Real Capitol Wedding: Erin & Nick – Part 1


Confession time: I have been sitting on these pictures from Meghan Lynn Photography for a while now … why? Not because I didn’t like them (I love them) and not because I didn’t want to feature them (I have been dying to feature them) … it’s because I literally COULD NOT decide which pictures to post. I could barely stop myself from asking Meghan for every single picture in the gallery!

The colors are gorgeous, the venue is beautiful, the couple is so in love, and the emotions are not only insanely palpable, but so vividly captured in Meghan’s pictures.

Therefore, I have decided to break Erin & Nick’s wedding feature into a 2-parter! Today I will feature Part 1 and then tomorrow I will post the rest of the pictures in Part 2!

First a bit of background from photographer Meghan:

I was honored to be a part of Erin and Nick’s wedding at Mountain Branch Golf & Grill. Erin and Nick are one of the happiest couples I’ve had the privilege to know and work with. Erin was absolutely glowing with sheer joy all day, and you can tell from the way Nick looks at her that he knows how lucky he is.  I have never met a happier couple than Erin and Nick. From start to finish, what strikes me about this wedding was how much FUN they had.

Today you will see EXACTLY (and I mean exactly) what Meghan is talking about with Erin’s glow and Nick’s expressions of sheer adoration. Tomorrow… well, tomorrow you will see the FUN. I hope the contagious nature of these pictures will carry with you during your St. Patrick’s Day festivities the rest of the day! Enjoy!

I am in LOVE with all these bright colors!!

These gorgeous bouquets were made by Mary-Ruth Chapin

*Deep breathe in!!*

*annnnd breathe out!*

I love the simple flower decorations and flower centerpieces – you could totally DIY these!

The look on Nick’s face!!! Adoooorable (so precious!).

This one cracks me up – could not resist!

Erin is clearly having the time of her life!

These beautiful, bright bouquets against the non-matching black bridesmaid dresses? Swoooon!

How could I not end with this one!?

**Be sure to check back tomorrow morning for Part 2 of this awesome, real wedding!!!**

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Just For Fun: Remy’s “I’m a Caps Fan”

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Hey there readers!

While on my daily browsing of (Arlington, VA’s local blog) I came across Remy’s new video. Remy of the “Arlington Rap” and “Metro Song” fame, has a new one about being a Capitol’s Fan. I am not a big hockey or Caps fan … but in case you are, enjoy!

Remy\’s \”I\’m A Caps Fan\”

Irish Wedding Inspiration!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day Romancers!!

I love St. Patrick’s day and thought some Irish & green wedding inspiration would be all too appropriate (as I am sure almost every other wedding blog will be doing as well)! Check back this afternoon for a beautiful & colorful wedding from Meghan Lynn Photography … but until then, it’s time to get greenified!

Some Irish bridesmaids in Wellies via OnceWed

A gorgeous Irish Wedding E-ring & Band via Luster Studios

Ok, we all know how I feel about groomsmen in chucks … but bridesmaids in green chucks? LOVE IT!

Another fabulous image courtesy of OnceWed – A bride with green in her dress!

Or if you want just a touch of green on your wedding dress? Check out Stephanie James Couture

For some reason these groomsmen in suspenders evoke a certain Irish air about them! (via Weddingbycolor)

And some awesome green boutonnieres

And finally, these adorable Irish Wedding Invitations!

DIY Invitations with Abby Grace Photo


This is the first post of a recurring series by Abby Grace Photo. Abby did a TON of DIY projects for her stunning wedding this past winter and will be sharing them with you over the next few weeks! Take it away Abby…

Hey, DC brides! First of all, it is such an honor to be chatting with you all. I was so stoked (yes, stoked) when Bree asked me to share some of my DIY products from my wedding. So here I am for the next few weeks, pouring out my ideas and creativity. I’ll try my best to let you know where I got each component of each project, too, in case you want to recreate your own version!

A little bit about me- I’m a wedding photographer in the DC/Northern Virginia area, so I LOVE all things nuptial. I married the most wonderful man and my very best friend this past January in Fairfax, VA, and life is good. :) He was such a trooper and helped me with ALL of my DIY projects. Now you know I’m talkin truth (Ke$ha?) when I say he’s wonderful! I couldn’t have gotten everything done without his help. I also love Harry Potter (bet I could beat you at Harry Potter SceneIt!), Pottery Barn, CraigsList (to purchase Pottery Barn decor), and Pixi Stix. Oh! There’s this amazing drink called the Pixi Stick! I’ll totally sneak that into a future blog post… maybe Bree won’t notice! :)

Now! On to wedding invitations, which, truthfully, is probably why you’re reading this blog post.

