Robyn & Andre’s Rustic Meets Modern Maryland Barn Wedding

This morning’s real Maryland wedding from ZADesignz (submitted via Two Bright Lights) is the perfect union of rustic and modern. How does one mix rustic and modern together? Well, Robyn & Andre will show you ….

This real wedding has so many fun and offbeat touches, I am so excited to share it with you guys today! Take it away Robyn

I picked the venue because I liked that it was rustic and I knew from the beginning I wanted an outside ceremony. I wanted an outside ceremony primarily because I knew it would make for beautiful photos. I wanted it to be simple but still romantic. I also liked that the venue offered the space where we could be outside but still be covered. What really sold me was the arch because I knew it would still be beautiful without needing to add extra flowers (my budget wouldn’t allow it :)
My main goal was to have a wedding that was unique, showed my personality and was budget friendly.
How beautiful is that venue ? Just wait until you see the inside …

One of Robyn’s favorite parts:

I had a lot of fun getting dressed w/ my girls before the wedding. We enjoyed drinks and laughter and I will always have these memories.


I love Robyn’s headband, as a lovely veil alternative! It looks so beautiful and I love the beading. So unique!

Click inside for the rest of this rustic, offbeat real Maryland wedding!

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Tanya & Jonathan’s Annapolis Maryland Engagement Session

I love when couples are just as excited as I am about their blog feature. I remember how I excited I was when The Loveliest Day (a seriously awesome wedding blog that I would highly recommend!)  agreed to feature both my own engagement session & wedding on her blog ~ it feels so nice and fun to be able to share your story and hard work.

Tanya & Jonathan were just like me, excited to share their love story and seriously awesome proposal (it includes singing … stay tuned!) and I am honored to be the blog to feature them.

Thanks to my girl, Julie Napear Photography, I get to share not only their story, but their lovely Annapolis engagement session as well!

Jonathan and Tanya met while marching for the Band of the Hour at the University of Miami (nerd alert!). Tanya first noticed him because he made a mistake and marched to the wrong yard line. But, Jonathan completely won her over the first time she saw him sing and play piano. They started a friendship over AIM and read into each other’s cryptic Live Journal entries. It wasn’t long before the sparks were flying and they were spending all their time together in their adjacent on-campus apartments. After college they went separate ways for a couple years, but realized they were still in love. They started long-distance dating, taking bus trips every possible weekend between DC and New York, and eventually Jonathan moved to DC where they now live together. Jonathan is a professional pianist and performs at many of the Capitol area’s theaters. Tanya is a communications professional for a progressive organization and the President of ResolveNetwork, a peace building organization using micro-finance to empower women in war torn Democratic Republic of the Congo.




So about that singing proposal ….

As part of a leadership course Jonathan and Tanya completed last year, Jonathan created a monthly Open Mic series for musical theater professionals in the D.C. area to truly enjoy their craft, perform for each other, and strengthen their community.

Tanya was excited to celebrate all his hard work that Monday in September.

As Jonathan got up to sing his second song of the night,  he dedicated it to her. At the end of the song, he got down on one knee. It was a magical moment and no words needed to be shared for the couple to know the question, and the answer.


And this goes to show you the kind of person I am .. this next one is one of my favs from the entire shoot!



Read more on the inside! Go on and click … you know you want to :)

Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck: “Stay With Me Jesus”

So not to get all religious on my blog (I am not one to promote one religion over any others, and 100% believe that everyone should have the freedom to believe in whatever they want) but Guster’s “Stay With Me Jesus” is an insanely appropriate wedding ceremony song for those that have a Christian faith, but still want a more modern song to walk down the aisle to, over traditional church hymns.

No matter what you believe in – the musical orchestration of this song is beautiful and the singer’s soothing voice is just all too perfect for a more solemn wedding processional.


Wedding Live Tweet!

It’s finally here! Ladies & Gents, we are LIVE TWEETING a wedding … for the first. time. ever :) Don’t forget to join in with #CorrieWeds – spread the love!

Reminder: Wedding Live Tweet Tomorrow!!

Happy Friday!!

(Always my favorite thing to say/type)

Just wanted to remind everyone that we will be LIVE TWEETING Corrie’s wedding tomorrow, starting at 4:00pm! You can join in on the fun/experiment a few ways:

  1. Follow us on Twitter – and get all the live tweet updates that way!
  2. Check the blog on Saturday around 4pm ~ we will be imbedding a widget so you can follow the live-tweets via my blog
  3. Tweet yourself, using the hashtag #CorrieWeds to join in on the fun!

We are SO EXCITED to be a part of this fun matrimony of social media and real-DC romance! Should be a good time, so please join in and share this with your friends!!

Lauren & Chris’ Vintage Military Love Shoot in Virginia

I am in love with this morning’s vintage love shoot from Rachel Brenke Photography (submitted via Two Bright Lights). Shot at the Chatham Manor in Fredericksburg, Virginia, this amazing vintage, military shoot is just dripping with romance & dreamy gorgeousness.

Right? Amazing. And if that picture didn’t melt your heart, the love story of Lauren & Chris will …

My husband and I have been together for about 6 years now. We were introduced by my best friend since 5th grade, Anna and her boyfriend at the time, Tim (he worked with Chris in the Marine Corps). I did not believe in love at first sight until I met him. From the moment we met, I knew he was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. We married about a year after meeting, nothing fancy we just woke up one morning and decided to get married at the Justice of the Peace and then we were off to work. I know it seems kind of crazy, but I almost feel like that is what sets apart from the rest. It’s what makes our love true, we did not need an extravagant wedding to prove our love to each other. But non the less my parents wanted us to have the formal ceremony as well. So 6 months later we had the formal ceremony with all our friends and family. We had hired a photographer, who basically took our money to eat our food and socialize. We got absolutely no quality photos from her. I was heartbroken that all I had were photos from my friends and family, because we had placed disposable cameras at each place setting.

