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Sneak Peak #4 of Christine & Eddie’s Vintage, American themed wedding

Continuing our 9/11 Vendor Love series from the beautiful Maryland wedding of Christine & Eddie [winners of the September 11th Love & Liberty Wedding Giveaway at Musket Ridge Club], today we have the ever-so-awesome Elle Ellinghaus of elleDesigns.

  • Her name? Insanely perfect (it sounds like a book character!)
  • Her company? Awesome, unique, & insanely talented ~ just wait until you see these pics.
  • Her website? SO fun and a 100%, spot-on reflection of who she is as a person and a designer.

So, let’s meet Elle, her amazing wedding event & design company [based in Baltimore] and check out some of her work from the recent 9/11 Wedding and beyond!

About Elle:

What do you get when you take an antique-shop obsessed brunette with a flawless eye for interior design and combine it with some mushy love?

A boutique wedding & event design company called elleDESIGNS. Meet Elle Ellinghaus, the heart and soul behind the company. After graduating college in 2005 her goal was to be the next big thing in Interior Design. It wasn’t long until her friends & family noticed that she not only designed stunning rooms but the events she laid her hands on were even more unforgettable. They started asking her to decorate their parties, showers and eventually their weddings. A few years later that always smiling, 4″ heel wearing, Baltimore chick went from part time decorator to full-time Wedding & Event designer.

If Elle‘s “about me” and beyond-adorable (not to mention, seriously gorgeous) headshots don’t have you hooked … just wait until you see her work!

the definition of shabby chic meets elegance, wedding design

in love with this display of purple & pink mismatched bridesmaids dresses, with the wedding dress on a clothesline

and another sneak peak from the 9/11 wedding!

Don’t you go anywhere just read ~ head on to the ‘read more’ to see a ton more pictures of Elle‘s beautiful, unique wedding designs and learn more about her company & inspiration!

 More about Elle:

Elle’s designs are vintage, daintily different and “out of a magazine” delicious. She also takes pride in the fact that her design company is different than others in the area: elleDESIGNS doesn’t have set “packages” or make you pay for services you won’t need.

She says over and over again on her website and in her meetings that “every bride and groom is different, and their wedding should be too.”

Let’s not forget her specialty and favorite thing in the world, design. The “Crafty Package” is perfect for the bride that wants some DIY flair with hand painted signs and handmade decor. Elle’s favorite is her “Ooh la la” package where she designs a magazine-worthy wedding filled with décor that makes even the men walk in and pause.

 If the bride want traditional or out of the box, elleDESIGNS has ideas for it all. Brides also can easily get lost in Elle’s wedding land which is a room that is over-flowing with all types of wedding decor; from vintage chairs and candelabras for an elegant affair to white-washed shutters and wooden trunks for a more rustic wedding.


  Regardless of what package is built, a must is that she gets to know you.  She wants to learn more about her couples than their budget and favorite colors so she can represent each one of them on their day.

If you work with Elle, one of the first things you will notice is she loves “love”. She will be the first to tell you that she never believed in true love until meeting her husband and that their wedding was the best day of her life. This passion shines through in her work by making sure every single one of her bride’s feel the exact same way about their own wedding day. elleDESIGNS starts as your wedding planner and ends up as the woman you don’t know what you would have done without.


and finally, one last shot from Christine & Eddie’s vintage American-themed, 9/11 wedding that Christine actually DIYed!

One final thing I just had to share ~ which makes Elle and her elleDESIGNs that much cooler is that she donates of portion of each wedding to animal rescues and gives “Green” weddings a 10%  discount.  How insanely awesome & kind is that!?

I want to thank Elle & elleDESIGNS SO MUCH for giving us all these beautiful images and all the details on herself and her amazing Baltimore-based, wedding event & design company. We hope to have more from Elle on Capitol Romance in the future!! Thanks so much Elle!!

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