DIY Vintage Luggage Case Stationary Set with Jewel Hair Design

Happy DIY Wednesday Romancers!

I have an awesome & fun DIY project for you today courtesy of Julie from Jewel Hair Design (check our blog feature on her company). Turns out this super-talented hair designer goddess is also a DIY maven! How jealous am I?

Julie took an old vintage luggage suitcase and turned it into a stationary set.

Julie helps us with some fantastic ideas to use this awesome DIY vintage suitcase for, for your wedding:

Wedding Use Ideas:

  • Favor holder
  • Guest book sign in ( add multiple slots at the bottom of the case so you can place cards)
  • Program, menu, direction cards holder
  • Gift card drop off at reception

Read more to learn how to make this vintage DIY wedding project!

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Erica & Tommy’s Offbeat Baltimore MD Wedding at the American Visionary Art Museum

Erica & Tommy’s wedding is an awesome example of modern meets alternative

…I mean, they got married under a hot air balloon – how many couples can say THAT!?

Set at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD, Erica & Tommy threw an amazing wedding that was beautifully captured by Stephen Bobb of Love Life Images. I think you all are going to really like this one …

As a Washington, DC couple, Erica & Tommy share why they chose the American Visionary Art Museum as their venue:

Early in our relationship, we had visited American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore and fell in love with the museum and the philosophy behind it.  If you haven’t been there before, it is a quirky, magical place that draws out smiles and laughter.  A few months before we got engaged, we visited AVAM once again and Tommy kept saying, “You know, this would be really great space for a big party.

After we got engaged, having our wedding at AVAM immediately came to mind.  Having lived in the District for most of my adult life, I struggled with wanting to have a DC wedding, but most of the venues we looked at didn’t feel like us — too formal and fancy — and didn’t have the sentimental value that AVAM had.

After taking another trip to AVAM with our wedding in mind, it became a no brainer and we settled on our destination wedding in Baltimore four years to the day of our first date.

Love Tommy’s style ~ a bearded groom is always ok with me :)

Adore the simple, bright yellow and pink boutonnieres

This shot is stunning. Looks so editorial!

Read more to see the rest of the blog feature, the Hot Air Balloon altar, modern & bright table displays, and more from this fantastic alternative Maryland wedding!

Capitol Inspiration: 4th of July & Sparkler Send Offs

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!!!!

We thought some sparkler wedding inspiration on the blog would be the perfect post if you are with us today on this fabulous holiday!!!


[via Photo Net]

[via Two Foot Creative blog]

A really cute way to display the sparkler wedding favor

[via Luxory Wedding Favors]

Chelsea & Ben’s U Street City Streets Engagement in Washington DC

Chelsea and Ben take U Street by storm in this awesome engagement feature from Danielle Cover Photography.


I am in LOVE with this first shot! First off, I love this unique, “non-monuments”, Washington DC engagement shoot location. U St. is such a cool area ~ so I was super pumped when Danielle sent this to me!!

Now, let’s meet Chelsea & Ben:

They met while students at the School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins.  Ben was lost in the hallway and Chelsea had just gotten into a fight with her adviser and was kicked out a meeting into that very same hallway.  Ben asked for directions and the rest is history.  They live in DC now while Chelsea finishes her PhD and Ben works on the hill as a policy wonk.  One of my favorite parts of the session was when Ben, in describing Chelsea, said, “Not only is she beautiful and intelligent, but she’s willing to try anything.  And she loves boxing.”  It’s just so perfect for them. As far as wedding plans, right now they’re unsure what they’re going to do.  They had thought about having something here in the states with the ceremony and the reception, but then thought maybe they would prefer a courthouse wedding followed by a long world domination tour of Southeast Asia.  They’re still deciding which fits best for them!

Read more to see the rest of this alternative Washington DC engagement shoot ~ including some fun with Chess & boxing gloves!!

Kelly & Michael’s Historic Cabell’s Mill Wedding in Virginia

We’ve got another gorgeous real wedding for you from the ever amazing ladies of Sweet Tea Photography. This beautiful, backyard Virginia wedding is the perfect combination of casual and elegant.

Kelly & Michael tied the knot on May 7th, 2011 at Cabell’s Mill in Centreville, VA. The historic property was the perfect backdrop for a real Virginia wedding filled with unique touches created by the bride, groom, friends, and family.

