Hello there Capitol Romancers! This afternoon we have a great Capitol Vendor Spotlight for you, Gabe Aceves Photography.  We will also be featuring a wedding from him tomorrow (an astoundingly cool and vintage wedding at that!), so I thought it would be a great lead in to tomorrow’s post, to get to know Gabe a bit better and see some of his favorite work over the years.

Don’t judge me, but I totally judge people by their “about me” on their website. I love the people that write refreshingly honest “about me” sections, that give the reader a true sense of what this person is about or why they got into the business they are in. Gabe’s “about me” is the epitome of cool. Just enough background to let you know who is he, how he came upon being a wedding photographer, and why he does it.

I love the WHY, I am always, ALL ABOUT the why.

But anyway … first, let’s check out some of Gabe’s favorite & fabulous pictures:

Now let’s meet Gabe:

How did you get into the wedding photography business?
Kind of by accident. Photography has been a hobby of mine since I was in high school, and I have always had cameras around. When I got serious about it a couple years ago I knew I wanted to shoot people but I was trying to build a portfolio of models, bands, etc. I had no interest in weddings. I was ignorant. To me, wedding photography was traditional and boring. I had no idea how creative it could be. One weekend a local wedding photographer contacted me to 2nd shoot a wedding and I reluctantly said yes. I was allowed to do whatever I wanted with almost no direction. I had a blast and I showed the wedding to a few people, including some well known wedding photographers and they were very encouraging. I haven’t wanted to do anything else since. I am one of those people who loves what I do and it doesn’t feel like work to me. At least most days.


Song you can’t currently get enough of?
Anything by the Avett Brothers. I love their sound and its perfect music for when I’m working, editing or putting together slideshows for my clients.


What brought you to being based in Alexandria/DC area?
It sounds silly but love. I have lived all over and was working in Alaska running a non-profit. I traveled to the DC area regularly for work so when I met my girlfriend who was finishing law school here at the time it all just worked out. The timing was right for me to do something different and it allowed me to pursue photography full time so here I am. Best decision ever.


How would you describe your style of photography?
This one is hard but the words lifestyle and editorial come to mind. I shoot film, which most digital photographers are afraid of, because it has a unique and beautiful color palette and when I work with my couples we try hard to organize their engagement shoots or their wedding photos around things that mean something to them. Maybe they love an old farm or bed and breakfast in the area or a particular part of the city, or maybe they love ice skating or vintage cars. I get to know so many of my couples as friends that we put together really personal shoots for them and even though I pose my couples we always shoot in a way that reflects them and their lifestyle. I want my photos to be unique, but more importantly I want them to touch something personal inside my clients. Luckily my clients trust me enough to let me take chances. Sometimes they work and sometimes not but we get to have fun and make photos that are a reflection of them as a couple.


What does offbeat and unconventional mean to you?
Anything that the average person wouldn’t think of. I don’t think I could be a wedding photographer if couples weren’t so into planning unique and personal weddings like they are these days. I can’t think of a better day to do exactly what you want without worrying about what everyone else does than your wedding day. Being offbeat as a couple or having an unconventional wedding is just about being true to yourselves and to each other. Of all the weddings I have been to the most personal ones always leave the biggest impression.



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