Guest Post: 5 Non-Financial Reasons to Have a Simple & Intimate Wedding


 Leigh Margaret & Inwook’s Intimate Maryland Wedding | An Endless Pursuit

This morning we have a lovely guest post from By Brittany Goldwyn – a super DIY maven that is taking on all things simplicity when it comes to life. I am in awe of her talents and mad writing skills and I just couldn’t help but share her amazing blog post today on 5 Non-Financial Reasons to Have a Simple Wedding. Take it away Brittany!

5 Non-Financial Reasons for Having a Simple Wedding

5 Non Financial Reasons for Having a

The most obvious reason to have a simple wedding is to save money, so let’s get that reason out of the way. Saving money is great; you can use the extra cash for a honeymoon, a house, a new car…whatever you want. But, since the perk of saving money is a given for most people, I want to talk about the other reasons you should consider having a simple wedding. Your wedding should be an amazing, unforgettable day, and you should do what makes sense for you and your significant other. But too often weddings are stressful, tricky, and diplomatic landmines. By having a simple wedding, you can cut the noise and keep the things that matter most to you.


Quentin & James’ Intimate DC War Memorial Wedding Ceremony | Robin Shotola Photography

Here are my top non-financial reasons to have a simple wedding.

1. You’ll cut out the stress.

Saving your sanity is a close second to saving money. Big events with multiple moving pieces—not just weddings—are stressful. Even if you love event planning, planning a big event at which you’ll be the co-star will put a wrench into the enjoyment. Why? Because you have other things to worry about on your wedding day. And even if you are able to hire a wedding planner, you’ll still spend a lot of time reviewing and choosing options, coordinating the needs of family and friends, creating seating charts, and stressing over the weather and whether or not your wedding party will be on time. Speaking of wedding parties…


Maggie & Shahul’s Intimate MD Lakeside Wedding | Photography by Anna Clark

2. You can ditch the wedding party.

I know that having loved ones close by is important to a lot of people. But guess what? Your friends and family can all be a part of your big day by attending your small, simple wedding. No wedding party means not worrying about other people’s schedules, not having a rehearsal dinner, not offending anyone by excluding them from the party (or putting them in the wrong spot in your lineup), and, for many women, not having to find a bridesmaid dress that meets everyone’s needs.

3. You can get married almost anywhere.

This one is simple. The more people and requirements your wedding has, the fewer venues you’ll have to choose from. Having a simple wedding expands your options. We got married on a deck overlooking the Rocky Mountains. A big wedding with a bridal party, an aisle, and lots of guests simply would not have fit comfortably.


Even & Jimmy’s DC Courthouse Wedding | Stephen Bobb Photography

4. You can devote resources to what matters most.

Even if we wanted one, we can’t all have a wedding fit for Brides magazine. Think about what matters most to you, and then concentrate on that. For me, it was finding a location that would be amazing to travel to, a reasonably priced wedding dress with sleeves, and a good photographer. I did not care where or what we ate, if we played music from a iPod, if we had any decorations or flowers, or if we had pretty invitations. You can only divide your focus among so many things before quality starts to suffer. Pick what’s most important to you.


Sarah & Dave’s Modern Fathom Gallery Wedding in DC | Sweet Tea Photography

5. You’ll have a more meaningful experience with the right people.

I’m not saying you don’t like some of your old acquaintances, past coworkers, or distant family members, I’m just saying that they don’t fill you to the brim with joy. If they did, you would make them a regular part of your life. A simple wedding allows you to include only those whom you care about the most, which will create a more meaningful and memorable day.


Deanna & Rikki’s Heartfelt, Intimate DC Wedding | Douglas Pettway

For the full post & other amazing DIY tutorials and posts on simplicity, please visit By Brittany Goldwyn’s blog. If you had a simple wedding or are planning on having a simple wedding – let us know your reasons here in the comments! We’d love to share more.

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April 12th DIY Top Knot Hair Styling Tutorial – Ticket PROMO!



