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Kristy & Chrissy’s Red & Teal, Modern Maryland Wedding at Glen Echo Park

modern DIY same sex glen echo park wedding (6)

Images: The Happy Couple

Chrissy & Kristy were DREAM CLIENTS. Super rad, super organized, looking for DIY projects, OH AND MY NEIGHBORS. I won’t forget their hilarious inquiry email to me that sheepishly fessed up that they had stalked me (just a little) and found that we were actually neighbors! It made planning meetings and consults SO easy (I literally walked across an alley). They wanted a FUN wedding that had lots of DIY projects and lots of colors. Naturally Glen Echo Park was the perfect venue for their day and they incorporated SO many personalized details.

My favorite might have been how much thought they put into the wine and beer served at the wedding. Their ceremony included a beer pouring ceremony and their reception included the COOLEST DIY pallet beer service counter ever. This one is PICTURE heavy so I am warning you there, but it was nearly impossible to narrow down a smaller subset of the images I was given! Enjoy.

modern DIY same sex glen echo park wedding (42) modern DIY same sex glen echo park wedding (22) modern DIY same sex glen echo park wedding (23)

From the brides:

It was all about bringing our family and friends together for the first time and just making it a great party. We kept it casual and even got school buses to transport guest to and from the venue.

modern DIY same sex glen echo park wedding (8) modern DIY same sex glen echo park wedding (9)

We went with shades of teal and turquoise with some pops of red for our color scheme to really tie everything together. We wanted to include a lot of elements to reflect who we are, both individually and as a couple.

modern DIY same sex glen echo park wedding (29)

My cousin officiated and pulled off a ceremony that was personal, heartfelt, and funny. We wrote our own vows and instead of a candle, we did a black and tan unity beer. My cousin captured it perfectly by saying “neither is lost in the other. Each retains its own unique character and flavor. Yet, when put together, they become something new and even more interesting than before.” He did such a fantastic job! We couldn’t believe how many compliments we got on the ceremony. Surprisingly Kristy and I didn’t cry at all. I think we were just having so much fun and enjoying the moment.

modern DIY same sex glen echo park wedding (30) modern DIY same sex glen echo park wedding (28)

We incorporated a lot of other DIY elements including our table centerpieces, a candy buffet, a ceremony backdrop that was later re-purposed into garlands for the reception that my mom made, table runners that Kristy’s mom sewed, and paper flower bouquets for the wedding party that Kristy and I made together.

modern DIY same sex glen echo park wedding (31) modern DIY same sex glen echo park wedding (13) modern DIY same sex glen echo park wedding (32)


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Elicia & Karyn’s Rustic, Woodlawn Farm Estate Wedding in Maryland

rustic woodlawn farm same sex maryland wedding pictures (18)

Images: Sea Starr Arts

A few weeks ago Shawn of Trebella Events dropped this lovely, rustic Maryland wedding at Woodlawn Farm Estate  in my inbox. With today’s tundra temperatures, I thought a little summer sunshine might help to warm you all up a bit. These two lovely brides packed their wedding full of personalized touches and I think my favorite was a “DIY Cupcake Bar” where guests could make any type of cupcake combo they wanted (drool!). Thanks to Shawn for submitting!

rustic woodlawn farm same sex maryland wedding pictures (22) rustic woodlawn farm same sex maryland wedding pictures (12)

Karyn and Elicia are two adventurous souls that found love.  With love for family, the beautiful outdoors, and great wine, they selected Woodlawn Farm Estates as their wedding venue.  Nestled in the historical and serene Southern Maryland, the planning began.  This Estate, a late 18th century manor, also hosts a bed and breakfast.  Family from far(as far as England) and near were able to stay on the property.

rustic woodlawn farm same sex maryland wedding pictures (3) rustic woodlawn farm same sex maryland wedding pictures (2)

The ceremony was held next to the river’s edge behind the main house.  Guests were greeted with the amazing sounds of local guitarist, Dylan Galvin.  A family friend presided over the ceremony under the most amazing tree.  After the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktails and food near the farm’s “Wine Cottage” which also serves local wine made by the owners of the property.

rustic woodlawn farm same sex maryland wedding pictures (4) rustic woodlawn farm same sex maryland wedding pictures (19)rustic woodlawn farm same sex maryland wedding pictures (5)

Click inside for the rest of Karyn & Elicia’s rustic, DIY Farm wedding in Maryland!

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Caitlin & Susie’s Super DIY Literary Themed Wedding in Maryland

Words can’t really describe the feelings I get when I remember Caitlin & Susie’s wedding day this past May. I had the absolute honor of getting to be a part of their big day (as their coordinator) and I knew from the minute I met them, I wanted to be a part of their love, their relationship, and of course, their wedding day. And boy, was I right – their super DIY, complete labor of love, wedding day was something so so special. I have never seen so many family and friends that were so open, so welcoming, and so full of love. I was welcomed in by their families and friends, as if I had been a long-time family friend all along.

This wedding day was so full of happy tears, smiles, hugs, and absolute, blissful joy. I am so happy I got a chance to meet these two wonderful women and share in their special day. A warning ahead of time, this one is PICTURE HEAVY people. It’s nearly impossible to chose between all the gorgeous images Sarah Gormley Photography sent me!!!