Hello there Kelly & Michael

Michael tells us how they met:

We grew up in the same town outside of Pittsburgh, started dating in high school…broke up after Kelly’s first year in college…reconnected over six years later, dated for two and a half years, got engaged on the Crim Dell bridge at William and Mary (Kelly’s alma mater).

Ok, now it’s time to bring on those DIY & personal touches…

Quite possibly the cutest, funniest “First Look” ever.

Kelly shares …


We wanted our wedding to be casual and fun, with a few simple, elegant touches.  It was important for every aspect of the day to reflect who we were as a couple.  We like browsing in antique stores on the weekends, and I fell in love with the antique blue mason jars I found in various stores around Virginia.  I knew this was going to be a central theme in our wedding.

Read more to see the rest of this awesome, DIY backyard Virginia wedding!

DIY Bridesmaids Gifts Ideas & Inspiration

Ask, and ye shall receive.

Thanks to one of my twitter followers (hey, what are YOU waiting for?), I was given an idea for an afternoon DIY Wednesday post on DIY Bridesmaids Gifts. Here’s what I found ….

A suitcase & bridal survival kit via the Oceanside Bride blog

[Perfect for traveling bridesmaids or destination weddings]

DIY Accordion Gift Boxes via Project Wedding blog

Holy cow ~ in LOVE with these DIY, rustic “Spa Essentials” bridesmaid gift ideas via Grey Likes Weddings blog

Ruffled blog never ceases to amaze  … this DIY Ribbon Chandelier Necklace will 100% win over your b’maids

1 more from Ruffled blog~ DIY Boutique Soaps

Click inside for more!

Sabrina & Mike’s DIY Maryland Wedding Favors

Remember Sabrina & Mike’s amazingly awesome DIY wedding we featured last week?

Well, Sabrina & Mike are back, but this time to share their awesome DIY, Annapolis-themed wedding favors that they had for their guests!


How adorable?! And what a great, sustainable, and re-usable idea for a wedding favor!!

I love when couples really put some thought into their wedding favors. It is, afterall, one of the things you are giving to your guests as a way of thanking them for spending all the time/effort on getting to your wedding.






Capitol Nontradition: Nonmatching Bridesmaids’ Dresses

I think I’ve told you all that I am going to be  a bridesmaid next summer (if not … I am going to be a bridesmaid next summer). I am excited about this for a number of reasons, but one of them is definitely that it has given me a whole new source of ideas to blog about!

[via Kelly Braman Photography]

I have always had my opinion of bridesmaids dresses and where the idea came from that you should make all your girlfriends, of differing shapes, sizes, haircolor, and fashion sense, fit into ONE dress. I’d love to know who started that tradition and I am beyond happy to see that it is one tradition that has been steadily fading from the wedding scene for quite some time now.

My friend Amanda (whose wedding I am going to be in!!) has decided she wants mismatched bridesmaids dresses for her 7 maids with bright, bursts of different colors. She isn’t sure yet whether that will be one dress in different colors, or all different dresses and colors, OR just accents of different colors … but regardless, it has given me the opportunity to find some awesome inspiration for different, brightly colored, mismatched bridesmaid dresses.


Let’s start with just the shoes first

[Joanna & Justin’s Real Capitol Wedding]

Now let’s add some mismatched brightly colored shoes & bouquets

[via One Reputation]

Another version of mismatched, brightly colored bridesmaids ~ with just the accents

[via Wedding Channel]

Getting there … same dress in different, bright colors

[via Wedding Bee]

Read more inside to see some more mismatched bridesmaids dresses!

Michelle’s Trash the Dress

Getting things started this morning with an awesome Trash the Dress shoot from photographer Meredith Forrest Kulwicki.

Meredith fantastically captured Michelle’s fearless adventures in the Potomac River, including a chance encounter with a somewhat over-zealous jetskier!

I am LOVING this carefree and hilarious TTD session. I am always amazed by brides that decide to to this. I just had to ask Michelle her reasoning.

So, Michelle shared:

My husband and I got married in April 2007 in York, SC.  We’re both from SC and we met my senior year at Clemson University.  I decided to trash my dress because I thought it would be a fun and creative way to part with it.  I didn’t want to save it because it takes up so much room in my closet and I thought it would be kind of pointless since I’ll never wear it again.  I wanted to donate it to a charity that collects used wedding dresses but most (if not all) of the charities require the dress to be cleaned and repaired before they’ll accept it.  The estimate I got to clean and repair my dress was close to what I paid for it, so I quickly gave up on that idea.  So I decided to trash it!

Click inside for the jet-ski aftermath!!!!


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