Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck: Ska Wedding Music & Playlist

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Kicking off April the right way, with a Ska wedding music & playlist guest post from Maggie Winters Photography, or as Maggie calls it, a “Skawesome Playlist”.

From Maggie:

Not only is ska the best music of all time (I’m only a little opinionated here), it’s great for inducing happiness and awesome wacky dancing. Let’s face it: skanking would make epic wedding photos. Epic.

People of all ages love ska–your grandparents will totally skank with you. If they do, please please send photos.

Starting with some lovey dovey songs, pretty, happy–some craziness and goofy ones in the middle–and an epic end (SB6 hell yes!). Enjoy!

Check out this awesome ska wedding playlist & then click inside for a copy of the songs via Grooveshark!

Thrill Me Up // The Toasters

The loviest of love songs. Buck has a romantic-y voice. First dance song?!

Moment // The Pietasters

I don’t know why this isn’t the #1 love song of all time. It’s hard to write about ska because it so amazingly beautifully happy and awesome and writing does not include a horns section. If the first one wasn’t your first dance, this one totally is.

Special Brew // Bad Manners

Beer, love, trumpets, ya know. The live version.

Truly Madly Deeply // The Dualers

The Dualers are this awesome little ska/reggae band over in music paradise (London) who play on the streets all the time. Their cover of this song is amazing. So much love!

Click inside for the rest of this ‘skawesome’ ska wedding song playlist from Maggie Winters Photography!

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Capitol Inspiration: A Snowy, Red Hearts & Love Inspired Styled Shoot in New Mexico

Happy Friday Romancers! Today’s post will be short, sweet, and right to the point. It does include some of that dreaded “s word” stuff (SNOW) but I think you won’t mind it too much seeing as it’s FINALLY warming up in DC and tomorrow is supposed to reach the 60s AND I mean, this shoot is from New Mexico, so it’s really quite beautiful with the snow against the deep red hues and pops of light teal of the styled decor and theme.

A thanks to Ideology Photography & Two Bright Lights for giving us today’s wedding inspiration shoot!

A Snowy, Red Hearts Themed Styled Wedding Shoot in New Mexico

red hearts snowy new mexico wedding inspiration


Photographer:Ideology Photography | Event Planner:  Mint Weddings and Events| Floral Designer:  Fiori Events and Flowers | Invitation Designer:  agstudiodesign| Bakery:  Hannahe’s Patisserie | Submitted: Two Bright Lights

red hearts snowy new mexico wedding inspiration

Love the bride’s poofy tulle skirt with the teal sweater ^

red hearts snowy new mexico wedding inspiration

simple outdoor, DIY altar inspiration alert! tying fabric between two trees!

red hearts snowy new mexico wedding inspiration

red hearts snowy new mexico wedding inspiration

really digging this groom’s style – a sweater jacket!

red hearts snowy new mexico wedding inspiration

Click inside for the rest of this beautiful Red Hearts & Teal, Styled Wedding Shoot!

Capitol Wedding: Gabrielle & Marc’s Budget-Friendly, Peacock Themed Maryland Wedding

Sometimes I am a bit overwhelmed when I get write-ups from couples for a wedding feature. I open the document and it’s PAGES long and I am immediately struck with anxiety over how the hell I am going to fit this into one post.

And then I start to read, and like magic, all the anxiety washes away as I am transformed by a beautiful, unique love story – full of passion, creativity, and some seriously amazing descriptions of love. I don’t care how long these posts become, or how long they might end up taking me to put together – their story must be shared and I am honored to get to retell it.

This is the case with Gabrielle & Marc’s budget-friendly, Peacock themed Maryland wedding. The two met online through and though they both brought a lot to the new relationship, their connection on their first date was electric and their love story quickly unfolded. Naturally their wedding was an absolute labor of love from their entire family and friends. They had a small budget and a tight timeline, so they called in ALL the reinforcements to put together a beautiful, hand-crafted and personalized Peacock themed wedding. Images via You Are Raven Photography.

Gabrielle & Marc’s Budget-Friendly, Family Infused, Peacock Themed Maryland Wedding

family low-budget maryland parks wedding peacock themed


Photographer: You Are Raven | Caterer:  Anne Arundel Community College | Musicians:  Alex Mitchell | Other:  Quiet Waters Park | Submitted: Two Bright Lights

How They Met:

Marc & I met online!

I put my profile online because Heather was suffering from 3rdwheelitis. Of course, I was the oblivious 3rd wheel. Problem was, I wasn’t interested in dating at all! Not that I wasn’t “lonely” but I just didn’t want the hassle of being with someone else. I had been blissfully single for over a year, after being a serial monogamist my whole adult life. It was AWESOME to be able to do anything I wanted, whenever I wanted, without having to clear it with anyone. Yes, I had my kids but – sharing custody with their Dad meant I was kid-free every other week. This made it so easy to have a very good/conflict-free life – but then when I lost my running buddy to her romance, I had to do something so –



teal blue peacock themed small budget maryland wedding

I met Marc in about 2 weeks. He had been online for 2 years. (grin). I knew immediately that this was “the one.” The second he touched my arm – I felt a ZING. My first thought was “It’s only been an hour, why is he touching me?” And then immediately after that “Wow – that was a physical reaction if ever there WAS one, hmmmm…”


We talked till the place closed, and set a date for the next day. I cancelled the Match meetings I had previously set up so I could meet up with Marc. Everything clicked – our outlook on life, our physical hobbies (active/physically demanding hobbies, racing with half-marathons, trails runs, and for him triathlons), our eating philosophies (very healthy, abundant foods) – our plans for the future.. etc.


