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Attend Sunday’s DIY Watercolor workshop and learn how to make gorgeous paper goods such as:

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Kat & Dave’s 1950s, Rockabilly Wedding at National Marine Corps Heritage Museum in VA

rockabilly rock and roll virginia wedding pictures (12)
[Images: Stephanie Kopf Photography]

When I saw this one drop into my Two Bright Lights submission queue, I had to silence an audible squeal and instead I tweeted, “POLKA DOT BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES …. I repeat, POLKA DOT BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES”. Because omg you guys – these polka dot bridesmaids dresses, with purple-blue crinoline underneath are just to-die-for. If I got married all over again, these would be my bridesmaids. Hands down. The rest of the details from this Rockabilly/1950s Virginia wedding are no less awesome. Unfortunately I don’t have insight from the couple on this feature, but I think the images speak for themselves. Enjoy.

rockabilly rock and roll virginia wedding pictures (7)rockabilly rock and roll virginia wedding pictures (6)

Some insight from the photographer, Stephanie:

I’ve never had the pleasure of photographing such a unique celebration as Kat and Dave’s 1950’s/Rockabilly wedding, but goodness gracious great balls of fire…I’m a fan. A fan of Kat’s, a fan of Dave’s, a fan of their hilarious and fun bridal party, and a stalker status fan of their crazy-cool style.

rockabilly rock and roll virginia wedding pictures (24) rockabilly rock and roll virginia wedding pictures (15) rockabilly rock and roll virginia wedding pictures (16)

Take note, everyone. Kat and Dave know how to throw an incredibly happy, unique, memorable celebration. Black and white polka dots, purple bow ties and petticoats, piercing red lipstick, sweet motorcycles, and abundant “that’s what she said” jokes from the bridesmaids had me on cloud nine. Oh, and an incredibly adorable dog named Bella adorned with a purple handkerchief who was quick to adorn you with puppy kisses.

rockabilly rock and roll virginia wedding pictures (17) rockabilly rock and roll virginia wedding pictures (11)

Click inside for SO MUCH MORE AWESOME from Kat & Dave’s rockabilly Virginia wedding (with awesome, 1950s Rock & Roll wedding details!)

DIY Tutorial: How to Make DIY Glitter Heels for Shoes

glitter_Heels_diy (8 of 12)_stomped

[Images & Tutorial by Ribbons & Bluebirds]

I’ve seen these beauties in more than a few “real wedding” features across the blogosphere, so when Jenn told me she wanted to take a stab at creating a DIY tutorial for Brides to create their OWN DIY Glitter Heels – well it was met with an astounding OH HELL YES. I, for one, could always use a little more sparkle in my life and I think this would be the perfect way for a bride or bridesmaid to snazz up her wedding day footwear – on the cheap! So check out the full, step by step, DIY tutorial below!

glitter_Heels_diy (9 of 12)_stomped

DIY Glitter Heels Tutorial

From Jenn: I love shoes. I have no problem admitting that I spent more money on my wedding shoes than on my wedding dress. I saw a gorgeous pair of fancy glittered heels on one of my favorite wedding photographer’s blog the other day and a lightbulb went off: I could make those!!  And you’d better believe these hot heels are not just for enjoying on your wedding day – they can be for any day you want a shiny pick-me-up!

You’ll need:

glitter_Heels_diy (1 of 12)_stomped

Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1. Start by making sure the heels are clean – if they have any dirt on them you’ll want to clean them with a damp cloth.  Using your masking tape, tape off the area you’d like to end up glittered.  You could very easily extend the glitter all the way up to the rim of the shoe too – I just chose to do just the heel portion below the body of the shoe.  Taping a little extra area will help protect the rest of the shoe from the glitter sealer overspray, so don’t be afraid to use a decent amount of tape.

glitter_Heels_diy (2 of 12)_stomped

Step 2. Once you have masked off your glitter area, apply your glue with the foamy brush.  Sprinkle the glitter on right away, and tap the heel to knock off any excess glitter.  Make sure you coat the heel evenly!

glitter_Heels_diy (3 of 12)_stomped glitter_Heels_diy (4 of 12)_stomped glitter_Heels_diy (5 of 12)_stomped

Step 3. Let the glue dry for a few minutes before coating the glitter with spray sealer.

glitter_Heels_diy (6 of 12)_stomped

After the sealer dries, carefully remove the tape and you’re done!

glitter_Heels_diy (7 of 12)_stomped glitter_Heels_diy (12 of 12)_stomped

Alright Romancers! Show me those DIY Glitter Heels!!!!!! Thanks again, as always, to the fabulous Ribbons & Bluebirds for creating such an AWESOME tutorial. Be sure to check out her Etsy shop & design skills for your holiday card needs this winter!