Over the past 5 years I have thought about how great it would be to have professional photos done of Chris and I in his uniform. We never really had the chance because we have gone through several deployments and my pregnancy. But when Rachel mentioned to me that she was dying to do a vintage shoot a few months ago, I thought that is PERFECT!  We are coming up on our 5 year Wedding Anniversary this August 3rd and I thought what a great time to have these done. Rachel captured our personalities, our love, and our passion for each other in each and every picture. I will be forever grateful to her for doing these, they will be held deep in my heart for the rest of my life.

It’s stories like this and pictures like these that seriously make me so happy to be a romance/wedding blogger :) I love “meeting” people and hearing their stories.


How rad is this shot? It looks like a legit old photo from the 1950s. I love it.

Click inside for the rest from this awesome, 1950s Military, Vintage Love Shoot!

DIY Project: Incandescent Light Bulb Vases & Hanging Flower Holders

Yippee! Thanks to Pinterest, I have found an AWESOME DIY project to share with you all today. Behold the insanely creative, green, and just plain cool looking:

Incandescent Light Bulb Vases

[via Styling & Inspiration Blog]

[via Free People Blog]

I just LOVE this. It so reminds me of what a lot of people do with mason jars for their DIY wedding decor – but it is a fun, fresh take on that. Plus I also love that you can so easily make these from something that you might just throw out in the past. Yay for recycled wedding decorations!

Now onto how you can make this awesome DIY wedding decoration … The following tutorial is actually for making the incandescent light bulbs into flower vases, but I think it would be easy to fashion them into hanging decorations as seen in the picture above. Here we go!

DIY Tutorial: How to Create a Light Bulb Flower Vase (via


  • Incandescent light bulb
  • Sharp knife
  • Kitchen Towel
  • Glue
  • Foil Paper
  • Rust Oleum Spray Paint (in your color choice)


Step 1. Wrap the light bulb in a kitchen towel so as to hold it firmly, then cut the tip of the metal top off using a sharp knife.

Step 2. Carefully pull out the glass filament to hollow the light bulb. Rinse it with water.

Step 3. Smear glue on a strip of foil paper then fold it over the light bulb top to fasten the inner glass to the corrugated metal.

Step 4. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the glass light bulb with frosted paint or any color of your choice. Remember that a see-through finish is more beautiful for flower vases.

Step 5. Use a rope to tie a knot around the top of the light bulb so as to hang it. Or roll a strip of foil paper to create a hanging hook.You can even use a rubber bank to hang your miniature flower vase.

Step 6. Keep herbs in your glass bulb flower vases beside your kitchen sink. Place roses in them for decorating your bathroom.

Let us know if you end up using these for your wedding decorations! Would love to see these guys in action!!

Vendor: Little Bird Creative ~ DC Design & Letterpress Company

I came across Carina & her awesome custom design & stationary company, Little Bird Creative, a few months ago … and ever since then, have wanted to do a spot on her.

Little Bird Creative is a DC-based design company, working to fashion wistful stationary & design for ALL occasions!

Check out some of her work here:

Now let’s get to meet Carina ~ the leading lady behind Little Bird Creative … and check out her blog here.

1. How did Little Bird Creative come about?

When my husband’s job brought us to DC I was ecstatic to accept a position designing custom invitations and stationery at my favorite paper store. (I had spent the previous 10 years in corporate design at large financial firms.) When the company decided they would no longer offer custom design services I chose to strike out on my own. I enjoyed the process of working one-on-one with clients to design something special and unique to them. Then I learned how to letterpress, and I knew it was the next step for my career.


For the rest of this interview … read more!!

Alex & Bess’s Intimate, Modern Virginia Wedding at their Home

I have an amazing wedding this morning from the good people over at Love Life Images. Joe Wang shot this stunning affair and I am just honored to share with you the beautiful story of Alex, Bess & their wedding at a private house in Virginia.

Let’s do this.

A bit about the gorgeous couple first [courtesy of Bess]:

Alex and I met in college in 1998 and have been together ever since.  We’ve moved from Baltimore to DC to Virginia to New York and back to Virginia and now to India. We finally decided to tie the knot last year because DC had just legalized same-sex marriage [yay DC!!].  We had hoped to get married in DC proper but all of the venues we liked were far too expensive.  And then to complicate matters further, I officially joined the Foreign Service in May of last year and we learned that we would be moving to India for our first assignment in just a few months.  We were forced to move the wedding up by 3 months but luckily my best friend’s parents offered us the use of their house in Virginia for the ceremony.  (As it turned out, we had to do a small private legal ceremony in DC to make the marriage legal, but we consider the wedding in Virginia to be our “real” wedding.)

Head over heels in LOVE with Bess’ fascinator!

Bess on her wedding styling:

I bought my awesome dress at David’s Bridal and found cool and inexpensive accessories and shoes from funky boutiques to give it a little extra flair.  I didn’t want to do the typical thing of buying expensive shoes and jewelry that I’ll never wear again.  I wear my wedding earrings all the time and the shoes are a hit at a cocktail parties.

Alex’s dress was from Karen Millen and it’s a great cocktail dress for any occasion.  Plus she looked amazing in it!

The house is absolutely gorgeous and we were able to go all out on our international themed wedding.  The invitations and programs were made to look like passports, the cupcake display was topped with a globe and all the cupcakes had pictures of monuments from around the world, and we even had a game for guests to guess where our first assignment was in the world since we hadn’t announced it to everyone.

Read more to see the rest of this amazing wedding – the venue really is simply gorgeous!
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