Don’t Miss the District Bliss Engaged Couples’ Social on Feb 26th!

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February 26, 2015 | District Bliss Engaged Couples’ Social  | 5pm to 8pm

offbeat nontraditional washington dc bridal expo show weddings (1)

There’s a NEW kind of wedding expo in town and it’s called District Bliss. Part happy hour, part intimate wedding expo, District Bliss aims to be a casual happy hour where couples can meet and mingle, share wedding planning advice, and meet highlighted vendors, all in a laid-back and FUN space. Check out more from Sarah Campbell of Pollyanna Events and Sara Alepin of Photos from the Harty, two fun-loving gals, who founded District Bliss to bring you a new spin on wedding social events in DC.

We are super excited to host our very first District Bliss Engaged Couples Social on February 26th, 2015! The event will be held in Chinatown at City Tap House from 5-8:00pm – in their indoor-outdoor event space.  It’s all exposed brick, huge windows, cool lighting, neutral colors, fire pits outside – a somewhat offbeat, blank slate that is affordable (not always easy to find in DC).

Our event is designed to be a casual happy hour in a dressed venue space.  We highlight one vendor in each category (florist, designer/letter press, venue space, etc); they will come in, dress the space, then leave.  The only vendor who will physically be in attendance will be our Featured Vendor, Capital Society.  The lead designer, Shelli, will be there offering bookings, items for purchase, and raffle items!

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No more bridal expos!  Wedding HAPPY HOURS are what we’re about! We’ll have tons of info for our couples, but it won’t have the traditional expo feel; no booths – just gifts, drinks, info, and fun! The District Bliss Couples Social is a happy hour where you can mix-and-mingle with other engaged couples while getting info to help you plan your wedding!

What you’ll find at the District Bliss Couples Social:

  • TONS of awesome giveaways
  • An inspiring, decorated, reasonably-priced, venue space with tons to offer
  • Fun drinks, craft-brewed beers, and some nibbles
  • Cool engaged couples and people who are just like you
  • Beautiful flower arrangements and decor
  • Information on fab budget-friendly/stress- reducing vendors (because we know planning a wedding can be slightly stressful at times)
  • An awesome open-air photobooth
  • Lots of unique ideas/inspiration
  • Adorable gifts – because we’re happy you came!
  • Super cute samples of invitations, coasters, escort cards, stir sticks – and more – designed by Capital Society.  They can personalize and create pretty much anything you can dream up!
  • FUN!

What you WONT find at the District Bliss Couples Social

  • Booths of vendors
  • Totally overwhelmed soon-to-be brides/grooms
  • Hard-selling wedding vendors who feel just as awkward as you do
  • PRESSURE!  This is a pressure-free zone!

{Participating Vendors}

All couples can buy their tickets on Eventbrite here:


If you go ENJOY and let us know what you thought! We can’t wait to see all the pictures of the event on social media :)

*this is a sponsored post. this vendor paid to have this content shared on our blog, however, it was verified that this event was confirmed to meet our requirements and mission*

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Capitol Advice: What Fiji Taught Me About Marriage


[Image: An adorable selfie from The Plannery]

I was so VERY excited to start working on one of my 2015 business goals and get my very first marriage-focused guest post from Katie of The Plannery fame. I’ll mention again here that I def want to spend more of 2015 focusing on marriage and relationships and would love to hear from all of YOU on what you’ve learned either from planning a wedding in the area, or from being married in the area. Today Katie shares some insight from her honeymoon to Fiji and what it taught her about marriage. Love this. Take it away Katie.

What Fiji Taught Me About Marriage

My husband and I honeymooned in Fiji. At the time we were both working 9-5 office jobs, and we reasoned that we’d never know when we’d get 2 weeks off in the future, so we might as well go for the fantasy far-flung honeymoon. It was extravagant. We managed it by using miles and staying at a slightly more budget-friendly B&B the first week, and then moving to a higher-end private island resort the second.

Before the honeymoon, I assumed my most memorable times would be dinners on the beach by sunset, the afternoons gazing at each other poolside, and enjoying the beauty of the island while in our perfect honeymoon bliss.

I was wrong.

The beach we stayed on had two very small islands right off of the coast. The guides at the B&B mentioned there was a great snorkeling spot between the two islands. We could kayak out, simply tie the string attached to the kayak to one of our legs and then snorkel out in the ocean. So the next morning after breakfast we decided to go for it, both of us in a two-person kayak, with our snorkel gear in tow.