Elicia & Karyn’s Rustic, Woodlawn Farm Estate Wedding in Maryland

rustic woodlawn farm same sex maryland wedding pictures (18)

Images: Sea Starr Arts

A few weeks ago Shawn of Trebella Events dropped this lovely, rustic Maryland wedding at Woodlawn Farm Estate  in my inbox. With today’s tundra temperatures, I thought a little summer sunshine might help to warm you all up a bit. These two lovely brides packed their wedding full of personalized touches and I think my favorite was a “DIY Cupcake Bar” where guests could make any type of cupcake combo they wanted (drool!). Thanks to Shawn for submitting!

rustic woodlawn farm same sex maryland wedding pictures (22) rustic woodlawn farm same sex maryland wedding pictures (12)

Karyn and Elicia are two adventurous souls that found love.  With love for family, the beautiful outdoors, and great wine, they selected Woodlawn Farm Estates as their wedding venue.  Nestled in the historical and serene Southern Maryland, the planning began.  This Estate, a late 18th century manor, also hosts a bed and breakfast.  Family from far(as far as England) and near were able to stay on the property.

rustic woodlawn farm same sex maryland wedding pictures (3) rustic woodlawn farm same sex maryland wedding pictures (2)

The ceremony was held next to the river’s edge behind the main house.  Guests were greeted with the amazing sounds of local guitarist, Dylan Galvin.  A family friend presided over the ceremony under the most amazing tree.  After the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktails and food near the farm’s “Wine Cottage” which also serves local wine made by the owners of the property.

rustic woodlawn farm same sex maryland wedding pictures (4) rustic woodlawn farm same sex maryland wedding pictures (19)rustic woodlawn farm same sex maryland wedding pictures (5)

Click inside for the rest of Karyn & Elicia’s rustic, DIY Farm wedding in Maryland!

Maggie & Steven’s Laid Back, FUN, Vintage Trailer Engagement Pictures

offbeat alternative engagement pictures vintage trailer (1)
Images: Val & Sarah

It was a glorious weekend. I am not going to lie. Friday we hosted our 4th annual Friendsgiving and there’s just nothing like 12 of your favorite friends crammed into your rowhouse with amazing Thanksgiving food. Turkey, cranberry stuffing, sweet potatoes, secret recipe cheesy mashed potatoes, bacon wrapped asparagus, pumpkin bread, AND MORE. I think I am STILL full. Then on Saturday, Andy & I got up first thing to go volunteer at the Capital Area Food Bank. Three hours of sorting apples, putting together meals, and building boxes, was a great way to spend my Saturday morning. I really need to be better about volunteering more!

Then we treated ourselves to some massages as a 2nd-part anniversary gift to our selves and capped off the evening with an amazing concert at 930 club. Sunday was spent relaxing (a bit) with some house cleaning, more DIY plank floors work, a quick visit to The Emporiyum & a wedding meeting. All and all, a fabulous weekend that can only be topped off by the fact that I leave for vacation on Thursday night!!! Posting will be pretty light (if at all next week) while I am away. But honestly, you all should be spending time with your families, eating delicious Thanksgiving meals, on not on computers and blogs ANYWAY ;) Happy Monday Romancers! Take it away Maggie, Steven & your SUPER AWESOME engagement pictures!

offbeat alternative engagement pictures vintage trailer (5)

You might recognize that vibrant, electric pink hair as the insanely awesome Maggie of Maggie Winters Photography. Together with her fiance, they make up the equally rad Pop Wed Co, who we collaborated with earlier this year at the first ever #PopUpRomance. Maggie & Steven are two of the coolest kids I know, so it’s really no surprise that their engagement pictures (shot by the always amazing Val & Sarah) are too fun & cool for words. They bought this vintage camper recently and decided to include it in their pictures. The result is nothing short of awesome. Enjoy!



offbeat alternative engagement pictures vintage trailer (6)


How they met:

We went to the same schools and ended up with six classes together freshman year of high school, and Steven had a Bad Religion album on his desk that I thought was awesome, and then I guess we ended up dating somehow! We kind of just never broke up and then decided we make a fucking awesome team so we’ve been together ever since, almost ten years. Along the way we’ve adopted a tiny evil kitty, bought a house, lived in at least five different apartments, and launched Pop Wed Co together in January.

offbeat alternative engagement pictures vintage trailer (14) offbeat alternative engagement pictures vintage trailer (2)

Click inside for their ADORABLE proposal story and some details on their forthcoming “microwedding”.