 Caitlin & Susie’s Ultimate DIY, Literary Themed Wedding in Maryland

ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (13)


Photographer: Sarah Gormley | Wedding Coordination: Me ~ Capitol Romance  Venue: Episcopal Church of the Ascension | Susie’s Dress: Wendy’s Cincinnati Bride | Caitlin’s Dress: Fabulous Bridal | Susie’s Shoes: Custom Designed Chuck Taylors | Caitlin’s Shoes: TOMS Wedding Wedges | Hair: Marlow Prado-Blankenship | Flowers: Eight Street | Cake and Cupcakes: Sweets By E | Invitations: Type Case Industries | Hairpieces: Etsy | Flower Girls’ Kissing Ball: Etsy | Decorations: DIY | Catering: DIYed (seriously …. by Susie!!) | Cake Topper: Etsy |

Cait & Susie’s wedding was also featured on A Practical Wedding!

 ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (7) ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (10)

 We had a really wonderful vintage-spring-literary-fun wedding. Suz and I both really wanted a wedding that reflected us, both as individuals and as a couple. We are pretty different (opposites attract, yes!) but one thing we definitely have in common is our ridiculous love of books. Suz is an especially large fan of Jane Austen’s writing and I will pretty much read whatever you place in front of me, so when it came time to pick a trend for our wedding, books were an easy choice. The best part was having an excuse to track down every library-estate-book sale this side of the Chesapeake! We both really loved combing through stacks of dusty, old books and giggling at some of the titles. It was a wedding chore that wasn’t so much a chore, as it was an excuse for a fun date with my lovely wife-to-be.

ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (9) ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (8) ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (1)

Colors were an easy choice; Susie loves anything bright and vibrant so she went with orange. Turquoise is my favorite and a perfect complement to orange so bam, easy choice. We decided not to be too strict with our color palette so you’ll see many different interpretations of turquoise and orange in our wedding pictures.

ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (11) ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (12) ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (14)

Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of Caitlin & Susie’s Super DIY Wedding! Including all the gorgeous book page details and literary themed items!

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Becky & Bonnie’s Rustic, DIY Maryland Wedding at Agricultural History Farm Park

“Well, not only did we get married, but we a dream-come-true celebration, surrounded by the people we love the most.”

You might remember Becky & Bonnie from their adorable Libby Hill Park engagement pictures. Well their gorgeous, rustic DIY Maryland barn wedding will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS off! A Lovely Photo killed this one – with gorgeous light, beautiful details, and two stunning brides in a truly stunning real Maryland wedding.

Becky & Bonnie’s DIY, Rustic Maryland Wedding at Agricultural History Park Farm

rustic gorgeous DIY maryland barn wedding (10)


Photography: A Lovely Photo | Venue: AG Farm Montgomery Parks | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

From the photographer: Alright y’all, grab some snackies and a tissue, and prepare yourself for a long and tear worthy post. This wedding was spectacular, in every way possible. You may remember Becky and Bonnie from their super cute engagement session last year. I already knew after meeting this couple for the first time that their wedding was going to be a dream to shoot. I am so incredibly happy that I was able to capture such a beautiful and heartfelt celebration. You know a wedding is great when you get misty eyed just looking at the photos.

rustic gorgeous DIY maryland barn wedding (8) rustic gorgeous DIY maryland barn wedding (2)

From the couple about their wedding day:

We knew we wanted an outdoor wedding, someplace with lots of green space and off the beaten path. We fell in love with our venue the moment we saw it – the gravely path leading up to the gorgeous red barn, big trees and rolling green hills in every direction. We loved that it was a real, working farm, complete with goats, chickens and pigs, and that the space is a public park, accessible for anyone to visit. Our family and friends trekked from all over to be with us on that day, from California to New York to Singapore!

Our wedding outfits were kept secret from each other until the wedding day, and in fact no one (except our tailor) had seen both the dresses up until that day. We decided to do a “first look” and we’re so glad we did – seeing each other and having a moment alone before the ceremony was one of our favorite parts of the day.

rustic gorgeous DIY maryland barn wedding (21)

The ceremony itself was officiated by a dear family friend. We worked hard with her in the months leading up to the wedding to make sure that every element of our ceremony was meaningful to us – we wanted to combine tradition that made sense to us with things that define us as individuals and as a couple. Our officiant did an incredible job, and we felt that every word of the ceremony was intentional and personal. We integrated pieces of each of our backgrounds into the ceremony, resulting in an awesome mash-up of both of our heritages and histories. Family and friends read blessings (and an excerpt from the Little Prince!), and we read the vows we’d each written for each other. We walked down the aisle and back up again to violin and viola tunes provided by two of Bonnie’s former classmates from her time in music conservatory.

rustic gorgeous DIY maryland barn wedding (2) rustic gorgeous DIY maryland barn wedding (19)rustic gorgeous DIY maryland barn wedding (12)

Click inside for so much more of this gorgeous, DIY rustic Maryland wedding!