I was immediately concerned – the wind was really high and the waves were quite big, the ocean was rough, and I was having a tough time paddling (my upper arm strength is really awesome). What I call waves, my husband calls simple white caps, so we soldiered on and gave it a go. Exhausted, we got to the first little island and the waves were practically crashing us into the rocks. Refusing to be defeated, we steadied ourselves, got our snorkel gear ready and paddled out to the middle section. The water was much more protected between the two islands, but I was still a bit wary. I jumped in anyway and immediately realized the ocean was still too rough for leisurely snorkeling. Hubby, after tying the rope to his foot, jumped in after me. Unfortunately he’d tied the wrong string to his foot, so this was the short rope intended for the paddles. Yup, he was clumsily half-drowning (I say “half-drowning, he says “awkwardly untying himself”). I held the kayak steady while treading water and while he untied himself. His drowning avoided (for now), we both agreed we were exhausted, in the middle of the ocean, and drifting fast. If we didn’t get back to land (or if we dropped a paddle or lost the boat), we’d literally wind up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. As a side note, my husband also quite intelligently opted not to mention the risk of sharks, as I would have absolutely lost my sh*t.

So. We both miraculously managed to get back in the kayak. Neither I, with my aforementioned lack of upper arm strength, nor he, with his 6ft frame, flipped the kayak. Once I safely made it on board and up front, I used the paddles as a tightrope walker might, pulled in my core, and my husband managed to get on-board. As he did, he said “we’re home.”

We paddled furiously back to shore, managing to sneak one selfie with our old-school waterproof camera. We hit the sand, feeling ridiculously relieved, and ran back to our bure (the small hotel room cabin-type dwelling of ours on the beach) to stay the hell away from the ocean for the rest of the day. We spent the afternoon lying in bed, eating the Fijian version of cheese puffs, getting drunk on Fijian beer and watching TV shows we’d downloaded on our Ipad.

And that’s where my lesson was learned. We had gotten ourselves in quite a pickle. But we’d worked together to get out of it. It was because we’d been challenged together and helped each other that the aftermath was so lovely. I realized then that this was marriage.

My education continued throughout the trip. Our horseback ride was on two very scrawny horses, on an afternoon filled with soaking rain while our Fijian guide sang oldies tunes with the wrong words. Our romantic dinner on the beach was delicious, but also filled with some slight anxiety regarding the 3 ft fruit bats flying over our heads.

Fiji had graciously given us a glimpse into what real marriage is all about. While romance, and adventure, and exotic locales are all awesome – what’s really awesome is having a partner to help you through the tough times.

I loved the delicious, decadent meals we had; I loved the glamorous pool, the unreal scenery, the exotic location. But I’d give it all up for a languid afternoon in bed, fingers coated in cheesy powder and buzzed on beer. Or for a very wet but laughter-filled horseback ride. Or a white knuckle hand grab over the perfect meal because an enormous fruit bat just breezed by your head. Marriage is all about the challenges, big and small, near-death or small disappointments, and having someone there to get you through them (or just make them a hell of a lot more fun). As my husband said, when we’re together, safe and sound, whether it be after a terrible day at work or a near-death kayak adventure, we’re home.

Katie & Patrick’s Engagement Pictures on Roosevelt Island in Washington, DC

roosevelt park washington dc engagement pictures (8)

[Images: Boraie Photography]

It’s Monday, but a holiday – so hopefully most of you are out participating in a Day of Service, or enjoying the couch, or still had to go to the office and instead are thinking about how awesome it would be to NOT be there. I am luckily surfing the couch today and catching up on some admin things and blogging. I spent the weekend mostly in a car, traveling up to PA for a surprise 30th birthday for one of my longest friends, and then stopping for a quick visit in Philly on the way back to DC. I am excited to be in DC these next few weekends while Andy & I continue work on our upstairs floors and getting the nursery ready!