This Sunday we have our next Capitol Romance DIY Workshop and we want it to be PACKED with people looking to #learnlocal from professional Hair Stylist, Alison Harper & Co. So to sweeten the deal, for TODAY ONLY, we are offering a BOGO ticket deal: buy 1 general admission ticket and get 1 for your best gal pal, your mother, or ANY one you want to bring … FREE!!

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In order to get the promo, just buy 1 regular priced admission ticket, and then email me to get your free ticket ( Sunday’s workshop is GUARANTEED to be a good time because we have sangria, muffins, tea, & delicious treats from RIS catering! And though I might be a bit biased, we always seem to get the BEST workshop attendees ;)

So come learn something new and have a fun afternoon with us at The Hill Center from 2pm to 4pm on Sunday, April 12th! Hope to see you there :)



Julia & Ed’s Washington, DC Engagement Pictures in Adams Morgan

local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (6)

Images: Mathy Shoots People via Two Bright Lights

I’m back in Jury Duty  again today (because clearly that is what every 35 week preggo lady wants to be doing…) but couldn’t leave you all empty handed on a Monday! Today we have Julia & Ed’s adorable Washington, DC engagement pictures – mostly taken in their apartment and around their Adams Morgan neighborhood. I love how “DC” their love story is and I LOVE when couples do more laid-back, local DC engagement sessions like this as well! Thanks to Mathy Shoots People for submitting this one!

local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (11) local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (10)

Julia and Ed met at Johns Hopkins University. They were friends who lost touch but came back into contact when they enrolled in the same class one semester. The friendship quickly picked back up and eventually turned romance during Snowmageddon when Edward asked Julia out on a double date! From there they quickly progressed into a full blown relationship and have been inseparable ever since.

local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (2) local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (8) local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (3)

He proposed on the Spanish Steps of 22nd street in DC in 2013, blocks from their home. (which were included in the engagement pictures!)

local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (7) local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (5) local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (4) local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (9)


Modern Same Sex Bridal Fashion Inspiration & LINK LOVE

modern same sex lesbian bride white suit style gown (8)

Images: Chris Ferenzi Photography

I survived (barely) a day of Jury Duty selection yesterday and somehow actually got picked to have to sit on the trial next week (boo!). Between that crazy long day and how INSANELY fierce my allergies are today … well let’s just say thank GOD it’s Friday. Andy & I will be locked up in the nursery and our house all weekend trying to get the nursery MOSTLY finished and the house cleaned before we have some visitors next weekend.

For today we have some link love to start the post and then some SERIOUSLY CHIC bridal style inspiration thanks to a gorgeous couple that The Plannery worked with last year. Just wait til you see more images of Melissa & Tashia’s gorgeous bridal style – lace, off the shoulder straps, a sick white suit … and so much more. Check it all out after LINK LOVE – thanks to Chris Ferenzi for the images!

LINK LOVE – April 3, 2015

Our next #FuelDC event is on Tuesday evening at Studio DBI in Alexandria. Come meet other small business owners and learn how to create simple but effective graphics to boost your business and get your content noticed! Just $10.

Our next Capitol Romance DIY Workshop is just over a week away! We’re teaching pro hair styling tips & how to perfect the “Top Knot” style. Email me ( if you are a previous workshop attendee or client, for a special discount promo!

Great reminder: Stop Worrying What Everyone Else is Doing over on the WeddingIQ blog

United with Love shares what to ask your wedding makeup artist

Pretty Entertaining has the wrap-up of all bridal gown trunk shows & sample sales happening in the DC area in April & May!

