Spring/Summer 2011 Wedding Hair Trends with Jewel Hair Design

This afternoon I am excited to bring you some insight from a professional wedding & event hair stylist on Spring/Summer 2011 Wedding Hair Trends. You might remember Jewel Hair Design from the “vendor spotlight” we did on her way back at the beginning on my blog’s life (if not, check it out here).

Julie is insanely talented and in addition to being an amazing stylist, she writes for Examiner.com as a “Hair Style Examiner” for the Baltimore area, including professional insight on hair styling tips and products (check her articles here).

Be sure to checkout her website or become a fan of hers on facebook . Also, just in case you don’t believe me …. if you are interested in booking Julie for your wedding, you can read her raving reviews here. Ok – enough from me … bring it Julie!

A lot of brides this season are going for soft looks. Vintage is very popular right now, so many brides are trying to incorporate modern with their vintage themes.

Now I know those two categories are opposites. By Vintage/Modern I mean that the whole overall look needs to feel classic, but can still be modern by the way the hairstyle is placed. A few things that would set the hairstylist apart to make it feel classic and vintage would be adding certain things into the modern up-do.

Small things like:

  • Waves that lay on the top of the up do or waves the join from the sides softly into the up do
  • Adding pin curls and or barrel curls to the up do or sides will also set it apart

Styles that are also in right now are low chignons , high buns, and side updos.

Each and every bride is different, so I find as a hairstylist that I should take each brides over all look into consideration before I recommend the perfect hairstyle for her. Its also important that brides find a hairstylist who can incorporate all the things they have found that they like ( as far as hair pictures and ideas) and make them into a special hairstyle that is complementary to them in every way. Example: Life style, face shape, accessories…etc.

Thanks for sharing with us Julie!!!

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Capitol Romance: Lauren & Justin’s DC Bookstore Engagement Session

Today’s Capitol Romance feature has Washington, DC flavor smothered all over it (ok that sentence just made me hungry…) This adorable couple, shot by the lovely Alison Hathaway of Red Shoes Photography, had their cute and quirky e-shoot at a bookstore on Capitol Hill.

I love book store shoots – so much potential for unique and offbeat shots, angles, and the ability to use the books as props.

Alison shares:

Lauren and Justin are getting married this summer and I am so excited for them! They are such a fun couple and we went to some really sweet places for their [engagement] session. We started off at Riverby Books on East Capitol street and then meandered down Eastern Market (how awesome is that *love* painting?!) and ended up at Peregrine Espresso, the site of their first date (and site of my favorite cappuccino in DC). I am so looking forward to shooting their wedding this summer!

Lauren let us in on the inside scoop!!:

Justin and Lauren have had a quick romance, but one that is most certainly true love. The two met at a “housecooling” party (it was so warm that a housewarming party would just be too hot) last summer hosted by a mutual friend, where Lauren caught Justin’s eye.

Over the next month, the two Facebook stalked each other, and found themselves at more parties together, where Lauren’s friend worked to convince Justin to try out a new iPhone app called Bump, which exchanges contact info by bumping your phones together. Justin caught the hint and “Bumped” with Lauren. He texted the next day, and they’ve been talking every day since. Technology has clearly played a pivotal role in the spark of their relationship!
It’s no wonder- Justin works for an internet startup and Lauren writes a blog called Stamp 48 and has started a financial consulting company targeted toward indie designers and handmade artists.
The two will be married Memorial Day weekend and will settle in Washington DC.
Be sure to check out Lauren’s blog Romancers – it is dangerously awesome.


Best of luck to you both and thank you again to Alison of Red Shoes Photography for sharing with us!!!



DIY Hot Chocolate Bar with Abby Grace Photography

This is the fourth post of a recurring series by Abby Grace Photo. Abby did a TON of DIY projects for her stunning wedding this past winter and will be sharing them with you over the next few weeks!

Welcome back, Romancers! Today’s post is the final installment in my DIY series from my own personal wedding. It’s been a ton of fun blogging for Capitol Romance, and I’m hoping it won’t be my last time (nudge nudge, Bree)! As always feel free to email me with any questions, especially if I’ve forgotten to give the name of a vendor I used. The photos we’re using today were taken at my wedding by the amazing lovely and incredible Terra of Terra Dawn Photography (she’s AMAZING).

After stalking wedding blogs and attending several weddings last summer, I REALLY wanted to do some sort of “sweet bar” feature. One of my college roommates had a candy bar at her July wedding and it was executed perfectly, but I didn’t want to copy hers, and the idea of a candy bar seemed really summery to me. I finally came up with the idea of doing a hot chocolate bar, which was completely appropriate for our [frigid] January wedding.