For today I have a sweet little engagement session from CapRo newbie, Boraie Photography. Mohamed shares the adorable e-sess of Kate & Patrick, two athletes that fell in love and love to run together. I love how they included running in their engagement pictures! Check it out.

roosevelt park washington dc engagement pictures (4) roosevelt park washington dc engagement pictures (5)

Kate and Patrick met in August 2013. Their second date was a walk around Roosevelt Island. A little over a year later, they thought it fitting to take their engagement pictures there. Kate and Patrick are both avid athletes, and going out for a run is one of their favorite activities to do together. They wanted their engagement session to capture this aspect of their life as well. Kate and Patrick look forward to marrying next summer.

roosevelt park washington dc engagement pictures (6)

Click inside for a few more of Kate & Patrick’s adorable DC engagement pictures!

2014 Resolution Grading & A Look at 2015’s Goals & Resolutions


Images: Sarah Williams

It’s time for a post on our 2015 business goals, but first I wanted to grade myself on the goals/resolutions I made in 2014. We officially announced our 2014 resolution with our first-ever reader survey and the name of the game was Follow-Through. In May I graded myself, and checked in on some of the projects I started, giving myself a B for the professional projects I had planned and a C+ for the personal side of things.

I think I would have to say that I would up my grades a LITTLE both professionally (B+) and personally (B-), as our 2014 Recap proved that we actually accomplished quite a bit in our business last year and I do think I was better by the end of the year at showing up to things that I said I would attend. I think “follow-through” was a great word for me last year and I want to continue to strive towards that this year too. But the word for 2015 is going to be: COLLABORATION.


In addition to continuing to to get shit done and follow-through on my big ideas, I REALLY want to focus on collaborating more this year. This means more guest posts, more partnerships, and more co-execution of things. I’ve already started 1 major collaboration project with the raddest design ladies in DC, Typecase Industries, but I don’t want to stop there. I think this blog could SUPER benefit from more collaborations like the one I started last year with Jen of Ribbons & Bluebirds for all our amazing DIY tutorials. So here’s my call to YOU readers & vendors alike, I want to work with YOU to help continue to make Capitol Romance even more awesome. This means I am looking for:

1. Advice pieces from vendors

2. Advice pieces from past brides & grooms

3. Tutorials & help pieces specific to your vendor area

Think you got an idea for one of these items? Just shoot me an email (bree [at] capitolromance [dot] com) – I’d love to hear from you!


So the word of the year for 2015 is collaboration, but I also want to share some personal/professional business goals to help keep myself honest. This year is going to be CRAZY. And to be completely honest, I really don’t even know what this blog will look like come May, but I hope in setting some goals, it will help guide me through this uncertain year and ensure I come out on the other end still breathing and happy. So here are my Top 3 business goals:

1. Being Honest to You, My Readers

Honesty is going to be key here in 2015. And to me that means no empty promises. So let’s start with this: there’s a good chance I will not be blogging 5 days a week this year. With a full time job, this blog, wedding coordination clients, training a new assistant, running workshops AND a baby on the way, well I just can’t promise that there will be something new here every day. BUT that being said, I will promise not to get lazy on content here. I promise not to let the quality of posts fail, just because I can’t get something up every day. I figure quality over quantity HAS to be a better approach.

2. Expanding the Topics on the Blog

This is something I slowly started to do in 2014, but really want to do more aggressively in 2015. The fact of the matter is, there are a MILLION places to get wedding information and resources in DC and on the internet these days – so what really makes this place so damn special or unique? I wanted to blog more marriage-focused posts in 2014 (this didn’t happen, but I hope it will in 2015) through sharing anniversary features. I’d still like to do this – so couples & photographers – PLEASE send me your anniversary shoots! I’d love to hear more about your life post-wedding :)

Thanks to my 2014 reader survey (and really just some common sense), I also know that I don’t have JUST engaged couples reading this blog. Lots of people here are married or maybe read as a vendor, and so I’d really love to expand this blog a bit to give more digestible/usable content to those readers. And let’s be honest, I got married FOUR YEARs ago. My advice on weddings is probably getting stale at this point – I’ve personally moved on to learning about real estate, purchasing an investment property, trying to run a small business, and now jumping into motherhood. NOW let me just say that I have NO intentions of this blog becoming a mommy blog (back to #1. Honesty) I have PLENTY of thoughts so far on this new chapter of my life, but Capitol Romance will NOT be the venue for that. That isn’t to say though that you probably won’t see some of these thoughts/opinions creeping into my Twitter & Instagram accounts, because you will.