And now, some seriously gorgeous, modern bridal fashion inspiration.

modern same sex lesbian bride white suit style gown (5)

Overall Style: Perhaps as a testament to our decision to spend our lives together, we quickly and easily determined what our overall style would be: understated glamour.  Our wedding itself was inspired by an Old Hollywood, art deco feel and our personal looks were each of our individual takes on that overarching style.  We wanted to express our individualism but also make sure that we looked like a fantastic ensemble, which we did by incorporating elements of each other’s style choices.

modern same sex lesbian bride white suit style gown (4)

Melissa shares,

I have never been a princess-y type of girl, so I knew that I wanted to pull of a chic and elegant wedding day look.  A sheath dress was my obvious choice.  I chose a beautiful strapless, ivory Pronovias dress, which was a combination of chiffon and lace detailing.  As an added bonus (and a surprise to Tashia post-ceremony!), the dress came with a beautiful off-the-shoulder lace bolero, which I removed for the reception.  The ladies at Green and Blue Studio did a fantastic job making sure my dress fit perfectly, giving me the elegant silhouette I was really seeking.

modern same sex lesbian bride white suit style gown (2)

If you’re going to go Old Hollywood, you have to have a birdcage veil.  I found an awesome and inexpensive veil on Etsy and then found a gorgeous jeweled art deco hairpin that I used to dress up the veil.  I wore some amazing (but very heavy!) Ben Amun chandelier earrings as my only piece of jewelry so as not to overdo the bling to chic ratio.  But by far and away, my favorite part of my outfit were my embellished Badgley Mischka heels, which had a fantastic jeweled detail on the heel and were true showstoppers.

modern same sex lesbian bride white suit style gown (11) modern same sex lesbian bride white suit style gown (10)

For makeup and hair, in keeping with our understated glamour idea, I knew I wanted to keep it simple.  I had very short hair at the time, so I made sure I was all shaped-up the week of and styled my hair with a little curl on one side, or, as Tashia calls it, my “fancy hair.”  For makeup, I went with a smokey eye and a bold red lip, thanks to my awesome artist Carolyn at Modern Bridal Studio.

Dress: Pronovias Barcelona | Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Veil: Etsy | Earrings: Ben Amun | Makeup: Modern Bridal Studio

modern same sex lesbian bride white suit style gown (1)

Tashia shares,

When we started talking about wedding attire I knew I wanted to wear pants.  We learned about Fourteen, a clothing line which makes pants, vests, etc. for the lesbian, queer, and trans communities, and were immediately interested.  We wanted an elegant and classical style for our wedding, so I decided on a backless vest from Fourteen’s Spyer Collection, which was custom made in a white sateen fabric, and straight-leg sateen tux pants.  For my shirt, I definitely wanted to have a lace element to match the lace that Melissa had hoped to have in her wedding dress.  Melissa’s mom visited fabric stores and collected several lace samples.   At one of these fabric stores she met an older lady who offered to make my shirt, free-of-charge!  This was obviously a deal we couldn’t pass up.   My shoes for our ceremony were a pair of white Vince Camuto stilettos and for the reception I changed into a pair of Blue Papaya oxfords with a lace detail that I instantly fell in love with the moment I saw them.

modern same sex lesbian bride white suit style gown (12)

After several months of waiting, we finally received all of the pieces for Tashia’s wedding getup.  Unfortunately, everything did not fit as nicely as one would hope, but we found a great alterations places in Dupont Circle, Green and Blue Studio.  The ladies at Green and Blue ensured that every piece fit perfect and did so without over-charging us, which was quite a relief.

On our wedding day, Melissa surprised me with amazing Givenchy accessories as a wedding gift.  The teardrop earrings and bracelet were just my style, shiny but tasteful.  My mother presented me with one of her diamond pendants as my “something borrowed,” and I was thrilled to wear it on my wedding day.

modern same sex lesbian bride white suit style gown (14)

I didn’t want to spend money getting my hair and makeup done professionally so I recruited one of my fabulous makeup loving friends to do my makeup.  Mandy did an excellent job giving me the “Princess Jasmine” look that I wanted (yes, I’m a child and wanted my makeup to resemble that of a Disney Princess).  Another friend lent her assistance in the hair department.  I wanted a simple ballerina bun and that’s exactly what I got!