We talked with our caterer and she was really excited to execute the idea. We came up with a list of toppings and ingredients for our guests to pick from while fixing their drinks.

The bar ended up consisting of:

  • a large carafe of hot chocolate
  • several different flavor shots (caramel, white chocolate and hazelnut)
  • whipped cream
  • chocolate shavings
  • marshmallows
  • candy canes

I bought three or four cute, clear glass jars from Michael’s to be used as toppings containers. I created the labels for all of the toppings using textured paper from Paper Source (of course) and silver letters and ribbon from Michaels. Because “marshmallow” wouldn’t fit on the business card-sized paper, I ended up coming up with creative names for each topping; “mini clouds” for marshmallows, “swizzle sticks” for candy canes, and so on.

Tales of a DIY DC Duo: Chapter 10 “DIY Wands & Streamers”

This is Chapter 10 of an ongoing series following the journey of a couple throwing an intimate, DIY wedding in Washington, DC. Be sure to check out the earlier chapters from this series for some great DIY tips & inspiration!

Have you heard “rice will kill the birds” and “you aren’t allowed to throw confetti“? Plus, who wants to attract a million seagulls with bird seed?  And, you can’t afford releasing doves or butterflies.  But, I of course still want a celebratory burst of exciting movement in my photos!  So, what else is there?


Wedding streamers or wands.  What a great way to add excitement to your day without the mess and waste of those microscopic particles of useless stuff.

It is also a very uncomplicated DIY project.

Step 1: Grab some dowels at a hardware store (I found mine at Lowes for  >50 cents each).

Step 2: Then I cut them in half cause they were too long (essentially making them 25 cents each).

Step 3: I painted them with brown paint (*tip*: Don’t use spray paint. It will waste a ton of paint because the dowels are too small & round).

Step 4: Buy some of those tiny eyelet screws at the same hardware store and hand screw them into the top of the dowel.  (*tip*If they are too difficult to screw in at first, stick a thumbtack in the top of the dowel to start a small pilot hole.)  Be careful not to split the dowel.

Step 5: Then take a small piece of ribbon and tie it around the eyelet making a bit bigger loop.

Step 6: Finally, tie any remaining ribbon anywhere between 2-6 pieces in your colors in the length you want to the loop.  I bought all of my ribbon on sale at Micheals for 50 cents per spool.

I think the total cost of each dowel was less than $1!!

I also took an extra step and printed at-home name tags in the shape of a cherry blossom and laminated them.

I punched 2 holes at the top of each name tag and stuck a safety pin through the top.  Then I attached the name tag to the eyelet.  Claude an I intend to push the entire dowel into the ground so that it tells people where their place to stand is at the ceremony (since we won’t have chairs).  It is like a place card, but for standing! Then, once they find their spot, they can remove the name tag and attach it to their clothes so it is really double duty!

I think the guests will have a lot of fun with these!!

Be sure to send us any of YOUR DIY wands or streamers!

Capitol Inspiration: Glen Echo Park, MD

Glen Echo Park might just be the COOLEST place in the Washington, DC area for your wedding, reception, or engagement shoot. I think it all comes down to a matter of preference. Art Galleries (like Long View & Artisphere) offer the cool-factor, but have that modern feel & vibe to them, that doesn’t work for all couples.  And then you have the historical houses in DC that just drip with history and heritage (Dumbarton House, Decatur House & Halcyon House to name a few) but don’t always offer much in the way of modern or funky.

But then there is Glen Echo. This historical amusement park turned art center is the ultimate cool kid at Washington, DC’s wedding venue school.

Don’t believe me? Well, for starters, you can rent the old bumper car pavilion seen above, for your reception:

Or you can rent the old Spanish Ballroom:

And I haven’t even mentioned the fact that there is a working carousel there! Wedding or Engagement Pictures on a Carousel!? YES PLEASE!

And just in case you need some more convincing (or even if you don’t and you just want to drool over the awesomeness that IS Glen Echo Park) here are some pictures from weddings and engagement shoots at Glen Echo!

Carrie & Jon’s Vintage Amusement Park Wedding by Bellwether Events

[photos above, courtesy of Stephanie Ascari Photography]

Stephanie & Adam courtesy of Abby Jiu Photography

Renee & Gary’s Wedding by Amy Raab Photography ~ Just look at these “Table Names”!

Amber & Jon’s Eshoot!! By Procopio Photography

Emily & Andrew’s Eshoot by Justine Ungaro

Jennifer & Cody’s Adorable Vintage Eshoot by Simply Bloom Photography

An offbeat affair (the bride wore red!!) by my fav, Gabe Aceves Photography

A sassy e-shoot from Love Life Images

Love these carnival-themed details from a wedding shot by Michelle Lindsay Photography

Our very own Abby Grace‘s engagement shoot by Terra Dawn Photography!!

