Wedding Photography Giveaway for DIY Couples!

Well guys, here we are … the anxiously awaited, “prizeannouncement I was planning to make when we hit 300 Facebook Fans!

Capitol Romance is teaming up with Washington, DC wedding photographer, ZADesignz to offer a Wedding Photography Package Giveaway!

*crowds cheer*

A couple weeks ago, Zareth emailed me, introducing the idea, and I thougt it would  be a PERFECT contest to announce as the prize to my readers for reaching 300 fans.

So for today we are going to first give you details on how to enter this amazing wedding photography giveaway, and then we will showcase the awesomeness that is ZADesignz! Sound good? Well GREAT!

Prize Includes1 lucky reader be given the chance to win:

  • Initial Consultation
  • 8 hours of consecutive coverage
  • 250 photos artistically edited
  • 1 album with 40 8×10 inch metallic photos

How to Win – Simple:

Be a creative couple, planning on having LOTS of details and DIY projects in your wedding. The most detailed, DIY, and creative couple wins! Email Zareth via the “Contact” form on her website!

StipulationsYour wedding must:

  1. take place in the DMV area
  2. have a DIY Unique theme
  3. take place in 2012

*Couples are also required to become a fan of Capitol Romance & ZADesignz Wedding Photography on Facebook, and be an ACTUAL fan of Zareth’s work in real life.*

And now for the visual feast – let’s take a look at the gorgeous pictures from ZADesignz … and for reviews, please see The Knot, Thumbtack & additionally, Zareth’s work has been featured on many wedding blogs ~ so check out her features here:

Entries will be taken until January 31, 2012!



Click inside for the rest of the amazingness of ZADesignz’  work!!!

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Wedding Dress Re-imagined – Bride’s Dress from her Mom’s Original

Last week on DIY Wednesday, we gave our advice, tips, and tricks to those of you that might consider making a DIY wedding dress, in The Capitol Romance Guide to a DIY Wedding Dress. This week we have something related to share – a re-imagined wedding dress.

That is, the story of a bride that took her mom’s wedding dress and had it updated and altered to be a new wedding dress, while still keeping the fabric, character, and original material in tow.

The bride and her sisters tracked the process, took pictures at each time they went to the seamstress … and now I get to share the entire process with you. How cool!?

From the bride’s sister, Caitlin:

[One night] we originally all tried on Mom’s wedding dress for fun after Laura got engaged.

Mom then tried on her dress again for the first time in 30 years.

Dad even joined in to recreate some of their original wedding photos.

Here are some shots of the family having fun trying on the dress:

And now, here is Laura at her first fitting!

Read more to see the rest of this wedding dress transformation! Also – let us know if you take your mom’s or someone else’s vintage wedding dress and alter it for your own wedding ~ as always, we would love to share more of these awesome, unique (and budget-friendly!) wedding dress idea!

Serena & Ahmed’s Traditional 2-Day Middle Eastern Wedding Video in DC

” 7th Avenue Films: I have one word for the professionals of 7th Avenue Films: PASSION.”

Warning, the wedding video you are about to see from Washington, DC videographers, Seventh Avenue Films, is truly amazing. This wedding video is unlike any I have ever seen before! The film is so crisp and clear and the way it’s shot/edited ~ it’s like watching a movie trailer !!

Seventh Avenue Films was on location for Serena & Ahmed’s beautiful, traditional 3-day wedding across MD, VA, and Washington, DC. The ceremony and reception were rich with tradition, color, lots of dancing and wonderful people.

We hope to get to share some pictures and details from this gorgeous, cultural wedding as well! But for now, sit back, relax and enjoy the wedding video.

Ahmed & Serena || Wedding Trailer from Seventh Avenue Films on Vimeo.

Serena share with us her review of working with Seventh Avenue Films ~ it was wayyyy too good not to share:

 7th Avenue Films: I have one word for the professionals of 7th Avenue Films, PASSION.