So bear with me while I try to navigate how to make #2 happen gracefully. And as always, your feedback is ALWAYS welcome. I’d love to know how you feel about expanded topics, things you miss, and so on and so forth. My email inbox is always open. (literally, I never close gmail).

3. Being Happy With What I Can Accomplish & Control

This will be an important one for me. As I mentioned in my 2014 recap, I already am slightly worried (to be honest) that 2015 won’t come close to 2014 in terms of accomplishments. But I need to realize – there is NOTHING wrong with that. Every year just can’t be the craziest year of growth because priorities change. This year will be the first year of my life that SO much will be out of my control. I can try as much as I want to plan what I can and accomplish what I can, but there is going to be A LOT of times where I just need to accept the fact that I can’t do it all.

And that is perfectly OK.


So bring it on 2015. I am excited to collaborate with new people (and old people too!), excited to try out new posts on the blog, excited to make plans (that never happen), and excited to take on the challenge of not being able to control every aspect of my life. It’s going to be fun. (Right?).

Heather & Pedro’s Offbeat, DIY Multicultural Maryland Wedding at the Tea Barn at Fair Hill

DIY offbeat maryland farm wedding pictures (22)

Images: Amber Wilkie Photography

It amuses me sometimes how some couples will write a few sentences and others write novels when I ask for more details on their wedding day. For me, I was the noveling writing type – I couldn’t STOP talking and writing about our wedding day because we just poured SO MUCH of ourselves in to it. I felt compelled to have to share every item we made, every decision we delicately made, every detail we had discussions over. Heather is a bride after my own heart – still excited about everything they did for their Maryland wedding. So a fair warning to you all that this one is LONG today – but there are just too many fun details that I could cut back. Sorry I’m not sorry.

DIY offbeat maryland farm wedding pictures (5)

We had initially discussed a courthouse wedding, which was totally his preference. But then I started thinking about wanting our people there, and that led to thinking of all of the fun things a couple can do for their wedding, and since he’s super easygoing he was fine with going for a more traditional type of wedding. Autumn has always been a really amazing time of year for me – I love the colors of the trees, especially. The rustic/vintage theme is, obviously, super popular right now, and when I went looking for ideas for venues, it just fit in with the Autumn bit so well! I showed him some ideas and he loved them, so we ran with it.

DIY offbeat maryland farm wedding pictures (7)

When we were looking for venues, a lot of places were asking for thousands of dollars for just a few hours of time, and when you’re DIYing and hate to ask for help, that window of time just isn’t feasible. We chose the Tea Barn because you get to keep the place for three days (Friday through Sunday…I hear you can add Thursday as well for an additional fee), decorate it and use the space as you please, and it was insanely cheap. When we booked in 2013, it was $400 for three day rental, $150 for the adjoining paddock area, $10 reservation fee and $35 alcohol permit fee. It turned out we did require a lot of help, however, as my parents did most of the set up themselves and a bunch of us worked hard to break it all down.

DIY offbeat maryland farm wedding pictures (12) DIY offbeat maryland farm wedding pictures (1)

Details are important to me, and Pedro didn’t really give me much in the way of unique Portuguese traditions so I improvised. For example, I found pictures of old maps of Maryland and Portugal and we folded our paper airplanes out of the printed out maps. I started to make a traditional portuguese fiance handkerchief for him but I gave up on it half way through because I wasn’t too pleased with my handiwork. I might finish it some day haha.

DIY offbeat maryland farm wedding pictures (26)

Stationery: we got our invitations and rsvps from Minted, made maps using art from someone found on Fiverr and printed by Vistaprint. Most of our signage was made using clip art I purchased from Digicrafts on Etsy and our programs were made with templates purchased from Purple Trail.

DIY offbeat maryland farm wedding pictures (2)

Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of Pedro & Heather’s eclectic, Maryland barn wedding!

Elyse & Shawn’s Surprise Proposal in Georgetown with Ben & Jerry’s!

Feel free to use these images, unaltered and uncropped, on your

Images: eKate Photography

Kicking off the week with a sweet little surprise proposal down by the Georgetown Waterfront. Shawn asked eKate Photography to be on hand to capture him proposing to his then girlfriend, Elyse, by using a personalized container of Ben & Jerry’s (uhhh yum). Not really sure how else you could make a surprise proposal even better, than with a custom Ben & Jerry’s container (or maybe that’s just me). Happy Monday Romancers! Stay warm out there.

