Please Support: Dead Man’s Cell Phone

Hi Friends,

I have posted on Twitter and Facebook about this, but I wanted to share a little bit more information about something that is a bit more personal, and not at all wedding related.

My sister Jill just graduated from Temple University with an MFA in Directing and her main stage directorial debut will be the show Dead Man’s Cell Phone at the Simpatico Theatre in Philadelphia.

Simpatico Theatre’s is an awesome venue with an amazing mission:

Simpatico Theatre Project believes theatre to be a force for positive social change. We produce classic, contemporary, and new theatre that encourages dialogue about the problems concerning the Philadelphia community. Through educational partnerships with local organizations and advocacy groups we connect our audience to those individuals and groups who are also seeking solutions.

With a little less than a month left to reach their goal, I ask anyone that can to donate ~ even if only a $1 (!!) to help not only my sister, but the arts, and even social change on a larger scale. If you don’t have money to spare, then please consider sharing this post with anyone else you might think could help!


To learn more about the theater and its mission, you can watch the follow video:

I cannot thank you all enough for taking the time to just read this personal post :) Thank you guys! My sister will truly appreciate anything you can do!!

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Brittany & Brendon’s Saucy Annapolis MD Engagement Session

Happy Friday everyone! I have a super sassy & romantic Annapolis engagement shoot to share with you for today from Washington, DC area wedding & portrait photographer, Rebecca Watkins Photography.

The lovely lady in this shoot is actually a singer in a Christian Rock band! How cool is that?!!?

Brittany shares their amazingly romantic proposal story:

When Brendon went back to Purdue University for his last year, I felt my heart go with him. I would lie awake at night missing him and counted down the days till I saw his blue eyes again. In October I had the opportunity to fly out and visit. Little did I know the weekend of the 29th would be life-changing.

My plane landed and he picked me up, greeting me with a big kiss and hug. The plan was that he was going to take me to the house of girls I was staying with so I could settle in while he ran to complete a group project. We walked in the door and I said goodbye to Brendon and the girls took me to the room I was staying in. It was the greenest room I had ever seen! I looked around and suddenly I saw roses on a nightstand and I complimented their beauty to the girl who was currently staying in the room. She laughed and told me they were not hers and my stomach sunk.

I walked over to the dozen roses and beside the vase there was a note that read, “Brittany, I have something special planned for us. Dress nicely and warm. I’ll pick you up in an hour.”

love this shot!

The girls helped me get ready and I cut one of the flowers from the bouquet and placed it in my hair. As I walked downstairs, Brendon entered in the front door. I remember seeing the light on his jacket from the late evening sun.

He led me to a car that was chauffeured by one of his five roommates. We arrived at his house where he then took my hand and led me inside. Right when I walked through the door there was a small room with a table set for two; candlelit. We sat down and another one of his roommates came out and waited on us. There was a homemade chicken caesar salad on the menu and it was delicious. Brendon asked over and over again if I liked the food and what he had done. As I told him I enjoyed it thoroughly, he followed up quickly with, “It’s not over yet.”


Click inside for the rest of this modern, stylish Annapolis engagement shoot and the rest of Brittany & Brendon’s proposal story!

Erin & Karl’s Hipster, Vintage Fredericksburg Virginia Wedding ~ Part 2

And we are BACK with Part 2 of Erin & Karl’s gloriously vintage & historic Fredericksburg, VA wedding from Sweet Tea Photography!

On Tuesday we saw Part 1, including those patterned bridesmaids dresses, beautiful pale pink & ivory flower bouquets, and Erin’s elegantly simple, J Crew wedding dress.

With no wedding planner, Erin was focused on the process of the wedding and all of the unique touches that went into it. Many of the decorations were collected by Erin, including milk glass cake stands and bud vases from Etsy and thrift stores.

I love these “portrait” shots of Erin & Karl. So relaxed and beautiful.

Erin shares some insight into her and her dad’s father daughter song selection:

Me and my dad, Kevin, danced to Darius Rucker’s “It Won’t Be Like This For Long.” He chose the song, which made it that much more special. My parents also listened to a lot of Hootie and the Blowfish in the nineties when I was growing up, so it was special because of that, too.