These guys were so great to work with, not just because of their amazing talent, skill, and equipment, but because they are young and passionate. Its very rare to find a wedding vendor that has not be tainted or jaded by the wedding industry. So when we found this young group of guys whom genuinely cared to be the best at what they do, it, actually, made me tear up. It took me back to the days when I was full of passion and hope and drive to accomplish my dreams, almost a revitalization, if you will.

They took the time to talk to us, listen to our cultural needs, our equipment and angle suggestions, and more importantly, they asked questions to really capture our personalities throughout the process. The result really speaks for itself because it embodies their talent, artistic and yet  tactical range, as well as a level of professionalism that is rare to the cinematography field of the DC area.


Nano & Thibaud’s Vintage Amusement Park Engagement Session in Richmond, VA

Let’s start with the fact that I am in love with the names of the couple‘s whose amazing vintage amusement park engagement session I am featuring this morning. I am a weirdo/name-freak that really digs unique names ~ so I was instantly excited when Kimie of IYQ Photography mentioned that she would like to submit Nano & Thibaud’s engagement shoot to my blog!

Kimie & her wedding photography company are based in Richmond, VA, but I consider that close enough to DC [right?!]. Plus Richmond is such a cool place, it really goes with the vibe of my blog and the couples  I try and feature here. So without further adieu, here is Nano, Thibaud & their adorable amusement park engagement session!

 Nano & Thibaud ~ A Vintage Amusement Park Engagement

About Us:

Hi! We are Nano and Thibaud and we are so excited to be featured on Capitol Romance.

A little about us: I’m Nano. I’m the cute, funny, energetic half of this relationship. I love to laugh and can find the humor in anything. I love cats and I think my hunky Thibaud is the most handsome man in the world. I also love Richmond, playing dress up with Thibaud at vintage thrift stores on Sunday afternoons and exploring new places.

I’m Thibaud. I’m the quiet and thoughtful half of this relationship. I enjoy writing, photography, and coffee. I’m a dreamer. I love being with Nano because we balance each other really well and because she is by far the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen in my entire life.I shoot film photography because there is something authentic about feeling the film wind every time I take a photo. I enjoy the art of the process as much as the final result.


These next 3 in sequence are my favorite! I wish I was tech-savvy enough to make them into a video!

Read more to see the rest of this adorable Richmond, VA engagement session!

Elyse & Brad’s Casual, Backyard Engagement Session in DC

So any couple who’s wedding website is “” is a couple I want to feature on Capitol RomanceAdd in the fact that their wedding is being photographed by Amber of Live It Out Photography, and well, we all know I am probably going to fangirl out about this couple and their pictures. [ok, not probably, 100% most definitely]

For this afternoon, we get to share Brad & Elsye’s adorable backyard engagement session, love story, and proposal story. Elsye also sent me a copy of their save the date, and I am totally sharing that too. It is one of those awesome “love story save-the-dates” that I really, really adore, and am insanely jealous of. I think they are just too cool for school.

Elyse & Brad’s Adorable Backyard Engagement Session

A “How We Metstory:

Brad was in a band and living with his buddies. Elyse was enjoying her single social life and living with her parents. Life was fun. Life was easy.

Then in the summer of 2007, while Elyse was working as a marketing manager at a think tank in DC, this smug computer programmer walked in and changed her life.

The two flirted quite a bit at work (which was kind of unprofessional in hindsight). They started IMing. Which led to texting. Which led to hanging out in real life. But nothing romantic was happening and Elyse was moving soon to Minneapolis to start advertising school—so the two assumed that maybe they were destined to be just friends.

Boyyyyyy were they wrong. At happy hour on Elyse’s last day of work, Brad amped up his game (finally). He showed up with a sunflower to wish her goodbye and good luck. Elyse proceeded to get a bit tipsy and later that night bullied Brad, asking him “Why don’t you LIKE me like me?” He told her that he did like her, like her. And that was that.

The couple did the long distance thing for a year and a half. Brad was flying to Minneapolis a lot—EVEN in the winter (now that’s love). In the spring of 2009, the lovebirds moved into their own nest in Arlington, Virginia (a block away from where they met). And in the spring of 2010, the two shocked their families and friends and U-hauled their hineys out to Minneapolis—where they now live in their new home with their cat, Puck.

