I’m not letting you go this time.” And we have been together ever since!
    We actually just got engaged this past summer and plan to elope so we would love to get engagement photos done so we can share them with the family.
    We want to incorporate some the things that really represent us: travel, history, the outdoors and most importantly our 1940s WWII replica motorcycle that we ride everywhere!! (even with our pup!) And since its an off road vehicle, we picture a vintage shoot in a field somewhere and possibly with a makeshift camp site. (Maybe if we are lucky it will snow and it will look like its right out Germany during the winter months! brrrr) But really, I welcome any creative ideas you might have! I am so excited even thinking about it!!

  6. My Love, Randy, brought so much light into my life! He has a great love for music (tons of vinyl records in our apartment) and re-awakened the joyful, music lover in me. Just rocking out to music on our roadtrips makes me so happy!! Although we love so many different types of music, one song that really stood out to us was Cee-lo’s “I’m a Fool for you.” It has this edgy, yet old school soul sound and the crazy emotion that it gives off is how our love feels. Randy puts this song on and dances with me (: He wants our wedding to have this soul/jazz/motown vibe to it. How about a modern motown wedding photoshoot?!

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