Father daughter dance pictures always get me! So much love & emotion.

Click inside for the rest of Part 2 of Erin & Karl’s sweetly vintage Virginia wedding …

DIY Inspiration: Feather Garland Wedding Ideas

Garland seems to be making a HUGE splash in the world of wedding decor. One possible reason might be that it is a pretty simple decoration to make yourself and can help with budget-conscious brides and weddings.

Garland can be made from flowers or from paper ~ but for today’s DIY Wednesday post, I wanted to share yet another take on garlandFeather Garland!

Feathers are another thing that seem to be super, duper popular right now – even my mother-in-law has one woven into her hair (hah! I’m not lying!) so why not combine these two awesome trends and have feather garland adorn your wedding reception.

[via HGTV Blog – Design Happens]

[via Green Wedding Shoes]

While the garland above is actually from Etsy seller Kaye Blegvad I think you could easily make your own feather garland by collecting feathers and stringing them on a wire or rope. I mean seriously ~ how cool does this look!!?

Would LOVE to see this baby in action! Send us your Feather Garland if you make this for your own wedding!



Capitol Nontradition: Veil Alternatives

The veil.

The veil is one of those wedding traditions that I was adamant to buck. Now first, let me just put it out there, that I am in NO way demeaning veils or brides that chose to wear one, I am just offering some insight into the tradition behind the veil, and some alternatives to wearing one, if you felt like I did … that the veil isn’t for you!

Let’s start with the actual history & tradition of the wedding veil:

Associated Content tells us:

The veil once served a purpose dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans.

In the case of arranged marriages, the veil acted as a screen to block the bride’s face from her husband-to-be. Prior to the lifting of the veil, the future married couple had never before seen each other’s faces.

The custom of wearing a veil continued, although the meaning behind it changed with time into a role of modesty and obedience. From this, the veil developed into a symbol of chastity. Then it became the sign of submission of women.

When I decided to do things non-traditionally in my own wedding, I always took the time to find out the original tradition, and put some thought into if I felt a connection or had a belief in the tradition that the wedding element stood for. In the case of the veil, I felt no allegiance to the Romans or Greeks, or the idea of chastity, and I certainly did not agree with the sign of submission that veils once had.

So goodbye veil ~ hello veil alternatives!!!

My own hand-made floral hair piece (with some feathers!)

[via Live It Out Photo]

Simple floral hair clips

[via Make Believin on Etsy]

Lace bridal headbands

[via Dress Safari]

Beautiful veil alternative ~ unique lace headpiece

[via Mamma Mia Bridal on Etsy]

[via Twigs & Honey]

A heart hairpiece! Such a unique & simple veil alternative

[via Yes Bride]

…And finally, quite possibly the ULTIMATE resource for non-veil brides, check out all these amazing veil alternatives from Enchanted Atelier:

Let us know if you had a veil alternative (or are planning to) for your own wedding!

Erin & Karl’s Historic, Hipster Virginia Wedding Wedding in Fredericksburg ~ Part 1

I can barely contain myself.

I am INSANELY excited to share today’s real Washington, DC wedding with you. It’s one of my first wedding features, where I got to feature both the couple’s engagement session and now get to blog their AH-MAZING vintage, thrift store wedding.

You might remember Erin & Karl from their laid-back hipster engagement session at the illustrious Glen Echo Park. (If you don’t … go check it out, it was one of my favorite e-sessions to date). And, if you think their Maryland engagement session was awesome, just wait until you see what they did with their wedding, and all the truly stunning details that one of my favorite DC wedding photographers captured, Lisa Marie of Sweet Tea Photography.

Both the wedding ceremony & reception were at the historic Inn at Fredericksburg Square. It provided the perfect backdrop for the vintage theme that Erin and Karl wanted to incorporate for their wedding. Lisa herself went to High School here, and she told me she had so much fun showing her co-shooter, Michelle, around her old town. I am sure you will quickly see why…

Erin’s beautiful, simple ivory dress was from JCrew, a few seasons ago. She had ordered it used online.

Love their simple pale pink & ivory color palette for the bouquets.

Real bridesmaids in patterned dresses!!! LOVE!