And now the “how we met story” in save-the-date form. So awesome, right?

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of this adorable engagement shoot as much as I do ~ thanks again to the wonderfully talented Amber of Live It Out Photography for sharing!

I love these shots with the tree, which Amber dubbed the fire tree … because it magically caught fire during the shoot!

 The Proposal Story:

Sunday, November 7, 2010 began like any other Sunday morning—well, for the first 10 minutes at least. Elyse woke up slowly, noticing that Brad was already up and at’em (nothing unusual there). She got up and peeked around the apartment for him. Hmmm. That’s odd. He must have run out to get breakfast or do errands or something. Groggily, Elyse wandered around the apartment until she noticed a note on the door. The note told Elyse she was going on a very special scavenger hunt around Minneapolis that morning so to put on her cutest outfit and text him when she was starting.

Instantly, Elyse had butterflies. Why did she have to get dressed up? What did this romantic guy have up his sleeves this time?

Soon enough, Brad had her racing all over Minneapolis (and beyond), completing tasks, taking photos and texting him the answers to his cryptic clues. Eventually, she wound up at the Cherry Spoon sculpture in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Soon she saw Brad emerging with a bunch of pink roses. She hugged him and kissed him, thanking him for the fun little scavenger hunt surprise, asking where they were going to go and get brunch.

Brad let her know that the surprise wasn’t over yet. He then he got down on one knee and presented Elyse with the most beautiful diamond engagement ring. The stone was the same stone his father used to propose to his mother, over 40 years earlier. Brad had picked the setting himself.

Elyse was in shock. And of course she said yes (after putting on the ring and being reminded by Brad that she hadn’t technically said yes, yet).

Brad was a little upset that Elyse didn’t cry immediately—since she cries watching the Biggest Loser and most Hallmark commercials. But she was just so surprised. Once they took a walk around Loring Park and reality set in, a couple tears came along with a deep wave of happiness, disbelief, joy and excitement.

Later in the afternoon, once their heart rates returned to normal, the two called their families and friends. And even later still, Elyse learned that her friend Jackie had been hiding in the bushes during the entire proposal—snapping photos. She’d captured each moment beautifully from the sidelines, giving them photos of a moment they will never forget.

Click inside to see the rest of this adorable, backyard engagement session.

Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck & A Frederick, MD Wedding Video

For this morning’s modern wedding song suggestion, we have a bonus ~ a wedding video courtesy of KD Productions to accompany the song!

Amanda & Doug got married on a lovely, fall afternoon on a Saturday in October at the Morningside Inn in Frederick, MD. The couple used Dave Barnes’ God Gave Me You” as their first dance song ~ so you already know how it works for a modern first dance song selection, but I think it would also work as a beautiful processional song, or song to include on your wedding video!

Wedding appropriate lyrics include:

“On my own I’m only
Half of what I could be
I can’t do without you
We are stitched together
And what love has tethered
I pray we never undo”

[*Side Note* After reading the lyrics just now ~ this song really would also make an incredible reading for a wedding. If you are looking for a unique, or alternative reading, not from the Bible – then I truly invite you to click on over to these lyrics …]

Amanda & Doug | 10.08.11 | Frederick, MD from Katie Durski on Vimeo.



Capitol Vendor: Seventh Avenue Films, DC Wedding Cinematography

Seventh Avenue Films – A Washington, DC Wedding Cinematography Company

This past week I got an email from Edgar, part-owner and founder of Seventh Avenue Films ~ a wedding videography business in the Washington, DC area. Edgar told me, “we are 3 wedding cinematographers that built our business with passion for filming. We fell in love with wedding cinematography and we are so passionate about creating wedding stories.”

I was super pumped that he found Capitol Romance, and he seemed to be super pumped that he found me to. He loved our idea here to promote local, DC area wedding vendors that push the boundaries of typical weddings, and search for uniqueness & creativity.