And finally (seriously, this was impossible for me to end, so many good pics) from Eleven Hearts Photography

Rustic Trash the Dress with Meaghan Elliot Photography

Behold! The dazzling “Trash the Dress” shoot you are about to see is nothing short of spectacular! Meaghan of Meaghan Elliot Photography teamed up with the awesome ladies of Amie Decker Beauty (a team of freelance artists that specialize in creating uniquely tailored looks for their clients).

Though the stunning bride, Grace, doesn’t necessarily TRASH her wedding dress in the shoot – “Trash the Dress” has become a fantastic (in my opinion) way for brides or couples to get back into their wedding attire and have some fun.

I admire the brides that go the distance and actually paint their dress or swim in a lake in it … but for those that just can’t bear something that extreme, here is a great example of a TTD, minus the trashing.

Thanks again to Meaghan Elliot Photography for sharing these images!

Capitol Romance: Lola & Wale Virginia Winery Engagement Pictures

What a fantastic way to start off the week! Today’s Capitol Romance shoot is from Tracy with Timmester Photography.  Tracy is just such a cool and talented photographer in the area and you will quickly see that in the shoot you are about to feast your eyes on!

Enter Lola & Wale (uh. hello name envy.)

Tracy explains:

Meet Wale and Lola.  Wale is one of my talented second shooters, and he proposed to Lola, his wonderful girlfriend of years and years, in December.  It was great to hear the behind-the-scenes updates from Wale throughout the year as he planned the proposal – from where to buy the ring to how to pop the question.  Great guy that he is, Wale managed to create a memorable, romantic evening, and Lola was completely surprised and thrilled when he asked her!

Clearly, the good-looking, too-adorable-for-words couple deserves all the credit.  Seriously.  Couldn’t you just eat them up?  :)


Better yet, this awesome couple’s shoot took place at Barrel Oak Winery!! Why the “!!!”s you ask? Because I blogged about this fantastic place a while back as an awesome option for your bridal shower, e-shoot, or your wedding!! Be sure you saw the feature here. Ok, so here we go

Thanks again Tracy for sharing! Lola & Wale ~ all the best to you both!

Local Find: Cherry Blossom Tote Bag

Emails from local vendors make me smile. Especially when they are as cool and TALENTED as one, Elizabeth St. John. Be on the lookout for WAY MORE from this lady here on Capitol Romance, but for today I just had to share a tote bag from her Element Bags collection.

Liz is a DC based fashion designer & currently produces 3 (THREE!) fashion lines & 1 accessory line. All her items are eco-friendly and are manufactured locally.

She had me at manufactured locally.

One item from her handbag line was just too delightful to keep to myself.

This “Limited Edition” Cherry Blossom Bag is beyond adorable. It would make a great bag to tote all your wedding paraphernalia around in (I, personally, used one of those expandable filing folders … not so cute). It could also be a great DC-themed wedding gift for your mom, your mother-in-law, or even your bridal party! AND (yes, there is more) 100% of proceeds from this bag go to benefit the International Red Cross Disaster Relief for Japan.

(As always, we’d love to hear from you if you bought this bag!)

Be sure to check out ALL her sites, and as I mentioned previously, we hope to be featuring a TON more from this amazing designer in the not-so-distant future.

www.ElizabethStJohn.com – Atelier Bridal & Eveningwear
www.Little-Flowers.com – Bridal Party & Flower Girls
www.AmoreDress.com – Cocktail & Party Attire
www.ElementBags.com – Fashion Bags




Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck: “Hit Me Up”

When it came time to find our reception entrance song, Andy & I were STUMPED. Every other music choice came so easily and naturally. But the reception entrance song – well you want the right beat, the right tone, this song sets the mood for the entire reception (just like your ceremony entrance song sets the tone for your ceremony. duh).

We had a good amount of road trips up to NJ and other places, and we used that time to dive into our iTunes libraries to find the perfect song. Some had great lyrics, but the wrong beat. Others had the right beat, but we had already used the artist for other songs. (Yes, we took our music choices THAT seriously).

Then Andy put on a song that at first he meant to be a joke – but the second it started on my stereo, we both looked at eachother and knew. THIS WAS IT. Our reception entrance song (if you haven’t read my ‘My Wedding‘ page):

The Jock Jams Megamix

It certainly set the “pumped up”, funny, good-time, vibe we were aiming for. And our parents & wedding party had a blast being announced to it.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnyway! I heard this song in Spin Class the other night – and I think it would just be such a great way to kick off a wedding reception if you are looking for an up-beat, modern, makes-you-want-to-dance, song for your reception entrance! (PS- It is actually from Happy Feet!!)

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