As the months wore on, we introduced each other to our kids (he has 3 I have 2) – and then introduced the kids to each other. Everyone seemed to get along really well! We went on camping trips, trips to the beach, and supported various kids’ sporting events (cheer-leading competitions, soccer state champs, etc, etc.)

budget-friendly peacock themed maryland wedding

love these next few images of friends/family making so many of the wedding details!~


 DIYed bouquets & centerpieces above, and DIYed flower girl headbands below!


small budget maryland parks wedding peacock theme

Click inside for a TON MORE from this awesome, DIY, small-budget Maryland wedding from You Are Raven Photography!

Giveaway: Win a Love Bracelet and $50 to Stella & Dot Statement Jewelry!

****THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Thanks to all that entered!****

Oh MAN I am excited for this afternoon’s giveaway!! A while back I did an inspiration piece on brides with chunky necklaces and that post continues to get a ton of hits all the time. Possibly because statement jewelry can REALLY spice up a bridal or bridesmaids look.

So for today, I am thrilled to announce that we have Stella & Dot here to not only share some serious statement jewelry inspiration, but also giveaway a Love Bracelet & a $50 gift certificate to one lucky commenter!! Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. Giveaway closes Friday, 5 April 2013.

Plain Jane…meet Stella & Dot: Statement Jewelry for the Modern Bride, Bridesmaids & Wedding Guests!

Wedding dresses cost more than a honeymoon these days! So how can a bride create a unique look when she wants to wear a less intricate dress? Jewelry! A statement necklace can instantly turn a $50 dress into a one-of-a-kind presentation.

Stella & Dot specializes in statement pieces, and half of our line is always under $50. Here are some ideas on how to jazz up a low cost dress just by adding stunning jewelry.

Vintage Lace

This white maxi dress is a great weekend dress with flip flops…or add a birdcage veil, some vintage-inspired pieces from Stella & Dot, and it’s a wedding dress! These lace pieces were created from actual lace designs found in our Chief Creative Officer’s grandfather’s lace factory. (Whew! Say that 5 times fast.)

lace gold bride statement jewelry bridesmaids modern

Casual Chic

This dress is as comfortable as a t-shirt. Add an easy-to-wear bib necklace and instantly transform your look. This would be so modern with a fascinator and a bouquet full of white blooms and greenery. Some Naval Academy brides have worn a similar piece, the Bahari Necklace, in their weddings to match the Navy Blues!

casual statement necklace modern wedding attire

Breezy Blooms

Inspired by antique brooches, the Dot Bloom Necklace instantly creates a wow factor. Add it to this easy breezy dress and you’re ready for your bridal photos.

vintage chic statement necklace bride bridal bridesmaids

Garden Wedding

Give your garden wedding a creative touch by adding a pop of color to your springy dress, like the green from the La Jolie shown here. Stack eclectic bracelets from antique shops, add a flower in your hair and a birdcage veil, and you’re ready to walk down the aisle!

[this one is Capitol Romance’s favorite!!!]

teal statement necklace jewelry modern bride bridal bridesmaids

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Picture1Stella & Dot is known for our bold and joyful pieces, and brides will often select a statement piece for themselves and jewelry for their bridal parties as gifts. (Brides can even receive their jewelry for FREE when ordering pieces for their bridal parties!)

By: Jocelyn Carpenter is an Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot. She grew up in Maryland and was married on the eastern shore in 2009 in an old-fashioned, grandma-style-meets-funky-glasses kind of wedding. It’s also widely reported that the Royal Family stole their love of fascinators from Jocelyn.

Capitol Advice: Why Planning a Wedding is Like Producing Theater – Part 2

We are back with Part 2 of our advice guest posts from The Plannery (check out Part 1 here, in case you missed it). I hope everyone is enjoying this guest post, I certainly am. Even though my theater background consisted mostly of playing inanimate objects (a balloon girl in Gypsy & a jello box dancer in Annie … just to name a few), I grew up with theatre in my life thanks to my two sisters and my parents bringing us to NYC often to see Broadway shows.

Not sure everyone will be surprised to know this about me or not, but I am actually a theater geek at heart and think it’s a fantastic place to find inspiration for a wedding! So without further ado, Part 2 starts now.

Why Planning a Wedding is Like Producing Theatre – Part 2

by The Plannery

Production schedules are important. Before the first rehearsal we’d always start from opening night and work backwards to create a production schedule detailing all necessary moments such as casting, rehearsals, production meetings, costume fittings, set building, and tech rehearsal. Whether you or your planner create one, make a planning timeline for yourself to use as a guide throughout the months of planning. This will not only keep you organized, but it will make sure you don’t forget important items!

Lists by Katie Wannen

Communication is key. As a producer, communicating what you expect from your team, the actors, and even the audience is so important. When people know what to expect and what is expected of them, issues don’t usually arise. As a producer I always gave welcome speeches (along with helpful handouts) to give my team, as well as the actors, a clear sense of my expectations and the schedule. Be sure to do that not only with you vendors, but with family-members and your bridal party. Just like the marketing or advertising for a play should reflect the piece of theatre, be sure your invitations and wedding website reflect and clearly communicate what kind of an event this is going to be. That way your guests will know what to expect and have a blast. Clear communication and managing expectations is a great way to head off potential problems before they ever happen.

Gypsy by Katie Wannen

Click inside for the rest of Part 2 of our wedding advice guest post from The Plannery!

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