Vest/Pants: Fourteen | Shirt: Custom | Shoes: Vince Camuto & Blue Papaya | Jewelry: Givenchy | Hair and Makeup: Family friends | Full wedding & details over on the The Plannery’s blog.

modern same sex lesbian bride white suit style gown (13)

DIY Video Makeup Tutorial: How to Properly Apply Foundation & Concealer

Picture1We’re excited to have another AMAZING DIY Makeup Tutorial video on the blog today from The Makeup Chic & CreativeIdeation! If you remember, they created that AWESOME “DIY Perfect Pout” red & pink lipstick tutorial back on Valentine’s day! They’re back at it again, this time with a series of makeup tutorials aimed at teaching you how to do your makeup on an every day basis. We’re kicking the series off with Part 1, How to Apply Foundation & Concealer.

First, here are the makeup items (tools & makeup) you will need:

materials needed

Foundation: Artistry Tinted Moisturizer | Concealer: Artistry Concealer | Concealer Brush: Youngblood concealer brush | Blending Sponge: The pink Beauty Blender for everyday foundation blending | *TIP: Have a towel & bowl of water near by too!

Written Instructions: Applying Foundation

1. Identify the best shade of foundation for your coloring.

2. Submerge blending sponge for 3 seconds under water. Squeeze excess water from the blending sponge with your hands over sink.

3. Wrap blending sponge in a towel to remove any excess water.

4. Place the foundation on the back of your hand. Dab blending sponge into the foundation. I use the round end to start with.

5. Press round end of blending sponge with foundation onto your face. First apply where you need the most coverage and last apply where you need the least amount of coverage. Repeat steps 5-7 if more coverage is needed.

Written Instructions: Applying Concealer:

1. Identify the best shade of concealer for your coloring.

2. Dip your brush into the concealer and spread on the back of your hand.

3. Dab concealer brush onto any blemishes and blend. Blend concealer under your eye. (I blend from the inner corner of the eye to the outer eye area.)


* When working the concealer under your eye make sure to be very gentle because the skin is very thin in the under eye area.

*A little tip for under eye concealer: determine where redness and darkness occur near your eyes and conceal there.

Under Eye Redness: Many people have redness under their water line right above the bottom lashes so in this case, the concealer is best used closer to the bottom lash line.

Darkness Under Eye: Many people (including myself) have darkness under the eye area, so the concealer should be placed lower in the under eye area. A good starting point to determine where to place the concealer is to touch your nose midway from top to bottom and conceal to the right and left under the eye next to the nose.

The DIY Makeup Video Tutorial:

The Makeup Chic: Foundation & Concealer for a Natural Everyday Look from Creative Ideation, LLC on Vimeo.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers from The Makeup Chic:

How can I determine the best foundation and concealer for me?

The best way to determine the correct color of foundation and concealer for you is to consult with a makeup artist who has experience in foundation matching. Your makeup artist can help to determine your coloring and whether you have warmer undertones or cooler undertones. Your makeup artist will help direct you to a few different foundation colors that you can mix and change with the seasons. Personally, I have 3 different foundation colors on hand and I like to mix them when the color of my skin is in between seasons.

If you want to DIY foundation matching, the best way to match the foundation is on your jawline and not your hand. I start at my jawline and blend in to see if the foundation is a good match for me!

Claire & Greg’s Whimsical Dance Party Farm & Vineyard Wedding in Virginia

virginia farm barn wedding pictures (25)

Images: Nessa K Photography

I‘ve been a fan of Nessa K Photography for quite some time – so you can imagine my excitement when I got a submission email from her! Her images are just stunning and have an almost fairy-tale, otherworldy feel to them which is hard to describe in words. Her images just make you FEEL all the things and the ones she sent over from Claire & Greg’s rad dance party wedding in a barn at Weatherlea Farm & Vineyard are no different. I know you are going to love them.

