DIY Tutorial: How To Make Your Own DIY Christmas Ornament Wedding Favors

When it came time to make the favors for our November DC wedding, I knew I wanted to have custom Christmas ornaments – since it kept with consistent with our theme and I figured they’d actually be used/re-used by our guests.

Finding a way to make DIY Christmas ornament favors … well that was another story. Googling “custom Christmas ornament” takes you to numerous websites, mostly tacky, and also expensive, to have your names & a clip-art wedding ring or heart, put onto an ornament. Googling “DIY Christmas ornament” takes you to links where people either hand painted things – or made ornaments out of items other than the Christmas balls [which is what I wanted to use].

At some point in my endless searching I found inkjet waterslide decal paper – and the promise that this stuff could put a printed image onto ANY surface – including Christmas ornament balls!

After a TON of trial and error, my friend Dorothy finally found a way to get our names, wedding date & a DC icon, onto a Christmas ornament ball ~ and now I’ve finally gotten around to typing out the step-by-step, DIY tutorial!

DIY Tutorial: How to make your own DIY Christmas Ornament Wedding Favors!


  • 3.25’’ Silver Christmas Ornament Balls
  • Waterslide Decal Paper (http://www.carolcreations.biz/servlet/StoreFront)
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Tiny bows (or buttons, feathers, etc)

Step-by-step Instructions:

1. Start by creating the banner image that you will be putting onto the ornament. For our ornaments we did our names, wedding date, and an icon (this could be any image that you have used on other paper products: a heart, monogram, or symbol, etc). Create the banner at .6’’ X 9.7’’ – this will be the best size to fit a 3.25’’ round ornament.

(*Remember* this image will be “Tattooed” onto the ornament – so use a bolded, easy to see font in BLACK that will easily show up on a silver ornament)

2. Print the banner out on regular paper first, to ensure it fits around your ornament properly

3. Once you have created the banner image, flip the image (you are basically tattooing the ornament with your banner):

4. Get ready to print the banners onto the Waterslide Decal Paper using this youtube video to help you learn how to use the decal paper:
5. Once you have watched the video – print the banners onto the waterslide decal paper and cut out the banner as straight as possible![note: the banner should be reversed here, unlike my picture!]

6. When the decal is ready/dry (per the youtube video instructions), place around the circumference of the ornament as straight as possible. You may want to draw a light line with a pencil to help! The decal will stick to the ornament.

Click inside to see the rest of our DIY Christmas Ornament Wedding Favor Tutorial!

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DIY Inspiration: Cute Easter Decoration

St. Patrick’s Day sort of went unnoticed here on Capitol Romance [sorry about that my fellow Irishmen/women]. So I couldn’t help myself today on DIY Wednesday, with sharing a cute little DIY Easter project that my Mom actually saw on Pinterest and made herself!

Thanks to my awesome Mom for sharing :)

A Cute & Simple DIY Easter Centerpiece


  • Square vase [approximately 5” high]
  • 2 – 1 pound bags of regular sized jellybeans [you could buy mini jellybeans or buy ones in the same color too!]
  • 2 packages of yellow [color can vary] bunny peeps
  • 1 – 6oz plastic cup
  • 6-10 tulips in color of your choice [cut to 6” in length]


I saw this adorable, easy DIY Easter centerpiece on Pinterest and could not resist making it!

I already had the approximately 5″ square vase. (5″ high). I purchased 2 one pound bags of regular sized jelly beans (you could certainly buy mini size or buy all the same color) I also bought two packages of yellow bunny peeps.

I placed the 6oz plastic cup into the middle of the vase and poured the jelly beans all around.  When the jelly beans fill the vase to approximately 3″ high, stop pouring.

Then I placed four bunny peeps across the top of the jelly beans and proceeded to fit more peeps inside the perimeter of the vase. I had to trim some of the peeps lengthwise to fit (you want the peeps to just reach the top of the vase).

I purchased a bunch of tulips from the local food store (color is up to you) and cut them in 6″ length.

I filled the plastic cup with water, placed the tulips in the cup and voila….a cute, springtime centerpiece!

 Let us know if you use this tutorial to make your own DIY Easter Centerpiece! We would love to see it :) Thanks again to my awesomesauce Mom for sharing her project with us!

DIY How To: Custom Magnet Wedding Favors

Remember that amazing DIY Washington, DC wedding on Embassy Row? Maybe the Star Wars Wedding Cake will help? Well the bride, Elizabeth, is helping out with today’s DIY Wednesday post, sharing how her and husband made their awesome DIY wedding favors, custom magnets!

Elizabeth & Oliver’s Custom DIY Magnet Wedding Favors

From Elizabeth:

We made them with a button-maker that Oliver’s old bandmate had.


For the images, we made some out of our wedding “logo” stationary and then cut out pictures from all of the bridal magazines that I had leftover as well as some travel mags – flowers, kites, anything that was visually interesting.

After the images were cut, we made buttons.

Rather than putting the pin component, we used epoxy and glued magnets on the back (bought at a craft store). We bought little bags from the craft store as well.

We made a whole lot of magnets – 5per couple/35+ couples. It was a pretty decent project and I would say took at least 10 hours to complete.


DIY Inspiration: DIY Boutonnieres

For today’s DIY Wednesday, I thought a nice post of DIY Inspiration would help us get over the hump day and onto the second half of the week.

One thing I was adamant about with my wedding was that I didn’t want to have flowers. It seemed like an ingenious idea at first … until I realized how much of a wedding/reception is decorated by flowers. Things came together in the end, but one of the things I enjoyed making ourselves was the men’s boutonnieres.  It was easier than I thought once I read through a few DIY blogs and decided that simple, was better.

For today, I started with ours and then hope you enjoy some other examples of DIY boutonnieres.

Paper flower boutonniere!

paper flower boutonniere

The tattoo inspiration here is to die for!!

Button DIY!

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