Click inside for the rest of this beautifully sweet vintage Fredericksburg, VA wedding…

Heather & Darryl’s Romantic Carnival Engagement Session in Virginia

Fredericksburg, Virginia looks like a place I need to visit. This week on the blog, we will have TWO features that took place in Fredericksburg, VA and both of them will rock. your. socks. off.

For starters, let’s begin with this amazing, carnival engagement shoot from Rachel Brenke Photography (submitted via Two Bright Lights). You might remember Rachel‘s totally rad photography skills from that stunning vintage military love shoot we featured a few weeks back. Well, now she is back with another feature that will be sure to tickle your visual senses just as bad.

A funky, romantic carnival engagement shoot at the Fredericksburg, VA Fair!

I love the idea of  having your engagement session at a fair or carnival. I mean these pictures are just so fun and romantic, with just the hint of Grease thrown in.

Love Heather’s statement necklace with the blueish-purple glass beads!

I am not always a fan of the “holding inanimate objects” shot in sessions, however, when it’s multicolored lollipops, I can totally make an exception! The colors of the lollipops just POP against their black outfits and I love it.

Click inside for the rest of this fun, fair engagement session!

Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck: Jump (For My Love)

I have what some might call, an unhealthy obsession with the movie Love Actually. It’s an annual part of my “Christmas Movie Must Watch” repertoire and quotes from the movie make normal, daily appearances in my every day conversations (mainly with my husband, since no one at work would probably understand what I was referencing when I say things like “just in cases” and “i hate uncle jamie”).

Though I probably couldn’t narrow down my top favorites scenes to just five, there is one that has always been a consistent front runner … the Hugh Grant dance sequence.

Love Actually – Hugh Grant Dance to Jump

 It turns out the song (Jump For My Love by the Pointer Sisters) from this clip also has some fantastically appropriate wedding related lyrics and could be an awesome way to exit your wedding ceremony, rock down the aisle to your wedding ceremony, or use as a modern, upbeat reception entrance song.

 Your eyes tell me how you love me
Can feel it in your heart beat

…. And now I am off to go watch Love Actually in its entirety…

Capitol Advice: Hiring A DJ

I am never one to shy away from giving my opinion – and as a staunch fan of hiring a live band for my wedding, I didn’t even consider DJs. However, I know that some people do, and others have some pre-concieved notions about DJs for a wedding.

So for this afternoon, I have some fabulous advice & insight from a professional, for those of you that might be considering the DJ route. Ormaybe even for those that wrote off DJs like me … but should maybe give them a second chance!

Please welcome Adrienne from  (with additional credit to Evan Reitmeyer of MyDeejay, who is the president, resident mix-master and bride favorite) with some candid, truthful, and honest advice about hiring a DJ for your wedding!

Before we even talk about finding a wedding DJ, let’s take a moment to clear out all the bad juju in your brain lingering from bad DJ experiences in your past. You know what I’m talking about; the guy in a Hawaiian shirt and oversized sunglasses who ruined your friend of a friend’s wedding with Disco Duck, the used car salesman who DJs on the weekend and spammed your cousin’s wedding with his own advertisements and, of course the lounge singer creep in the glitter bow-tie who hit on the mother of the bride all night between his sleazy announcements. Take a deep breath and cleanse your mind of these stereotypes. Exhale. Now are we ready to talk about wedding DJs?

Finding a wedding DJ is no simple task. It isn’t like finding a locksmith where you can pretty much run your index finger along any page in the phonebook and find a guy (or gal) who can at least pop your door open for you.  Here in the Washington area, we’re blessed with tons of talented (and some not so talented) DJs more than happy to do your wedding but how are you supposed to pick one?

The first thing you should do before you even start looking (after exorcising the bad DJ demons out of your mind) is to look at what you, as a couple, want in a DJ. Think about your own personal style and what kind of personality your potential DJ will have to be able to express that through music to your guests. Do you want a boisterous extrovert who will rally your guests to the dance floor or do you prefer a more laid-back professional who will let the music do the talking? Do you even care? No one’s saying you have to have a preference either way, but if you do, now is the time to figure that out.

Click inside to continue reading more from!

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