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Ophelia & Ana’s Hot Pink & Black Maryland Wedding at Ceresville Mansion

Today’s real Maryland wedding features not just one, but two beautiful brides! Eastport Photography sent us the beautiful union of Ophelia & Ana at Ceresville Mansion in Frederick Maryland. These ladies got married in some serious style with the super fun & modern black, white and hot pink color palette (one of my favs!) and some chic style. There ceremony space was gorgeous and their DJ had them rocking the night away. Take it away ladies!

Ophelia & Ana’s Modern, Hot Pink & Black Maryland Wedding at Ceresville Mansion

same sex modern hot pink wedding


Photographer:  Eastport Photography | Reception Venue: Ceresville Mansion | DJ: Champion Sounds | Floral Designer: Flowers by Eden | Makeup Artist: Silver Immersion | Cake Designer: Sugar Bakers Cakes | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

hot pink rose bouquet princess strapless wedding gown

Ana and Ophelia chose the picturesque Ceresville Mansion in Frederick, Maryland for their special day. Ana and Ophelia got ready for their nuptials upstairs in the Mansion, across the hall from each other, being very careful not to see each other until the wedding ceremony!

jeweled headband bride stunning bride bride in suit Williams_Baker_Eastport_Photography_AnaOphelia25_low bride in suit ceresville mansion wedding

Click inside for the rest of Ophelia & Ana’s modern, Maryland wedding at Ceresville Mansion in Frederick!

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Capitol Wedding: Rosemary & Rachel’s Modern & Brightly Colored Glen Echo Park Wedding in MD

There is so much to love about today’s Glen Echo Park wedding feature that I am not exactly sure where to start. One of the brides shares my alma mater [we are!], the reception venue was one of my favorite [Glen Echo Park], the brides were Capitol Romance readers that used my blog to help plan their wedding, AND they are friends with my neighbors! Not to mention that their wedding was seriously kick-ass. I mean, seriously.

Can we just be friends now Rosie & Rachel ?!? ;)

I cannot thank Erin of eKate Photography enough for submitting this awesome Maryland wedding, AND to Rosie & Rachel for all the awesome details. There are a TON of deets below, but as Rosie said herself, “it’s impossible to sum up the best day of your life succinctly!”.

Rosie & Rachel’s Modern & Bright Glen Echo Park MD Wedding


 Photography: Erin Loesly of eKatePhotography &  2nd shot by Jennifer Davis Heffner Vita Images | DJ: DJ Moose Food: Matters of Taste | Flowers: Mid-Atlantic Wholesale Florist | Hair & Makeup: Aveda | Cupcakes: Jess Bakes Cakes | Images submitted via Two Bright Lights

About the beautiful brides:

After being competitors on the rugby pitch all throughout college (Rosie at Penn State and Rachel at Virginia) we finally met in person while playing on an all-star team the summer after we graduated. We hit it off immediately and after a few short months we were inseparable.

glen echo park bright DIY same sex maryland wedding

The engagement story:

Rachel popped the question on the 4th of July in 2011 when we were vacationing in Wrightsville Beach, NC with some friends. She knew that I loved fireworks, so figured why not do it on the 4th when the display was free! She totally took me by surprise since Rachel had previously joked that we would only get engaged when we both asked each other at the same time!

As I was distracted ooh-ing and aah-ing over the display she got down on one knee in the sand and when I turned around she asked the question.


^love that they coordinated their toe nail polish with eachother’s shoes. Ah-mazing.


I was so surprised I started jumping up and down screaming ‘are you serious???’ because I had to make sure! When she laughed yes, I of course said yes, and by this time the tears of joy were flowing. As we walked back to our group of friends I remembered our previous agreement and immediately got down on my knee to propose to her too! It was probably unnecessary, but hey, rules are rules!

2a.jpg 3.jpg

On choosing the awesomest DC area wedding venue:

We chose to get married in D.C. because for one, it’s legal here (yay!) and it’s halfway between Rachel’s family in Atlanta and my family in Rhode Island. We wanted a venue that was fun and unique and Glen Echo Park totally fit that bill (former amusement park turned arts & cultural center, nature park, and dance hall!) We decided to use the Bumper Car Pavilion and when we found out you could rent the carousel as well, we were sold.


^how fun and awesome are their wedding invitations?! love the Washington DC map information card & the little bird motif!


Decorating was a family affair, with lots of DIY!

My mom created Ball-jar flower holders that had the dual-use of lining the aisle during our ceremony and then being used as centerpieces at the reception.


For the ceremony we wanted to stick to a fairly traditional style, but with personal touches interwoven. We had a slightly non-traditional ceremony under a chuppa (made by Rosie’s dad) that incorporated Jewish (Rachel) & Catholic (Rosie) traditions like breaking the glass as well as non-religious readings from ee cummings and Antoine de Saint Exupery by our sisters.

Our officiant was Louise Greene from All Souls Unitarian Church in D.C. and she was amazing and truly captured our story and personalities in the ceremony!


Click inside for the rest of Rosie & Rachel’s ah-mazing colorful Glen Echo Park, MD wedding from eKate Photography. Including a TON of DIY details at the reception!

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