My inspiration for the wedding invitations came from a collage of ideas. I knew I liked the idea of a layered invitation because I’d seen my ever-crafty mother do the same sort of design for invitations a few years ago. We were on a really tight budget ($7K), and I knew we wouldn’t be able to afford the formal letterpress invitations or something custom designed from a stationer, so we turned to a friend of ours, Bret Johnson. Bret is the pastor of a church I attended when I was in college at Radford University and one of the most genius graphic designers I’ve ever met. Seriously, he’s GREAT. He’s done invitations for a couple of friends of ours, so we asked if he’d be willing to do them for us.

After deciding on a snowflake theme, we went on to a stock vector site (like stock images, but for graphic designers) and picked out a couple snowflake designs we liked.

Bret took our favorites, along with my verbage and a color sample of my bridesmaid dresses, and designed the invitation you see here:

The Ultimate DIY Project: Wedding Ring Workshop

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DIY in weddings is all the rage now a days. I absolutely LOVE it! During my own DIY searching, I came across a company called Wedding Ring Workshop – a place where you can go and actually make your own wedding rings.

Yes, you read that correctly – make your own rings!

Talk about the ultimate DIY project, actually making your own or your partner’s ring! Wedding Ring Workshop has locations all over the US and a few in the UK as well!  The workshop closest to Washington, DC is located in Washington, Virgina (for more information go here).

The Wedding Ring Experience was first created in London as the result of a challenge thrown down by our founder, Simon Lewis, in the locker room of his Rugby football team after a game! Knowing of his fine reputation and artistic skill as a jeweler, one of his team-mates asked Simon if he would make the wedding bands for him and his bride. Jokingly, Simon replied “Why don’t you make them yourself? I’ll show you how.” The rest, as they say – is history.

The website for DC’s Wedding Ring Workshop has everything you wanted to know about the process and more! I highly suggest you hop on over to their site to learn more about the experience, read stories from couples that did it, or check out some FAQs.

Let us know if you use Wedding Ring Workshop for your wedding rings – we would love to share your story (and some shots of your DIY rings) on Capitol Romance!!




Tales of a DIY DC DUO: Chapter 6 “DIY Snacks”

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This is Chapter 6 of an ongoing series following the journey of a couple throwing an intimate, DIY wedding in Washington, DC. Be sure to check out the earlier chapters from this series for some great DIY tips and inspiration!

Catering is a HUGE expense for your wedding.

At Chart House we are averaging about $50 per person (which is still on the cheap side for a wedding with good food).  But how did we save some money AND at the same time add some cute DIY details to our wedding?? Answer: Snacks!!!!  HOORAY for snacks.

So, we figured since we will be stuck on a bus (courtesy of Regal Limo) to and from the Jefferson Memorial in cherry blossom festival traffic anyway… why not turn it into a “party bus”?  We are allowed to bring our own food and beverages.  Our guests are meeting at 4PM, so they will already be at our wedding for 2 1/2 hours before the cocktail reception even starts.  It’s the least we can do to get some snacks in their stomaches and make the bus ride more interesting.  If you don’t have a bus, you could still give out snacks or leave them on the chairs the end of your ceremony, or even ask your reception venue if you can bring food “favors” that people will probably consume on the spot!

We spent the weekend elbow deep in fruit and nuts.  I bought cashews, walnuts, and trail mix at CVS with a coupon.  I then bought the dried cherries at Target and pink M&Ms on sale after Valentine’s Day. We knew we wanted to serve beer and Claude thought that mixing everything together would not go well with beer, so we opted to give each guest 2 bags: Sweet & Salty!

  1. “Sweet” dried cherries, dried cranberries, raisins, yogurt covered cranberries, m&ms
  2. “Salty” almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews, pretzels

We bought the cellophane treat bags in the $1 section of Target during Valentines Day and labeled each bag with a home printed label and stapled them shut.  We then put one of each bag into a brown lunch bag and put a home printed office depot address label on each lunch bag….  It says “Eat, Drink and Be Married” and explains that they can add the bags together for a yummy trail mix.  We completed the bags with a hole punched in the top and a piece of natural and pink raffia (both $1 from Target) tied around the top.