Capitol Inspiration: Bold, Striped, Black White & Gold Wedding Inspiration

black white same sex goth wedding pictures (7)

[Images: IYQ Photography]

FRIDAY!!! Finally! I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off – trying to cook sides and a turkey for my annual Friendsgiving gathering tonight (not to mention decorating the table!), clean the house, get some errands done, BLOG, and still do my job. Ya know – typical days for me. I am SO EXCITED for this weekend. Andy & I are volunteering tomorrow at Capital Area Food Bank, getting massages, and then seeing one of our FAVORITE artists at 9:30 club. I seriously am so freakin’ pumped for this weekend. Can you tell? Hope you guys have a good one too! For today, some dreamy, black white and gold wedding inspiration, featuring two stunning & bold brides, and some modern & striped wedding details from IYQ Photography!

black white same sex goth wedding pictures (9) black white same sex goth wedding pictures (5)

We were inspired to create this beautiful shoot by the gorgeous backdrop of Richmond’s own Historic Mankin Mansion, This shoot incorporated beautiful shades of gold and brasses to compliment black and white elements. The bride wore a custom made ballerina style wedding gown while the groom wore a reinvented tux inspired suit- completed by a mini top hat and black heels. Raegan from Sweets and Soirees provided the dreamiest pale bouquet- perfectly pretty and slightly unkempt that paired perfectly with the sweets she also provided. She was able to infuse the sweets spread with decedent flavors of dark chocolate, back berries, blueberries, strawberries, ect. Emily Dionne provided gorgeous hand crafted invited that kept the integrity of the color palette. Kelly Harrison beautifully arranged all of the the different elements of textures, colors, and flavors to create two beautiful arrangements. Tremayne Hill was the makeup artist assistant and Erin Eaves was the photography assistant.

black white same sex goth wedding pictures (8) black white same sex goth wedding pictures (6)

Click inside for MORE!

Let’s Get Personal: Marriage is Awesome & Today I Celebrate 4 Years of It!


[Image: Live It Out Photography]

Marriage is AWESOME. It should be CELEBRATED.

This quote appears on the website of one of my favorite DC wedding photographers, An Endless Pursuit and when I started to formulate today’s post in my mind, I kept coming back to this. You see, today is my 4-year wedding anniversary and I wanted to write some sort of reflective, personal post on marriage to celebrate that milestone (without just spending 500 words gushing about my amazing husband). I wanted to share real insight into what 4 years of marriage has been for me and I think this quote perfectly sums it up. Because, while our wedding was the best day of my life, marriage has been nothing short of AWESOME and I think it’s important to re-emphasize that.


[Image: Tim Riddick Photography]

It’s important because (I know I’ve typed this here before) marriage is the REAL reason for a wedding. While we all continue to get caught up in the details of a weddingday – the look, the invites, the attire, the music …. it’s really the wedding ceremony, your vows, the MARRIAGE, that is the most important part. I think I was probably guilty of this a bit myself when I planned my wedding 4+ years ago. While I poured over my vows, and really couldn’t wait to marry Andy, I know I spent just as much time (maybe more) fretting over the shades of pink we incorporated, finding the perfect pink pump for my bridesmaids, painstakingly making each ornament pomander by hand, and so on and so forth.


[Image: Live It Out Photography]

And while I still love every single detail we put into our wedding, the 4 years of marriage that have followed have far exceeded every single one. To know that I have someone in my life that supports me, helps me, loves me, and is accompanying me on this journey called life …. well… it’s just nothing short of awesome. I can say without any reservation, that I absolutely LOVE being married. It is indeed the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt and something I hope to never take for granted.

When I sit here and think about these past 4 years, I can’t help but be a little shocked at how much Andy & I have accomplished together. We sold our condo in Arlington, and made the move to Washington, DC. We took a chance on a neighborhood in Northeast DC and bought a flipped rowhouse that we’ve spent (and continue to spend) lots of time and money, customizing it to our design aesthetics. We’ve traveled to some amazing places (Chicago, Mexico, Boston, Arizona, Seattle, Portland, Paris, London, Amsterdam …. and probably so many more that I am forgetting). We’ve celebrated new lives being born into this world, and we’ve lost some important lives too (ones that live on in our wedding video, wedding pictures, and memories). We’ve watched (and been lucky to actually be a part of) friends and family take their relationships to the next step, joining us in the married world. All of these things making our wedding day feel simultaneously SO long ago, yet only yesterday.

544330_10104268939328254_1403493364_n (1)

[Image: my phone(?) haha]

I think the thing that might be the most important reflection I have on these past 4 years is how much our lives have grown (both individually and together). I’ve watched my husband grow personally and professionally and enjoyed the ability to not only witness but get to share in his growth. I, too, have grown personally and professionally and realize that there is NO WAY I could have grown Capitol Romance to what it is now, without Andy’s help.Whether it’s coming along to my weddings to be the notorious hanger of things, or staying home and cleaning the house because he knows I’ll be too tired after working a wedding all day, Andy has supported me in ways I could never truly re-pay him for.