Feel free to use these images, unaltered and uncropped, on your Feel free to use these images, unaltered and uncropped, on your Feel free to use these images, unaltered and uncropped, on your Feel free to use these images, unaltered and uncropped, on your

Click inside for the rest of this surprise proposal in Georgetown DC!

LINK LOVE and My Top 5 Moments of 2014 (& some big news for 2015)


2014 was a pretty crazy year. We launched a lot of things and did a lot of things with Capitol Romance that I never really dreamed possible. If someone had told me in 2011 (when I started this blog) that I not only would still be blogging, but would have grown the blog into 3 separate businesses … well I probably would have laughed in their face. It’s really amazing what you can do when you put your mind to something AND surround yourself with awesome people that help get you there. So for today I wanted to first share some LINK LOVE and then countdown the Top 5 Moments of 2014 for Capitol Romance. Then I’ll round it out with some BIG NEWS that I’ve been waiting to share with everyone.


The Celia Grace Trunk Show at Soliloquy Bridal Couture lasts just 2 more days! Don’t miss your chance to try on & hopefully purchase a beautiful, fairtrade wedding dress!

Richmond Tourism & Say I Do! are teaming up to giveaway a DREAM wedding to one lucky LGBT couple! Check it out!

You can now access The Blogcademy online!! Check it out.

Danielle of DPNAK Weddings rounds up some floral bouquet alternatives for bridesmaids. Love this.

Learn to make & sew your own striped pillows with this tutorial!

Second. My Top 5 Moments of 2015!!

#5. Launching the Capitol Romance Classifieds

classifieds screenshot

In just 2 weeks, our classifieds section turns 1 year old! We get new posts each week and I hope our readers find it as valuable as I thought it would be for them! Keep buying, sharing, saving, and going local when it comes to your DC wedding!

#4. Launching Fuel DC


image: steven gosling photography

In early 2014 we decided to team up with Studio DBI & Fortique to launch a series of workshops that could help other creatives and small business owners better and grow their business. We hosted 2 events last year and hope to plan some more for this year! If you have any ideas for events – let us know!

#3. Attending the Blogcademy

blogcademy washington dc recap (11)

In October I attended my first ever business workshop. I had (slightly) obsessively followed The Blogcademy for a long time and never really dreamed that I would be able to actually go. But then the headmistresses offered a class in my very own city and I was the very first person to sign up! (no joke, Kat confirmed this). I learned SO MUCH that weekend and can’t wait to put what I learned to good use for 2015.

#2. #PopUpRomance Collaboration for 2014 Pride Weekend


During the Capital Pride parade & weekend this past year, I teamed up with my favs, Pop Wed Co & the DC MEET Market to create the first ever #PopUpRomance celebration. 1-part giveaway, 1-part vow renewal, and ALL parts awesome, this day was one I will NEVER forget. We got to meet SO MANY awesome couples that day that shared messages of LOVE with us and then we got to help Rose & Nicole renew their vows. The amazing day ended with getting to march in the Pride Parade. Seriously. Best day ever.

#1. Launching the Capitol Romance DIY Wedding Workshops

Capitol Romance DIY Workshops from Kian McKellar on Vimeo.

Sometimes I can’t believe these still happened. The DIY wedding workshops were a tiny idea I had that I never thought would come to fruition. I didn’t think I had the balls to do it and really didn’t know how to get started. But then a conversation at one of my meetups quickly turned into signing a contract to host 5 DIY wedding workshops in 2014 and boom – things just ballooned from there. Amazing local artists/vendors agreed to join me on my crazy new journey and host the workshops, and amazing local companies agreed to provide sponsored items for each of the events. I was (and continue to be) eternally grateful for all the amazing vendors that helped make the workshops a reality.

We’re planning on hosting another slate of DIY Wedding Workshops for 2015 – so be on the lookout for more information soon! And if you have an idea for a workshop, would like to host a workshop, or want to be involved SOME way – please email me!!


Recapping it like that makes me slightly overwhelmed for how I will top it in 2015. But I got some ideas and some collaborations already in the works and really who cares if I don’t top 2014? It’s all about trying new things and pushing myself to make Capitol Romance the best it can be for me and YOU. So let’s get cracking on 2015. With this year comes some BIG business and personal changes for me because … well … the Capitol Romance family is growing in 2 ways. First, with a baby (!), as Andy & I are super excited to announce that we are expecting our first in May of this year.