We are going to be featuring some truly beautiful wedding videos from Seventh Avenue Films in the upcoming weeks, so I won’t spoil anything yet! But if you are interested in finding a creative wedding videographer for your Washington, DC area wedding ~ then be sure to check these guys out.

Here is a bit more about Edgar and how Seventh Avenue Films got started:

Seventh Avenue Films is made up of three cinematographers, Jorge Suarez, Julian Suarez, and myself. I was born and raised in the DC Area shortly after my parents emigrated from Colombia, South America, I am 33 years old. Jorge and Julian (twins) both came from Colombia when they were seven and grew up most of their lives in the area as well, they are 18. We met and bonded through soccer and church. We all shared an equal passion for filming and music and we decided to film a wedding for extra cash and we absolutely fell in love with it, that was the start of Seventh Avenue Films. Our passion drives our films and our company. We spend hours, and hours practicing our camera work and studying and thinking of creative ways to make better quality and unique wedding videos. One thing that I think separates us from other companies is the fact that we always shoot every wedding with 3 cameras. Unlike other companies that shoot with one cinematographer and charge extra for additional cameras, we believe that if we always shoot with multiple cameras at no extra cost we will not compromise the quality of our films.
At Seventh Avenue Films we also shoot promotional videos and  other events.

To contact Edgar, his email is

Cat & John’s Gorgeous Fall Foliage Maryland Wedding at Rock Creek Mansion

We have a gorgeous fall wedding to share that took place at the Rock Creek Mansion in Bethesda, Maryland. This Maryland wedding venue is perfect for those looking for a small or intimate venue!

Cat & John got married here with a perfect fall foliage color palette and some really special details. Thanks to Washington, DC wedding photographer, ZADesignz for sharing these images [submitted via Two Bright Lights].

Cat & John’s Intimate Fall Wedding in Bethesda, MD

How Cat & Jon met:

We met through mutual friends at various gatherings that they hosted.  Finally after [Jon] Facebooked me, we became friends, and were inseparable after our first date! :)

in love with the fact that Cat wore Blowfish shoes for her wedding flats ~ these shoes complete my life [they are INSANELY comfy]. if you don’t own a pair … you need to buy some STAT – and they can even be bought at DSW!

How John proposed to Cat:

On Saturday August 14th, John and I attended a friend’s BBQ party. As usual i was goofing around and made a bet with John, he asked me what was at stake, and I said ‘Diamonds’, of course jokingly. He accepted the challenge, and of course I won!

The next day, having completely forgotten about our bet, we went on a scheduled house tour with our real estate agent. At the end of a very long day, we crashed on the couch, and I suddenly remembered about the bet the previous evening, and asked John where my diamonds were? He said “well funny enough (and pulled out a black box) I’ve been wanting to give this to you for awhile” he opened the box, and there was the diamond ring, and he asked “Will you be my wife?”

I calmly answered yes, and was in utter shock. He exclaimed that he thought i would have been screaming and jumping for joy and urged me to call everyone i knew – but i wanted to enjoy the moment with my love!


Cat shares why they chose the orange & red color palette for their wedding:

John and I’s favorite color is orange, and one of the most complimentary colors is deep red. Two very passionate and engaging colors. This suited us well since we elected to get married on September 10, 2011 (09/10/11).

 Click inside for the rest of this intimate fall wedding in Bethesda, Maryland

Wedding Photography Discount for Capitol Romance Readers!

*this discount offer is has now ended. for all current discounts/giveaways please see our sidebar on the right-hand side of this page!*


25% Off Wedding Photography with ZADesignz

I am SO excited to share our first major vendor discount on the blog ~ a discount deal exclusive to Capitol Romance readers. Starting today, readers that mention this post [and subsequent ad on the right hand side of our blog] will receive a 25% discount on wedding photography packages with ZADesignz.

We are going to have some more from Zareth with ZADesignz this afternoon and a bigger surprise coming from her next week … but for now, be sure to check out ZADesignz website, and blog for more information!

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