[Image: Love by Serena Photography]

So why is marriage awesome to me? Marriage is awesome to me because of all the immeasurable little things that come with it. The staying up late in bed, laughing until we cry, probably about the SILLIEST of things, like two 5th graders at a sleepover party. The long car rides together made bearable by our mutual love of Andrew W.K. The trips, the concerts, the dinners, the milestones, the happy, and even the sad – all shared together. The way we often say things at the exact same time, or finish each other’s (sandwiches) sentences. The understanding of commitment and partnership that we have in this thing called life, and the unending desire to make our marriage work, and to make our marriage awesome, and to keep the love we found in highschool …. over 10 years ago … alive.


[Image: Live It Out Photography]

So with this last image, one of my favorites from our wedding day, I’ll just end it the way I started. Marriage [truly] is awesome and it really should be celebrated.

Annie & Kelvin’s Thai Chinese Fusion Wedding at Black Rock Arts Center in Maryland

chinese fusion wedding maryland pictures (27)

Images: Jerold Santa Cruz Photography

I thought it might be fun to throw something different at you guys for today. This real Maryland wedding features BOLD colors (purple, pink, red, and gold) a blend of Asian cultures (Thai & Chinese) and the setting of an Arts Center! So many blended vibes and themes – I dig it! Annie & Kelvin mixed their traditions and also threw a rockin’ wedding reception at the end. There’s a lot of different and interesting shots from their ceremony – I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!

chinese fusion wedding maryland pictures (3) chinese fusion wedding maryland pictures (4)

From the couple:

We had a blend of Asian cultures of Thai and Chinese, the colors were Purple, Pink, Red and Gold. The purple and pink represented orchid colors, used in various thai ceremonies and the red and gold are common colors representing the Chinese, where red symbolizes good fortune and joy, and yellow symbolizes neutrality and good luck. The venue was the perfect setting for us to showcase our wedding on stage and to honor the thai water ceremony, Chinese tea ceremony and western ceremony in a theatrical setting.

chinese fusion wedding maryland pictures (26) chinese fusion wedding maryland pictures (25) chinese fusion wedding maryland pictures (23)

My bridesmaids were involved in the floral arrangements, bouquets and boutineers all diy. All family and friends helped with the set up of the centerpieces, stage and coordination. I had my bridesmaid give an introduction for each ceremony as well.

chinese fusion wedding maryland pictures (5) chinese fusion wedding maryland pictures (6)

Click inside for more of Annie & Kelvin’s Thai-Chinese Fusion wedding at Black Rock Arts center in Maryland!

Lauren & James’ Frederick Fairgrounds Engagement Pictures in Maryland

frederick maryland fairgrounds engagement pictures (9)

Images: An Endless Pursuit

It’s Monday Romancers! (Do you need a reminder?). My weekend was FULL of awesome, kicking things off with my fiery new hair color, getting to meet Jay Paterno before (finalllllllly) watching a Penn State win, Andy finishing 1 room of our DIY Plywood Floors, meeting with a FABULOUS lady about some big time 2015 planning (more to come on this!) shopping with Andy, seeing Birdman, and then indulging in the most fabulous pre-anniversary meal at Le Grenier. Is this what life is like without weddings!? I kid I kid!

For today we have a super fun engagement session from An Endless Pursuit. Lauren & James went to the Frederick Fairgrounds for their engagement session and it looks like they had a total BLAST. So many smiles, high-fives, and colors. I love when couples go somewhere fun and adventurous for their engagement pictures – it lends itself to such fun pictures instead of overly posed ones. Enjoy the rest AND Lauren & James’ adorable love story!

frederick maryland fairgrounds engagement pictures (1) frederick maryland fairgrounds engagement pictures (2)

Lauren and James have as unlikely a story as you would expect when imagining how an East Coast girl living in VA meets a Midwest boy living in Nebraska. They met at a small wedding in a small town in Kansas, and with only a small time to get to know each other they said goodbye without any expectation of seeing each other again. But as messages were exchanged and the methods of communication became more personal, upgrading from emails to instant messaging and then onto texts and hour-long phone calls, they knew they would have to capitalize on their opportunity to get to know each other.

frederick maryland fairgrounds engagement pictures (4)

Two years later, they’ve braved the perils of a long distance relationship, beat all the odds and got engaged along the Georgetown Waterfront. James proposed at the ice skating rink with the support and company of Lauren’s cousins. They arrived to the location 30 minutes early, and in Lauren’s usual practical fashion, Lauren wanted to check into the restaurant early. She was very confused when James instead insisted that they walk around outside, and by then she was very suspicious (and hungry). Any apprehension she felt about not going into the restaurant was gone once he went down on one knee. Now they look forward to the likely hilarious outcome of bringing together there two very different family and friends.

frederick maryland fairgrounds engagement pictures (5)

Click inside for the rest of Lauren & James’ adorable engagement session!

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