And so obviously things will be a bit different for me this year (in ways I can’t even imagine or plan for) and so I have decided to officially hire someone to my Capitol Romance Wedding Coordination business to help me with my Spring/Summer 2015 weddings and officially take on her own clients under the Capitol Romance umbrella. Meet Alesha – our new wedding coordinator associate!!

alesha intro

She is so awesome and I cannot wait to work with her this year, and share her with my awesome clients too! Lots more coming on this and if you are looking for a wedding coordinator for your wedding, be sure to check out our new structure/plans!

So yeah. 2015 is going to be crazy.

And I just can’t wait for all of it. It will certainly be the craziest year of my life to date, but I can’t wait to take it on and of course, share it all with you. Thanks for reading this far (if you made it this far) and stay tuned for a lot more exciting things coming out from me these next few months! As always, I’ll continue to try my hardest to give YOU my readers the best content and resources possible to help you plan your DC area wedding AND have a happy, loving life together.

xo, Bree

Melissa & Trent’s Sparkling Gold Winery Wedding in Virginia

sparkly gold virginia winery wedding (17)

Image: Love Life Images

Usually Virginia winery weddings lend themselves to the super rustic, but that’s not AT ALL what Melissa & Trent wanted for their wedding. They upped the chic factor with a “light” theme using a color scheme of black, white, and glittery gold. With some rad glitter heels, a champagne tower, an awesome marquee LOVE light, and lots of personal touches, Melissa & Trent had a gorgeous wedding day that was completely their own.

sparkly gold virginia winery wedding (8) sparkly gold virginia winery wedding (2)

We chose Cana for the gorgeous view, and the flexibility of the space.  It was a fancy wedding with all the benefits of the outdoors, but not the inconvenience of it.
sparkly gold virginia winery wedding (4) sparkly gold virginia winery wedding (3) sparkly gold virginia winery wedding (7)
Click inside for the rest of Melissa & Trent’s golden light themed Virginia wedding

DIY Inspiration: Handmade “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Gift Box & Keepsake

View More:

Images: Cynthia Shipp Photography

Sharing a sweet & simple DIY post today thanks to one of our favorite area photographers, Cynthia Shipp Photography (ps check out her STUNNING new website – including an adorable video). Her friend asked her to be a bridesmaid in her wedding with a special “DIY Bridesmaid Box” after seeing the idea originally on Wedding Chicks. I thought this was such a fun idea because it not only served a purpose, but could also be a gift to your wedding party attendants and a keepsake that they will actually use. Check out the details!

View More:

From Cynthia’s friend (and bride-to-be):

So… about the bridesmaid box. I knew I wanted to do something cute to ask my most special women to be involved in my wedding. I wanted them all to feel special and really, truly appreciated. Then I found this DIY bridesmaid box via Pinterest. Loved it! So I took the idea and made it my own.

View More:

First stop was Michaels – I found these cute wooden boxes for just a few bucks apiece. I bought some sandpaper to smooth down the edges and some simple “antique white” spray paint. A little sanding, a couple layers of paint, a little more sanding and voila! A pretty, polished box!

View More:

Next, a wrote up little cards with the information I wanted to share, like when and where the wedding would be, who was involved, criteria for choosing a bridesmaid dress and a little about the bridesmaid tradition. I was pleased with how they turned out. :)

View More: View More: View More:

Next, just a little gift. I bought a nail polish for us all to wear, but honestly, I think most of us totally forgot about it! In retrospect, I would have done perhaps a lip gloss or a pair of earrings. I do really love this nailpolish though – L’Oreal Sweet Nothings. It’s the perfect soft pink for natural-looking nails!

View More:

Next, to pull it all together! I added a tiny clothespin to hold my cards together and some simple brown tissue paper to fill in the empty space. Finally, I tied up the boxes with a little twine and added a paint swatch in one of my wedding colors. I wanted the boxes to convey the style of the wedding – simple, natural and a little bit vintage. These were lots of fun to put together and really got me into the DIY wedding mood!

View More:

Voila! A perfect DIY bridesmaid gift that doesn’t break the bank, is completely reusable, and provides a personalized touched to asking some of the most important people in your life, to be a part of your wedding day! Thanks again to Cynthia Shipp Photography for sharing & capturing such being images of the box.

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