Claire & Greg decorated their ceremony with bits of paper maps, woven into stars and Greg’s mom put together all of their floral arrangements for their tables. They both wore sneakers the entire day, hung records from the ceiling, and they served pie to their guests in lieu of cake. Everyone felt perfectly at home and there was SO much dancing! Check out all the gorgeous images and details from the couple for this gorgeous Virginia wedding.

virginia farm barn wedding pictures (8) virginia farm barn wedding pictures (27)

Details from the bride & groom:

We had a pretty long engagement (to enjoy  just being together and because we both procrastinate). When we finally sat down to look at different venues we knew that we wanted something outside and low key. Claire’s sister Maggie actually found Weatherlea Farm for us. At the time we were thinking that October would be a great time of year for a ceremony. Unfortunately Weatherlea was booked solid that year.  For a lot of different reasons we ended up pushing it back to the following June and figured we would try again with the farm.

virginia farm barn wedding pictures (7) virginia farm barn wedding pictures (11)

They had an opening for our date and we went to visit. Pamela and her husband Malcolm were so kind and really wonderful to us. We fell in love with the site immediately. I mean—they have llamas! The whole experience and their help was truly fantastic.

virginia farm barn wedding pictures (10)

One of the details we liked best was our music for the ceremony. Claire wasn’t one of those girls that dreamed of her wedding day in great detail, except for one thing: what she wanted to hear walking down the aisle: Aretha Franklin’s “You’re All I Need to Get By.” And we both feel that way about each other. Our exit music was also a little different: New Order’s “Age of Consent,” one of Greg’s all-time favorite bands and a song that sounds exactly how early June feels.

virginia farm barn wedding pictures (13) virginia farm barn wedding pictures (12)

The paper stars that hung behind at the ceremony were made by Greg’s mom, Claire’s mom, dear family friends and the bride and groom over a couple afternoons in one big assembly line. Part crafts day and part planning session—that’s one of our fondest memories of the pre-wedding.

virginia farm barn wedding pictures (9)

Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of this gorgeous, handmade Virginia barn wedding!

Introducing Catalyst Wedding Magazine – The 1st Print Wedding Mag with Feminist Consciousness in Mind

promo image

We’re kicking off the week with something extra awesome: Catalyst Wedding Magazine. A new print wedding magazine that is looking to shake up the print wedding magazine scene (OH THANK GOD) and bring to light some of the challenges that we’ve often addressed (bemoaned?) here at Capitol Romance.

Co-founder and co-editor Liz shares, “Catalyst Wedding Magazine is the first-ever print wedding magazine with a feminist consciousness and a mission to increase representation in wedding media and to engage in critical dialogue about wedding traditions. It brings race, gender, sexuality, class, bodies, and more into the conversations taking place in the wedding world, a huge industry that generally maintains some very traditional ideas about power.”

Increase representation. I love this. I love this so much because it’s SO needed in the wedding scene and it’s something that always struck me from DAY ONE when I entered into the Washington, DC wedding scene specifically. I was shocked when I started my own wedding planning in DC and then this blog (and sadly continue to find) such a one-note version of married couples & weddings in DC. But enough ranting from me, back to Catalyst Wedding Magazine.

spread 1

A little more on how the magazine got started, from Liz:

My partner at Catalyst, Carly, and I have both found a shortage of wedding resources that push back against the usual trappings of the industry.  We originally partnered as a wedding coordinator and photographer to plan a collaborative workshop for progressive wedding vendors in Richmond.  We had such an overwhelming response to our collective, nontraditional approach that  we decided there was no better way to reach a national (even global) community of progressive creatives than through a print magazine.

spread 2

So what now?! Well, creating a brand new magazine is far from easy or free and Catalyst Wedding Magazine could use your help to get its feet off the ground and get into stores all over the country. Need more convincing? Read this. Don’t need more convincing and just want to SIGN THE HELL UP?! Then go here: .

There’s just 6 days left to help Catalyst get funded! I already cannot wait to get my hands on the magazine once it comes out. I know you guys will too!

