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Capitol Romance: Edwin & Roger’s Travel Themed Picnic Love Shoot at University of Maryland

A couple months ago Maryland made some strides in pushing our country in the right direction, with voting in marriage equality for ALL Americans. Maggie Winters Photography & I were so excited for Maryland that we decided to host a “Love & Equality, Maryland Marriage Equality Love Shoot Giveaway!”. We were so excited at all the amazing entrants we got – and were even more excited to pick our winners, Edwin & Roger.

They shared with us their love of whiskey, traveling, their adorable pup Sophia, wine, food, and of course, each other. They met at University of Maryland – so we all knew that would be the perfect place to have the shoot! Our shoot came together amazingly (is that a word?) and I can’t thank Maggie Winters enough for the amazing images she created. I also need to thank Roger & Edwin for being such awesome subjects and for being so darn cute, stylish, and in love!

**And in case you missed it, this shoot was featured first on Charm City Wed!**

Edwin & Roger’s Travel Themed Picnic, Styled Love Shoot at the University of Maryland

travel themed picnic university of maryland engagement pictures

Edwin’s winning giveaway entry:

My fiance Roger and I have been engaged since I proposed two Christmases ago. Initially we decided on a tentative date of October 2013 with the hopes that Maryland would vote for equality. Now that they’ve done it (yay!) we’re in super planing mode for fairly small and intimate ceremony.

Roger and I met during our final year of college at two different schools. He graduated from the University of Maryland College Park and holds that school very close to his heart. We’ve even discussed having the ceremony at the chapel on campus.

travel themed picnic university of maryland engagement pictures

He, and I, would love a campus photo shoot on the grounds of the university that taught him so much, solidified his strong work ethic and really helped him become the man I love.

travel themed picnic university of maryland engagement pictures

Omg Sophia stole the show more than once during our shoot. Just lookathatface !!!

travel themed picnic university of maryland engagement pictures

Can’t stop laughing at the “selfie” Edinw & Roger pulled out with the vintage camera shots!

travel themed picnic university of maryland engagement pictures

travel themed picnic university of maryland engagement pictures

Click inside for a TON MORE from Edwin & Roger’s travel themed picnic, love shoot at the University of Maryland!

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Misato & Chris’ Hendry House Pre-Wedding Portrait Session

Happy Monday Romancers! I am really excited to share today’s session by Love by Serena [submitted via Two Bright Lights]. Not only is it a beautifully shot love shot at the Hendry House in Virginia, but the couple’s love story is really sweet AND the bride to be, Misato, is a display coordinator at Anthropologie, so her fashion sense is envious & her outfits in the shoot are drool-worthy!

Serena explains the session:

This session was really more of a pre-wedding-celebration portrait session. They had their wedding celebration on August 25th and this session was done a couple weeks before that.  They are seriously one of the sweetest couples ever and they’re so, so in-love!

Misato & Chris’ Pre-Wedding Portrait Session at the Hendry House in Virginia

About the couple:

Misato is originally from Japan, but has been in living in the U.S. for 10 years. She has a background in Fine Arts focusing in metal working and jewelry making. She currently works for Anthropologie as the display coordinator. Chris grew up in Northern Virginia and has been cooking from a young age. He was the Sou chef at French bistro restaurant until recently and now he is currently exploring Europe.

How they met:

We met at a house party of friends of ours 8 years ago. It was a late night, Misato just got to the party and Chris had fallen asleep on a couch from working long hours as a cook. She happen to pass by him and put a blanket on him, not knowing each other yet. Chris saw her through under his arm and thanked her. We made small talk early the next morning just before Chris had to rush off to work. Chris worked with a mutual friend of ours and asked about who Misato was and she did the same, asking about who he was. When we had our first phone call, we were too excited and too nervous to talk to each other that we both remember the conversation completely differently!

With the help of friends, it did not take us very much time to have a first date and get to know each other better. In just a couple months of dating, we were starting to finish each others sentences, even with little bit of language barrier. After almost three years into our relationship, Misato was looking into going to school in New York for jewelry making , which meant we would be 7 hours away from each others. She had a difficult decision to make, but Chris said to her “We will be together for the rest of our lives, 3, 4 years is nothing compared to the many years that we will get to spend together!”  So she went!

We dated for 6 years before we married, half of which were away from each other. We called each other at least once a day but usually in the morning and night for most days.

Misato shared this adorably sweet surprise that Chris pulled off instead of a surprise proposal:

Misato had been telling Chris not to get down on his knee nor give her a diamond ring throughout their relationship. She wanted the marriage to be more of an agreement between the two of them, rather than his proposal, however, Chris still managed to surprise Misato with something. After they decided to get married, they went to call Misato’s family in Japan. While sitting in front of the computer, ready to click the “call” button, a video showed up…. Chris’ suprise was that he had made a video with Misato’s favorite songs and pictures of the two of them from all of the places they’ve been, things they’ve done, and the food they’ve eaten together.

Serena explained that the session was a sunrise session and the couple wanted to have some pictures on this bridge since it was one they walked over together, many times.

Congratulations Misato & Chris ~ thank you for sharing your beautiful Arlington, VA love shoot with us. A special thanks to Love By Serena and Two Bright Lights for making this northern Virginia engagement submission possible.


Tony & Connor’s Casual Love Shoot in Washington, DC

I’ll try really hard not to get on my soap box this afternoon, in lieu of recent events down in North Carolina. If you follow my Twitter or Facebook accounts, then you already know my stance [and thus, Capitol Romance’s stance] on gay marriage and how adamantly I feel about equality for all.

So with that, I am absolutely honored to share this afternoon’s beautiful love shoot [and love story!] of Tony & Connor, courtesy of the District’s best alternative wedding photographer, Live It Out Photo. I know I’ve said this before, but nobody really captures raw emotion & love like Amber of Live It Out Photo does. There is so much to love about Tony & Connor’s shoot, I know you guys will really enjoy this one :)

Tony & Connor’s Casual Love Story & Shoot

I love how distinct Tony was when I asked him for an “about us” write-up:

My name is Anthony and I 42 years old. I am a veterinarian. It was the only thing I wanted to do since I was two years old. I currently work in Towson Maryland. When I was 38 years old, I joined a running club in Washington DC where I lived at the time.

Connor is 38 years old. He is a pediatric nurse and an artist. He used to live in Pittsburgh. Connor had a lot of friends in Washington DC. He is runner and his friends are runners and his friends were in the running club I joined. He was visiting his friends and they brought him along.

And now for their adorable love story & how they met!

We saw each other the first time. I thought he was way out of my league. I later found he felt the same way about me, but before the end of the run, we left with each other’s phone number.

We starting talking on the phone. The conversations went on for hours. The conversations were magical to me. I actually hate being on the phone for more than a few minutes but the hours were beautiful and seamless.

I never imagined that Connor was interested in me as more than an interesting friend but one day he didn’t sound like himself. His sentences were choppy and unsure and it seemed like something was wrong. It was. He was nervous about asking me out on a date.

The word eventually came out though. “I was wondering, I was just curious, you don’t have to say yes or anything, but I was just wondering if you would like to go out with me to dinner.” I made my first trip to Pittsburgh that weekend. I stayed the weekend.

When I left, I called my sister and told her that I just met the person that I am going to spend the rest of my life with.

Click inside for the rest of this adorable Washington, DC love shoot from Live It Out Photography!

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