As I mentioned this morning, instead of the usual Washington, DC area engagement feature for this Monday afternoon,  I have an awesome wedding video, from Washington, DC videographer: KD Productions!

I am SO stoked to be sharing this video for a few reasons. One, because I want to be able to help other couples in the DC area find [good] videographers for their wedding and two, because I love having a different medium for my readers to check out, instead of just pictures all the time!

I also just want to say [real quick] that I also hope these “Capitol Videos” help my readers see the importance of hiring a videographer [in addition to your professional wedding photographer]. Video gives you such a different look at your wedding day, and personally, I couldn’t imagine not having both my wedding photos AND my wedding video to look at a million times over, once the day goes by in a flash. Believe me, as a recent bride, with NO vendor/business affiliations, I would wholeheartedly recommend you hire both a videographer & a photographer for your wedding. You won’t be sorry.

So, thank you Katie for finding me and submitting this awesome Annapolis wedding video [which, I will now call any Washington, DC wedding videos that I get, Capitol Videos, as an fyi].

First a bit about the wedding featured in the video, from Katie herself:

I had the privilege to film a wedding at the US Naval Academy Chapel and William Paca House in Annapolis, MD. The couple’s name was Michael and Katy Thomas. Michael is a pilot in the Navy, who is stationed in Florida. Their wedding happened to fall on August 27, 2011 which is the day Hurricane Irene struck! The reception was in a tent…outside…during Hurricane Irene. Even though the Paca House had no power, it poured outside, the wind howled, the dance floor had puddles, the tent flaps blew in knocking things over, and there was a mandatory evacuation at 7, we all still had a good time! Everyone seemed to have smiles! I think the coolest part of this day was witnessing the sword ceremony. This is done as the couple exits the chapel. Eight Naval officers line up on the stairs in pairs with swords crossed and the couple has to kiss in front of each pair before crossing. It was awesome!

Second, the awesome wedding video itself, enjoy!

My favorite part is around the 3:45 mark, with the couple kissing down the stairs, and the editing matches the beat in the music! I love it!!! You’d seriously never know there was a hurricane raging outside … awesome video!


  1. Katy and Michael persevered through the hurricane and Katie Dursi did a great job capturing the joy of the day that could not be dampened by Miss Irene!

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