Let’s Get Personal: Our Harry Potter Themed Baby Shower


 Images courtesy of my brother :)

Andy & I are currently in NYC celebrating a little “babymoon” as it’s one of our last free weekends before the newest member of our family arrives (so insane!). As I promised earlier, this blog will in no way, shape, or form become a “Mommy” blog and I have no intentions of it taking over my social media either, but a few weekends ago my family threw us a Harry Potter themed baby shower and well, the details and decorations were just WAYY too good not to blog! Seriously, we were blown away by everything from the adorable Harry Potter baby shower invitations, to the Honeydukes themed candy buffet, to “This Way to the Ministry of Magic” signs over the toilets and even FLOATING CANDLES. That’s right, my dad & sister’s boyfriend legit rigged up floating candles and it was incredible.

I’ll apologize in advance to the non-Potterheads here, regular posting will resume on Monday ;) Have a great weekend everyone!


This is how we were greeted upon walking up to the entrance to our shower! And then when we walked in …


Andy & I were in shock at the details! We spent a good 15 minutes just taking it all in :)


This was the amazing invitation they sent out, along with some Harry Potter trivia games for every seat. You can really see the floating candles in the back of this shot too – which I just LOVE! Everyone got a little golden snitch too:


Where the gifts were placed, were 2 robes (yes we wore them), along with a broomstick (yes Andy “flew” on it).


Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of our truly magical Harry Potter Baby Shower!

A Chic Affair DC Wedding Show ~ Sunday March 29th

*sponsored post*

March 29, 2015 | A Chic Affair ~ Modern DC Wedding Show | 12pm to 3pm


Get ready Romancers! A Chic Affair, one of DC’s biggest & best wedding shows is coming up THIS Sunday and we’ve got all the details (and a discount promo!) for you!! I’m, personally, most excited about the new “DIYWed” setup but it sounds like they have a TON of new areas added to the show that guarantee a good time and inspiration for all wedding-planning couples in DC! Check out all the fabulous info below!

A Chic Affair – A One of a Kind Wedding Experience!


A Chic Affair is a one of a kind wedding experience celebrating the creative heart of DC through it’s artisinal wedding resources – it’s a collection delivering a day of modern bridal luxury to help create a stylish and personal wedding for the discerning couple – Check out the best wedding resources, brought together in a carefully curated collection, representing local resources who are changing the way weddings are planned through creativity, consciousness, quality and artistry – with a dash of disruption – by offering interactive elements and engagement points for the modern, stylish, savvy bride. New to 2015 are our TechieBride, DIYWed, Bridal Beauty Bar, and Gentelmen’s Lounge set-ups that are sure to inspire you for your big​day!!

Join fabulous vendors at A Chic Affair, Sunday, March 29, 2015 from 11am – 3pm at Dock 5 at Union Market! VIB Ticket Holders (Very Important Brides) get access to a fun, passed cocktail, bridal brunch at 11am, and General Admission Ticket Holders get access to the event at noon. All VIB ticket holders are entered into a raffle to win our Ultimate Wedding Giveaway—DC’s best bridal package stock full of amazing products and services from our incredible exhibitors! This exclusive opportunity is only available for our VIBs! 


Sunday, March 29, 2015
11:00am – 3:00pm
Dock 5 at Union Market
1309 5th St, NE Washington, DC 20002

All tickets include :

  • Reusable welcome tote to carry all the info and offers from our exhibitors
  • Hors d’oeuvres + tasters from the cities best caterers + artisinal food purveyors
  • Cake, confections, custom cookies and tons of sweet treats
  • Unlimited creative cocktails
  • Show guide
  • Keepsake photos at our photo + ‘insta’wed stations
  • Access to our pop-up markets and sample sales
  • Glam squad area access for mini manis, massages + make up trials
  • The TechieBride, DIYWed and A Green Wedding stations
  • Gentlemen’s Lounge for the discerning groom
  • Swag bag upon departure with products and additional offers from our exhibitors and partners!

Get your ticket today! Special discount code of 50% General Admission tickets when using CHIC at check out!


*this is a sponsored post. this vendor paid to have this content shared on our blog, however, it was verified that this event was confirmed to meet our requirements and mission*


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