It was only common sense to me, that the second vendor in our “9/11 Vendor Loveseries should be the wedding photographer, Cory Brodzinksi! Not only did Cory so selflessly pursue the Love & Liberty giveaway himself, to offer up his photography services for Chrstine & Eddie‘s wedding, he was also the one responsible for reaching out to me, so that I could graciously cover this special Maryland wedding!

First, tease #2 from Christine & Eddie’s wedding

[holy cowbells the American wedding theme is in full-effect here and looks BEAUTIFUL with those mismatched blue bridesmaids, and the peak of Christine’s statement necklace. love.]

Now, let’s get to meet Cory a bit more!

So. Cory. He’s kind of interesting. Kind of. Cory loves sushi, taco-truck tacos, and Star Wars. He knows national security secrets that he’ll take to the grave with him, desperately wishes he had a dog, and is a history geek. He also loves taking beautiful images of people at their happiest, he’s humbled both to be allowed to be a part of your day and by the trust you put in him to make these photographs for you. He also secretly likes the Peanuts theme music and was a band geek in high school. And loved every. second. of it.

Oh, and Cory is also a Washington DC wedding and portrait photographer based in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Whether you’re getting hitched, want some beautiful family or senior portraits, or even have a commercial need, contact Cory. Slide on over to the main website if you want to see even more of Cory’s work. And there’s always the Facebook page to check out, too!

Cory also dislikes typing “about me” sort of stuff. Just sayin’.

^taken from Cory’s “About Me” page on his blog ~ and I just adore it so much, that I couldn’t really pick and chose which parts to use/not use.

Now, some more of Cory’s work:

[from Kelly & Nate’s Georgetown Engagement Shoot]

[from Emily & Brandon’s fire station & park engagement shoot]

Thanks again Cory, for sharing the 9/11 wedding with me ~ and thank you for being such an awesome photographer, donating your time to a special cause!


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