(^*DIY TIP: This is a great way to make your own guest bags OR favors!!*)

We will serve them in little pine trays that were had during a sale at Ben Franklins for $2 each.  We will bring a cooler with a domestic inexpensive beer, water and cherry sodas too.

I think they turned out really cute and hope our guests will appreciate the extra effort that we put into giving them a snack that was both practical and good.  Not to mention the extra expense we saved on catering because we didn’t have to purchase another appetizer at the restaurant.  Every dollar saved is a good thing!

Capitol Wedding: Rebecca & Jeff’s Vintage Consignment Shop Wedding


This vintage, consignment shop wedding will make. your. week.

When I found James’ (of James Reyes Photography)  blog and this subsequent wedding on it, I ran to my gmail account to email him and beg him to let me share his pictures. Luckily, James is one cool dude, and he graciously allowed me to share the pictures here on Capitol Romance, without much begging required.

This wedding is gorgeous, stunning, and amazing for many reasons. The first is the overall rustic-vintage feel to it. The second is that Rebecca decorated the house herself from scouring consignment shops, craigslist, and her grandparents’ things. The third is how intimate the wedding is. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better.

Rebecca wore her great-grandmother’s pearls and built the Chupah that her and Jeff were married under, herself! (Ultimate DIY Bride Award). The couple also used a tallit (Jewish prayer shawl) around their shoulders during the ceremony. The same shawl was used during the wedding of the grandparents from each side.

If you aren’t wowed already, then just wait until you see the inside of the house, the vintage decor, and how insanely gorgeous Rebecca looked. A true vintage bride!

Click inside for the rest of Rebecca & Jeff’s vintage, consignment shop inspired & decorated wedding!

Real Capitol Romance: Shabby Chic

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Nancy & Paul

I just couldn’t resist from using the “Shabby Chic” term that Michelle Lindsay Photography used on their own blog when describing this oh-too-sweet engagement shoot.  What is Shabby Chic you ask? Well, Michelle will tell you …

So what’s the deal with Shabby Chic? WELL, when we were conceptualizing the look and feel of the session, Nancy said her and Paul liked “shabby chic.” I was like, “What?” Well, actually, that’s not true. I had the completely incorrect interpretation, and suggested a location like U Street or Adams Morgan, which Nancy quickly corrected me on. She explained that her and Paul loved dilapidated buildings, exploring more “depressed” looking areas and rummaging through old things. Then I was like, “Oooohhhhh. I was totally on the wrong track.” We ended being a bit limited with location because of work schedules, so we decided to settle on Old Town. The cool thing is that I shoot in Old Town ALL the time, but Nancy and Paul were stretching me to look at the setting in a different way. After we finished up in Old Town, we hopped in the car and drove over to Crystal City to check out this old, abandoned motel near the Clark Street Playhouse. It was sketchy (to say the least) and I’m pretty sure we were all a bit scared of getting mugged, but hey! It was different and we got some pretty cool photos and everyone walked away with all their money.

I think I have found my new favorite term … and a new favorite e-shoot location!

Photographers & couples that love to look at the DC area in unconventional ways for e-shoots are my heroes. But enough talking … more smiling! This couple’s shoot, with its effortless, casual style and seriously in love, love-birds, will no doubt have you cheesin’ hard!

Nancy & Paul got married up in Vermont last fall! Congratulations you two!

Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck: “Peg O’ My Heart”

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A little fun for this week’s “Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck” post.

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up on Thursday, I thought a little Dropkick Murphys would be all too appropriate.  This song, Peg O’ My Heart is off their newest album, Going Out in Style. It is an absolutely adorable and catchy Irish Punk love song that I just cannot get enough of (or out of my head for that matter)!

The lyrics are so sweet, I almost wish my name was Peg! Any Irish couples out there plan on having a traditional Irish ceremony could totally use this song for their wedding, ceremony, or even just as music for their video! Even if it’s not wedding appropriate, it is still a great love song.

So grab your kilt (or at least something green) and I dare you not to jig to this one.

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